Stress What is it Good For? NOTHING…

Part of embracing the older allegedly more ‘mature’ me has led me to thinking about ways to simplify my life and at least attempt to deal with stress. Stress is a constant in just about everyone’s life and how we deal with stress can affect our health and relationships. I admit I am far from an expert but I constantly try to deal with stress in a variety of ways so I can lead a more not so stressed life.

Our cultural is obsessed with appearance. The media and entertainment industry set standards for how people should look and quite frankly their standards are useless. People are individuals and should look like individuals, in other words dress appropriately and comfortably for your individual body type. People come in all sorts of sizes and shapes with their own unique features and flaws. Embrace that fact, instead of trying to change appearances using cosmetic surgery,  diets that don’t work or unrealistic work-out routines just stay as healthy as you can according to your age and body shape. Wear clothes that are comfortable. I don’t know how many times I have been amused by many women who decide to wear a low-cut outfit or super short dress only to be adjusting the outfit because it might be too tight, too revealing or uncomfortable. If it doesn’t feel right why did you put it on in the first place? As far as men’s ‘fashions’ I am amused anytime I see a video of some idiot tripping because his jeans are too low. Yeah you look cool. NOT!!! So basically don’t stress trying to keep up with the latest fashion styles. Chances are you look perfectly fine.

One stressful habit I have been able to minimize but not eliminate is over-thinking decisions and situations. My mind unfortunately likes to come up with all sorts of different scenarios and most of them consider what can go wrong. For instance, about a year ago my wife and I purchased a home after renting for several years. Worries about moving, how we were going to afford the mortgage, how do we choose what stuff to get rid off when down sizing??? etc.etc.etc Things worked out, our move was smooth thanks to help from friends and church members and we now have a beautiful home for our family and ourselves to eventually retire in. It worked out despite all the worrying and stressing and thinking about all the what-ifs. Over-analyzing isn’t productive and is a waste of mental energy.

Another thing I find myself doing more often is living in the moment. Sure I might plan somethings ahead of time but by and large I do my best to take it one day at a time. When I am successful in this mindset I usually know it because I notice little things that I otherwise might take for granted and overlook For instance, I might have a smooth and short commute because at every intersection I get a green light. Maybe I stop for a coffee on the way to work and the drive thru line is empty. Little things for sure but it makes me feel good about my day when I notice and acknowledge these little things.

I was lucky enough to have seen George Carlin perform several times in my life. I always enjoyed George’s humor because he had keen observational skills. One performance he talked about how people might believe their parents who were deceased were still looking down from Heaven and guiding them in their lives. Mr. Carlin remarked shouldn’t there be a time limit on parenting that expires with your death? After-all what kind of after-life can be joyous if you still need to worry about your kids when they’re grown. Interesting viewpoint, as a parent I do worry about my grown children and unfortunately that worry has led to stress because at times my wife and I found ourselves taking on our children’s problems and stressing over those problems. Now nothing wrong with parents advising and guiding their adult children but I am now learning that my children’s problems are largely their learning lessons for their lives and while I might be concerned sometimes they need to resolve their own issues their own way. Stressing over other people’s problems while trying to handle your own stress can be debilitating.

Associating with people who don’t make you happy is another stress causer. I am amazed when I hear people give advice to someone about keeping in touch with family members who might be down right evil under the guise of “but they’re family, you should make an effort regardless of how they act”. Sounds like great advice but if this family member is an addict or just an annoying stress causer, why put yourself thru that emotional and stress creating situation at all?

Focusing on what you don’t have instead of what you do have is also an annoying stress causer. I have been guilty of this one for sure. I now try to use what I have and it actually presents challenges at times that can lead to exploring a person’s creative abilities. While my motto when younger was “he who dies with the most toys wins” I am working my way down the path that leads to happiness is just having everything you need.

I know there are plenty of more stress causing things people deal with in life but these are the stresses that I am attempting to tame in my life. Getting older might cause aches and pains but it can also provide opportunities to change and grow into a better version of one’s self. All you have to do is embrace the change. Ah yes change, something else that causes stress. Guess stress really is every-where.

News We All Can Use???…………

Just thought I might have some fun with some news headlines I found while surfing the internet. As always I report you decide how valid they are.

Kale….The green shrubbery looking substance that comes in salads, smoothies and the produce section of most supermarkets is known for having a bitter taste unless it’s enhanced by a flavorful dressing. If you are a brave individual who wants to show the world just how healthy you really are, you might consume it raw  but your taste-buds will probably never forgive you. According to the The Babylon Bee internet news service Satan has recently claimed responsibility for creating this bitter veggie that is quite actually a product from Hell. Lucifer admits money was the motive and he has acquired some serious wealth from health nuts who regularly purchase kale chips, smoothies and other kale related products. I guess the moral of this story is BEWARE don’t sell your soul for health.

