Pessimism? I’ll Have a Little……….

“Life is one long series of bitter disappointments filled with all too brief moments of mindless pleasure.” I remember this quote from a sitcom I enjoyed many years ago called ‘Men Behaving Badly’. As a younger, single, God-less heathen type I adopted it as my mission statement for life because at the time it fit my life-style perfectly. Work full-time, find the best bar or party to go to, drink adult beverages and chase voluptuous women. Maturity and responsibility were mixed in there to varying degrees, but darn it, being mature and responsible was a pain in the rear.  Finally I noticed that I was the last man standing in my circle of friends. Most of my friends had all moved on to marriages and more civilized pursuits. Eventually I too became hitched which changed things a bit. Then a wonderful child came along and more change occurred. Then a divorce and another marriage and even more change. All the while I did my best to be an optimist. The mission statement I had lived by for over a decade seemed pessimistic at best and an immature view of life.  Now that I am older and ‘wiser’ (yeah I can hear the snickering out there, STOP IT!!!). I believe I can see where optimism and even pessimism can both be a good thing.

I am sure that we have all heard the statements “You can be anything you want in life” or “If you work hard and envision your goal you will obtain it”. Sounds good but life comes at you fast and frankly while you control what you can do and how you live by the decisions you make, there are still things that happen to people because they have no control over them. For instance, in my thirties I had enough hair to have a pony tail. Yeah much of those follicles are now as extinct as the dinosaurs but believe me they were there. I had a job that didn’t mind my long hair and I never gave a thought to why anyone could possibly look at me as a slacker just because I had long hair. Well I lost the job I had, and started applying at other companies, one of which called me in