Contraceptives – Europe is considered by some people to be more free thinking and enlightened than Americans. I guess people are entitled to their opinions but this story shows how gullible Europeans can really be. Bragging they have 400,000 users in Europe  the Natural Cycles app uses an algorithm to predict when women will be fertile. It tracks a woman’s body temperature, menstruation cycle to warn women when the best time is to use traditional contraception before engaging in recreational sex. Apparently Sweden has noticed an increase of unplanned pregnancies with women who are using the app as a birth control guide. I know there is an app for just about everything out there but birth control? Oh well I guess a fool and their money will always be fair game. this story by the way came from the most distrusted source in news, CNN.

From web-site PJ Media comes an interesting take on the anti-government protests that have shaken Iran. There is a theory circulating the internet accusing these protesters of being Islamophobic. So let me get this right, Islam practicing Muslims protesting their Islamic run government in Iran are actually Islamophobic? I would have never guessed that a practitioner of Islam could actually be afraid of themselves. Maybe that explains suicide bombers, maybe they are just depressed Islamophobia sufferers. If  true I wish they would commit suicide by themselves instead of in crowds.

From comes a Big Brother is watching story involving everybody’s favorite social media site Facebook.  In 2014 Facebook filed a patent application that would enable Facebook to use smart phone data to identify people who are walking together or merely passing by one another at a social gathering. Facebook would then use the tech to suggest these people might be possible friends you could talk to on Facebook. Right now Facebook uses address books and contact lists from phone users but this tech would allow the social media giant to get even more familiar with its users. I don’t know, I already think Facebook is too damn nosy this might cause me to rethink using Facebook even occasionally.

I guess I really am old and naive. On a website called news busters I found an article that Nancy Pelosi a Democrat political icon who has been in office since shortly after the Civil War was planning to appear on a Reality TV Show called RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars. My initial thought was, I didn’t know Nancy had an interest in drag racing and what I thought might be fuel-injected funny cars. Well color me silly but apparently the meaning of drag race has changed. Ru’s show involves female impersonator’s showing their various ‘talents’. Sorry but you couldn’t drag me over to that TV channel with wild horses. Nancy should really be judging a face-lift competition, if her face is stretched any further she is going to look like a caricature of herself. Never-mind too late she already looks that way.

From the Miami Herald comes a story that proves beyond any doubt that government is totally useless. Juana Escudero who lives in Spain has been trying to prove to the Spanish government that she did not die in 2010. Apparently another woman with the same name passed away over 6 years ago and ever since Juana can’t renew her driver’s license, vote or even make a doctor’s appointment. This poor woman finally tracked down the dead woman whose she shares a name with and is now petitioning the courts to exhume the body so she can actually prove she is very much alive. DOH, using 6 years of your life to prove your actually alive. Yep sounds like government at work to me.

The Museum of Ice Cream in Miami had a fun idea, why not fill a swimming pool with fake sprinkles that ice cream lovers enjoy and let kids romp around in the pool and have some fun. Well the city of Miami wasn’t having fun with this idea. Seems the plastic fake sprinkles ended up polluting Miami’s water drains in and around the museum and the museum had to pay a $1,000 fine for their publicity stunt. Wonder why they didn’t use real sprinkles?

Hopefully no fines are in my future for today’s reporting. Thanks for reading………






Embracing Me……….

2018 is off and running as we are over halfway thru January. The new year has stimulated my few remaining, functional brain cells into percolating and  brewing on what topics and observations I might want to share in this blog. I started this blog in August 2017 and initially I wanted to do hard-edged political opinion. Unfortunately there is just way too much political garbage going on and while it is fun to make light of progressives who don’t have the same views as I do, it does tend to get tedious. Besides I don’t think there is a blog Pulitzer anywhere in my future so why be so serious? I then wrote a few blogs about me and various experiences I experienced and those blogs were fun to write. I also attempted to inject humor into several posts and again I had fun while making fun.  Anyway after much self debate and thought, I finally was convinced that since my mind largely works off the chaos theory I might as well blog about whatever strikes my fancy any given day or maybe I should pick the topic the loudest voice in my head shouts out. Either way I get fresh material to write about and hopefully once in a while readers find the content interesting enough to read and come back for more.

Today’s thought of the day is: I am going to embrace getting older in 2018. Now, as a disclaimer I ain’t really that old. I’m 62 and while I feel old I am sure I ain’t seen or felt nothing yet. Sure I know when storms are on the way, the arthritic knees are a great weather predictor and yes I have to stretch out those arthritic knees from time to time to keep moving but by and large I’m healthy as a horse and almost as smart. Since I never ever gave any thought when I was younger concerning what it would be like when I got to 60 and beyond, this is all new territory for me. It might be male menopause or just plain crankiness but I haven’t fully committed myself to admitting I’m over 60. My motto has always been I might get older but I’ll never grow up. When I do have bouts of ‘guess I need to be an adult about this’ it always hurts and I don’t like it. So I guess I now need a new motto: ’embrace who I am’.

I look back on 62 years of personal experience and history and wonder, WOW how did you make it this far? I don’t have a definitive answer to that question, it sure hasn’t been easy and it sure wasn’t clean living and a great attitude. Heck when I was a young adult in the 1970s I was the proto-typical angry young man. Mad at my government, mad at my parents for still trying to give me life advice and mad at well just about everything.  I thought I knew everything I needed to live life to the fullest and if that meant partying all the time so much the better. I was ten feet tall and bullet proof, invincible in every way possible.  Well life sure taught me different.

I was lucky enough to get a job in the computer field right out of high school. I’ve been working with various technology ever since, almost 45 years now. Yes, for you youngsters out their computers have been around that long, actually longer, truth be told. Frankly the thrill is long gone and mostly the job has changed from a technology driven task to customer service based and frankly most computer users  just ain’t too bright. I would rather work on something that failed from an equipment standpoint than attempt to resolve any issue that starts with the phrase “I don’t know what I did but I have an issue”. Dealing with equipment is much easier than dealing with people.

I saw friends come and go as jobs changed, life events changed and moving to different areas of Pennsylvania changed where I chose to live. I am on marriage number 2, have 4 great kids, 4 wonderful grand-kids and all in all enjoy my life. Have there been struggles, absolutely life is full of them. Have there been lean times, yes indeed declared bankruptcy twice. Have there been regrets, I’ve had a few. But by and large there really isn’t a whole lot I can say I would change. Every experience is an opportunity to learn and grow. I guess what I’m saying is I finally have some history behind me to make observations and form opinions from a fairly strong knowledge base. That reason alone makes growing older worthwhile in my eyes.

I guess  I am trying to say in a log-winded way is, I have things to say and this blog is my vehicle to share with the world. So with the new year that is 2018 I guess I am re-dedicating myself to my blog and embracing me for being me. I have read other blogs on word-press that I now follow because it is exciting reading about other people’s thoughts and feelings on different subjects. I also think blogging takes some courage, courage to be able to say what you really think and courage to share something that might otherwise be private. Blogging is therapeutic for me, I like expressing by bull-headed opinions whether other people agree or not. I might not agree with everyone but I do recognize everyone has an opinion. Anyway let’s wrap this up before this becomes an insomnia cure. I mentioned a little bit of info so that if there comes a time when you might read something I write and think “what a maroon this guy is”, well as I said before on my posts: My opinions are formed by what I have experienced, researched and know. I am what I am and that’s what and who I am.  Life is a continuing classroom where we all get schooled on the most important subjects we face everyday. Life is learning and we need to embrace and cherish it.


HOO-RAH for America………

I’ve been reading some interesting stuff on the internet these days and some of the information is bringing a smile to my old and ugly face. I’m smiling because I am hoping it means Americans are changing and changing for the better.

Apparently 2017 was not a good year for Hollywood or the movie studios. Theater goers declined and quite a few ‘blockbuster’ movies failed to deliver the money to cover their over-priced budgets. I say HOO-RAH!!!! Hollywood has been producing terrible movies for years and now with a non-progressive in the White House, Hollywood’s elite just can’t seem to keep their pie-holes shut on how stupid their audiences are for voting for President Trump.  Sure the supposed experts in entertainment say the decline is due to streaming and movie viewer’s getting their entertainment else-where, but I believe Hollywood has over-stepped its bounds by showing their customer base just how much they actually despise movie goers. Congrats to people for finally waking up and smelling the excrement Hollywood is producing and distributing.

Along with the idiots in Hollyweird comes further bad news from the NFL. Play-off ratings are down as were most ratings for the regular season. I know NFL owners say the Anthem protests are not the reason. However, I think their logic is just as wrong as Hollywood’s. It isn’t new game streaming apps or the internet, viewers are disgusted by players making millions and accusing the fans of racism. Turnoff your customers and guess what, customers find something else to do. Again HOO-RAH to America.

Politicians are having a bad year also especially Republicans who do not support our President. Several of these ‘establishment’ traitors are now choosing to not seek re-election and I hope and pray someone better takes their place. Americans voted for change and change is necessary to make our country right again. HOO-RAH America.

HOO-RAH also for support of illegal immigration reform. A country without borders is not a country. There is no such thing as an innocent illegal immigrant, if you’re illegal you broke the law. If people feel this is harsh too bad. If these illegals were Republican voters you could bet your house on the fact Democrat’s would be screaming for their deportation immediately. These are human beings but they broke the law and shouldn’t be used as political pawns if a game of who gets all these new voters.

Many colleges are also showing their true colors as nothing more than America hating, socialist supporting dung heaps. Colleges like Berkeley have riots suppressing free speech. Other colleges are offering useless and needless classes in gender studies and the myth of white privilege. All these schools are doing is admitting that a college education is more of a political indoctrination than an education.

The media like Hollywood has also shown its hatred for middle-class working Americans by constantly insulting America’s President and classifying his supporters and voters as ignorant, uneducated and de-deplorable. Thanks MSM again your candor is appreciated and people are noticing because your ratings are also dropping. HOO-RAH.

These are the events that can bring a smile to anyone who considers themselves to Americans. Not Americans with labels such as African, Hispanic, etc.etc but Americans. One nation under God with liberty and justice for all……………………………..Just the way we are supposed to be. HOO-RAH !!!




What in The Wide Wide World of Sports is Going on Here???…………..

I read and view quite a bit of news and commentary on the internet. It’s what I do because most traditional news sources such as newspapers and mainstream media are nothing more than propaganda tools for our government. Quite often I see articles and blogs wondering whatever happened the traditional male. You know the guy who protected the less fortunate or saved the damsel in distress. Today’s men appear to be pajama wearing, hot cocoa drinking whiners who are about as useless as teats on a bull.  I can only theorize what has happened by my experiences and observations but I don’t believe the changes we see have only affected men, women today have changed also and it isn’t pretty. Also before I get started here is a disclaimer, I am going to talk about men & women only because there are only TWO genders. All the multi-gender talk and theories are part of the problem with today’s society and contribute greatly to the collective state of confusion that exists.

My formative (teenage thru young adult) years were in the 1970s when the sex revolution and drug revolution were in full gear. I didn’t partake much in the way of recreational pharmaceuticals because those were illegal and could be addictive. Beer however was another matter and even though I wasn’t 21 yet several states enabled me to drink legally at 18. New Jersey was the closest state so Jersey was the destination. Anyway, sex,drugs and rock & roll were available everywhere and I guess the hedonist side of men and women embraced the decade with enthusiasm.

The 1980s can along and hippies had become yuppies or whatever the term was and while clothing styles progressed into even uglier attire than what was worn in the 1970s drugs and sex were still the most practiced hobbies in America. Women wanted the independence to choose their partners and have casual relationships just like guys and most men certainly didn’t mind as long as the good times rolled. Huge increases in STDs and the AIDS epidemic slowed the good times but birth control methods were plentiful, abortion unfortunately was legal and party time continued. The sexual revolution made traditional courtship obsolete and unfortunately relationships between men and women could seemingly last anywhere from one night, to a few years (divorce rates sky rocketed) to a lifetime. Anything was possible in those days. Men and women looked at each other in many cases like they were pieces of meat to be had for the asking. Again traditional relationship interaction suffered and in many cases was non-existent as far as both genders.

The 1990s were much the same as the 1980s and we even had a pervert in the White House who had female interns taking a knee (so to speak) before it was considered culturally relevant. Heck man if it’s good for Bubba why not everyone else? So much for political leadership.

Now I am going to theorize that one lingering and lasting effect from Y2K was attitudes between men and women really started to fall into the abyss of chaos going into the new century. Some men and women wanted the hedonistic times to continue while some others wanted to return to the romance of the days of courtship. Call it growing more mature or growing up, the genders seemed to be all confounded as to what the rules between them were. Women seemed to want more emotionally connected and sensitive men and men having spent several decades as beasts satisfying their baser desires got all dazed and confused.  As the decade changed with 2010 women started accusing men of sexual harassment, being marginalized as mere objects and all sorts of other uncouth behaviors. Never-mind that for previous decades women were just as decadent as many men were, all of a sudden men were the enemy and they were going to pay one way or another. Of course the people of faith who embraced traditional values thru all this chaos looked on in amusement because they had avoided all this behavior and BS even while they were ridiculed for not being with the times.

Our news outlets are filled with sex scandal stories that go back decades and involve some actually heinous acts along with some not so disgusting acts that were probably at one point or another considered just plain fun. Again, confusion reigns and society becomes weaker. We now have a society where some people believe they can actually be any gender they wish. They believe they can identify as all sorts of identities they’re not and well you better embrace their pursuit or you’re a bigot. Society has had an interesting history since the 1970s and all of it has contributed to making the divisions between men and women become more pronounced than ever. All the while traditional romance, love, courtship and marriage continues to exist and I for one am happy it does. Society is a mess, traditions are traditions because they stand the test of time. They continue as long as people choose to embrace and practice them. Societal changes  like the sex revolution, drug revolution, gender revolution and other revolutions constantly change because they are simply provided to satisfy a person’s immediate insatiable appetite for whatever desire they want. Traditional values are the long game so to speak and last much longer and bring greater fulfillment. I admit my behavior in previous decades was probably not the best but at the time everyone was a consenting adult. Now- a-days whether consenting or not trouble can be found close at hand.


Thoughts on Equality……..

On this Martin Luther King Day I have a few thoughts and observations I would like to share.

America is a divided country largely because our political parties seem to embrace the politics of division to further their personnel ambitions. Our previous President and his followers inflamed racial tensions and caused violence and rioting with their racist rhetoric and actions. The black community embraced criminals such as Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin as heroes instead of violent thugs who preyed on those communities with reckless abandon. Many black neighborhoods in Baltimore, Maryland have seen large increases in crime rates  because racist politicians have made police feel unsafe when they police and patrol those neighborhoods. In some instances even black police officers are reluctant to patrol predominately black neighborhoods because police feel like they have targets on their backs. A sad state of affairs caused by a failure in political leadership.

The federal government has attempted to enforce and legislate racial equality for decades and while the intentions may have been good the policies have led to more division and tension. In my opinion the government in this particular instance has over-stepped its boundaries by attempting to legislate a person’s character. Sorry government, like most things a person’s character is well beyond your reach.

When I was growing up my character was shaped by my parents. Sure, religion was a part of my upbringing but the teachings of the Catholic Church were something I feared more than embraced as a child. I was always worried that God was looking at me every moment of every day and I better behave or else. Paranoia I believe is still probably part of Catholic school curriculum. Anyway, my parents taught me to treat everyone as I myself would like to be treated. As I grew older I took this to mean treat people as people, not as a white person, not as a black person etc. just treat everyone the same. Respect someone until or unless they gave you a reason not to do so. Seemed fair enough, and through-out most of my life I have had friends who were from different races and beliefs and none of those differences ever seemed to matter. Good times indeed.

Unfortunately the government decided that they were going to force everyone to get along or else. Rules and laws were enacted to make up for past racial discrimination even though many people who had to follow these laws were never slaves or slave owners. Preferential treatment as far as education, jobs and other programs were enacted again to make-up for past indiscretions. This created racist laws and programs which were meant to fight racism. In my view not exactly logical. As a matter of fact it brings to mind something I heard years ago although unfortunately I do not remember the name of the person who said it “Two wrongs do not make a civil right”. In my view our government is still unfortunately over-stepping its authority by supporting colleges who have white privilege classes,  supporting groups who want to rewrite history by destroying alleged racist monuments and by attempting to suppress free speech.

What the government has actually done has produced more harm than good. The Feds have created laws that label and designate people according to groups that the government decides are worthy of special privileges, programs or recognition. No unity or governing by treating people solely as Americans. They govern and treat citizens as various groups and voting blocks that they can control and subjugate. Pretty hard for citizens to embrace treating others equally when their own government doesn’t treat everyone equally. I believe the time is well past for Americans to stop allowing their government to lead by division. Treating each other as Americans and not African-Americans or Asian Americans etc… will scare the hell out of our political leaders. A united America which demands truly equal treatment from its political leaders will have erased division and discrimination as well as resolve the wrongs of history.

Just my opinion. Civil comments welcome.



Cranky Chronicles News……

Attempting to inform my readers by scouring the internet for stories and issues that can make a sane person say “What the &%*#”.

Saturday morning all was well in Hawaii, all of a sudden people receive an alert on their cellphones warning them of a ballistic missile headed their way. Panic ensues, hysteria appears and then 38 minutes later another message is sent informing everyone that the first message was a mistake. YIKES!!! Some mistake. The press and conspiracy theorists go on the hunt for the real story and this serious situation turns into a farce.

Conspiracy theorists say a missile from North Korea was launched and the U.S. military shot it down but kept the whole incident quiet so no-one would be alarmed. My opinion is people were already alarmed keeping the incident quiet would serve no real purpose.

Conspiracy theory number two, Hawaii being a Democrat run liberal island planned this event to make President Trump look bad. Obviously the Civil Defense system in Hawaii needs work, if Trump hadn’t made the dwarf dictator in North Korea mad this event wouldn’t have happened. Of course the Democrat ‘leadership’ in Hawaii can fix the emergency warning system is they had access to an unlimited supply of Federal money. One thing politician’s love is tax money and Democrats love it more than most. I can probably believe this theory more than the first one. We will have to see and hear the follow-up as Hawaiian officials investigate and enact corrective measures.

Now, your humble correspondent will venture his guess as to the real cause of this serious incident. The head of the emergency management team who oversees the missile warning system appeared on TV and stated ‘human error’ was the official cause of the whole terrifying situation. Apparently instead of a test warning button someone pressed the real warning button. OOPS!!! Unnamed sources who don’t really exist in all probability were over-heard stating that they informed their boss that hiring his brother-in-law’s son was not a good idea. Hey its a theory and I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t report it.

In other ‘news’ from the internet universe. How about that YouTube ‘star’ Marc Pagan? “Hey guy I never heard of him” Well let me inform you about this moron. Now I don’t recognize his particular brand of stupid but I do admire his dedication to it. Marc was bored and decided to film himself eating a TIDE detergent pod. Now he was smart enough to rinse his mouth out after a few bites but unfortunately teenage viewers of his YouTube post have become seriously ill reenacting his stunt. People have become concerned enough that pressure has been placed on TIDE to provide a warning label stating the pods shouldn’t be eaten.  Oh Boy, another warning label to prevent obvious idiots from doing idiotic stuff. Not my first choice but I guess OK. How about taking the idiot’s YouTube video down permanently and banning him from further use say, forever. Might also be a good idea to find a criminal charge to hang on the moron. Just my opinion.

In news that can only be described as the ‘crime of the century’, a ‘gentleman’ from Florida was stopped by security when leaving an IGA supermarket. A bulge in his pants led to the suspicion he might have been a shoplifter. Sure enough, the bulge was found to be the product of a full pack of ribs. Believing in dining diversity or maybe he was just plain hungry he was also found to be hiding 9 pieces of fried chicken, 2 packs of hamburger rolls and some mashed potatoes. Huh, hamburger rolls but no burgers? What a maroon. I hope a female security guard caught this guy. It would be great to find out if she asked him “are you shop-lifting or just real glad to see me?”. I also hope IGA didn’t place the items back in the rack for re-sale, that would be gross.

The commie loving mayor of New York city is wasting time and money in the hope that he can extort money from oil companies. Bill ‘The Marxist’ DeBlasio has ordered a lawsuit filing against major oil companies to recoup money the city spent recovering from hurricane Sandy. Mayor Bill believes the oil companies are to blame because they contribute to the effects of climate change. Ho Boy, will Democrats get over themselves PLEASE? Global warming is a con job meant to punish private companies and poor people. It’s about money and control, that’s it!!! Hopefully a judge with common sense sees this lawsuit for what it truly is, which is an extortion attempt. Funny how commie’s like DeBlasio and Bernie Sanders are considered as serious political representatives in a capitalist country like America. Actually not so funny I guess, just sad and pathetic.

Super spy Richard Melville Hall apparently has 100% accurate proof of Trump’s collusion with Russia. He came into possession of this evidence because of his extensive social media presence. Did I say super-spy? Sorry, this veganist, progressive dope is actually a DJ named Moby. Let me get this straight just for the practice. After millions of dollars of Federal money was spent on investigations into collusion with no evidence found this ‘musician’ claims he has the evidence. My opinion is this fool is just another progressive who never got over the election loss last year and can’t stop crying and whining.

Alrighty then that’s a wrap for today. Commentary and sarcasm were added to enhance the stories as reported. Till next time……………….






Wisdom or Wisdumb…..

Some talk recently mentioned Oprah Winfrey possibly running for President. So how about a Oprah quote to show what a racist moron she really is. In response to a question asking Winfrey for a solution to racism she said ‘old white people just have to die”. Wonderful logic from another black racist who supported Obama when he practiced the politics of division. No thanks I think America has too many black racists in politics already. Stay home Oprah Americans don’t need you or want you. WISDUMB

U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley “Having been governor and now an Ambassador, I am always amazed at the lengths people will go to lie for money and power”. OK, fair enough statement by a politician. WISDOM because politics and lying go together like bread and butter. WISDUMB if she is still amazed that liars are firmly entrenched whether it be in American politics or United Nations politics.

Scott Waldman “Rising temperatures are seen as the leading cause of hardship in Iran and therefore a cause for the government protests”. Waldman is a ‘journalist’ for Scientific American and he also is a prime example of an enviro-nazi. Scott believes global warming causes everything from snow-storms to terrorism. I guess if Iran had better weather the protesters would be happier with their oppressive government instead of acting like American Democrats that still cry about Trump beating Hillary. WISDUMB

“This nation was founded on the God-given right of liberty. All things must be weighed  against that right. Tyranny, oppression and suppression are evil and must be opposed”. Profound words from blogger T.L. Davis on his Christian Mercenary Blog-Site. One thing that politicians just don’t seem to understand is our rights come from God not government. WISDOM

Washington state’s governor, Jay Inslee is apparently an Al Gore minion “We have just 59 days to do our part to save our children from an endless cycle of crop-killing droughts one year, and rivers spilling their banks the next. To save salmon from dying in ever warming rivers, and our forests from being reduced to plumes of ash”. Of course as a Democrat Inslee does have a solution, it’s called a carbon tax. Yep, typical liberal/progressive moron. Sound the alarm on a mythical problem and for a solution you institute a tax. Sad and pathetic. WISDUMB

Pope Francis, “Bullying is the work of the devil”. Sounds reasonable, but once again I fear the Pope is missing something here. As leader of the Catholic Church he has chided and condemned several nations for not allowing immigrants to invade their countries. Is that not a form of religious bullying? He has also voiced his displeasure with nations who don’t believe in the myth of global warming. Again sounds like bullying to me. Sorry Frank, Pope or not you still need to look in a mirror and really think about what you’re saying before you open your pie-hole. WISDOM for the statement. WISDUMB for the speaker.

Chris ‘Krispy Kreme’ Christie opened his mouth in between donuts to say, “I’d be President if Trump hadn’t run”. Really Christopher, do you actually believe what you said or are you suffering the effects of a sugar high from to many glazed or jelly filled donuts? The only way you would be in the White House about now is if you took the White House tour. WISDUMB

California is known for starting trends and it is my hope that this newest trend stays out West. Kevin Freeman an employee for a company called Live Water describes his product as ” mildly sweet and smooth”. The product is Raw Water, water that is straight from the source no fluoride or filtering just water that fish pee and poo in. A 2.5 gallon bottle will cost you $36.99 and increase your chances of getting sick but what the heck somebody will get rich. WISDUMB.




I Didn’t Know That……….

I know I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed so I like to research stuff to expand my knowledge base. As a blogger I have been told  sharing knowledge is a wonderful thing so that is what I am doing today.

1- I love to make fun of California for numerous reasons and the number one reason is that California is run by some real funny politicians. One thing I didn’t know until recently about the land of fruits and nuts is this: It is illegal to own a gerbil within California borders. That’s right, those tiny rodents that bring joy to children across America are illegal in California. Where is PETA when you need them? Now I find this particularly funny because as a sanctuary state illegal aliens who commit crimes and cost money with their parasitic needs are welcome but a defenseless little rodent isn’t. WOW, I think I would rather have a gerbil than a taco munching criminal but I guess being on the East coast all my life I have common sense unlike the idiots out West.

2- John Young, an astronaut who walked on the Moon, commanded a space shuttle flight as well as the first person to fly into space six times was also known for something else. That else was smuggling a corn beef sandwich aboard one of his space flights. NASA reprimanded him and as a result corn beef sandwiches have been outlawed from space since 1965. Jim Young died recently and the story of his food smuggling was part of his obituary.

3- The Bomb Cyclone winter storm that affected the East Coast and New England recently is actually not that rare. Apparently the Northern Hemisphere experiences about 10 storms like this every year. Usually the weather professionals call these storms a Nor’easter but I guess if you want ratings Bomb Cyclone sounds much more ominous.

4- Robots have already taken over human jobs in many industries and technology will probably take over many other jobs that people now perform. However, in Las Vegas at the Sapphire Exotic Dancer Club the new featured performers are robots. The twins named R2DoubleD & TripleCPU perform nightly and are apparently the only robotic adult dancers in the world. Now I admit I haven’t been to a ‘gentleman’s’ club for several decades but come on now, robots, really.

5- The University of Pennsylvania just concluded a study that allegedly shows 9 to 11-year-old children sleep better and perform better on intelligence tests when they regularly eat fish. The study was performed using 541 Chinese children (not sure why they used an odd number). I guess I can believe that fish is healthy for anyone even children but don’t Asians usually score better on tests anyway? Is it really because of fish in their diet or maybe they just study and work harder than other kids. Anyway something sounds fishy about this study. Why just Asian kids doesn’t sound very diverse to me.

6- Oregon recently made self-service gas stations legal. Since a vast majority of Americans already pump their own fuel this shouldn’t be a big deal right? Well Oregonians are apparently idiots or lazy because it has become an issue. Many Oregon residents are complaining they have had no training on how to operate their gas pumps or safely fill their gas tanks. Seems the pampered people of Oregon just aren’t that bright but they are experts at whining and crying. I would expect to see a class in proper gas pumping procedures to come to driving schools in Oregon soon. What a state of maroons. By the way New Jersey is now the only state where full service gas stations are the law. Toxic waste dumps and full serve gas, New Jersey is the leader in America in both of those important categories.

7- Florida due to over-development and hurricanes is facing a sand shortage for many of its beaches. Making matters worse is the fact that according to Federal law it is illegal to spend money buying foreign sand. I heard an economist years ago state “if the Federal Government where to be put in charge of a desert there would be a shortage of sand in no time”. Sounds like he was close, no desert but beaches will do.  Anyway Congress is working on a bill to help Florida acquire sand from the Bahamas.

8- I recently found out I may have started blogging in the wrong country. The United States Sate Department is spending $50,000 in an attempt to get more female bloggers blogging in India. Apparently there is an acute shortage of female vloggers and bloggers in India and therefore it’s up to America to solve this crisis. I ain’t female but heck for $50,000 dollars I would blog while wearing a dress.

9- Algerians living in the Sahara desert town of Ain Sefra woke up to 15 inches of snow covering their sand dunes. The ‘gateway to the desert’ city didn’t have the snow long as the temperature rose to 42 degrees by mid-afternoon. Kids did have enough time to make several snow-men and do a little sledding. This is apparently the 3rd time in the last 37 years that the Sahara had snow.

That’s all folks………………………………………




Wednesday Wisdom or Wisdumb……

Trump said “the United States  has been rewarded with nothing but lies and deceit for foolishly giving Pakistan more than $33 billion in aid in the last 15 years. WISDOM

The truth hurts doesn’t it Pakistan? I have often wondered why America sends billions of dollars to country’s that hate us. Now that we have a President with a back-bone it appears the endless amounts of money might actually stop. I would even expand this aid stoppage to include Palestine, Turkey and any other Middle-Eastern country that wish harm to America. Thank you President Trump. Well done sir!!!

Bernie Sanders a socialist/commie who wanted to be President is singing the praises of fellow commie Bill DeBlasio “Mayor DeBlasio’s administration understands that bringing people together with love and compassion is our job and will end division”. WISDUMB

Ah Bernie, you and Bill DeBlasio only want to bring everyone who isn’t rich together to share the misery and hardship that is socialism. You guys and the Democratic party are the people who are dividing America. Don’t blame Trump for your failures.

Laura Ingraham spoke about legalized marijuana “We’ll see how this all works out for our country. More pothead with psychosis and impaired driving as companies make billions”  WISDOM

Wow, sounds like common sense to me. Yet dopers across America are angry. First off, I remember reading how Colorado was ‘surprised’ that more driving impaired incidents had risen sharply since Colorado legalized pot. Surprised? Really, sounds like the government in Colorado is getting high on their own supply. Of course some people are going to abuse pot like they abuse alcohol . So much for speaking with common sense. Dang hippie politicians…..

Jim Treacher a blogger at the Daily Caller: “Modern journalism is all about deciding which facts the public shouldn’t know because they might reflect badly on Democrats”. WISDOM

How else do you explain the Anti-Trump madness that MSNBC and CNN broadcast 24X7 on their useless networks. Both of these networks pass themselves off as news organizations but they just make stuff up because they can’t stand the fact Trump won and their chosen candidate Hillary lost. I for one am tired of un-named sources who might have said this or might have said that and yet nothing is ever verified because no evidence is ever found. Stop the insanity already.

Somebody in the Socialist utopia of California has a sense of humor: “Official Sanctuary state felons, illegals and MS13 gang members welcome Democrats need the votes”. WISDOM

The quote appeared on a highway sign that was attached to a Welcome to California state sanctioned sign. At least there appears to be one individual in California with some common sense and the back-bone to tell it like it is. I salute you whoever you are.


That’s a wrap or a rap or never mind…………………………………..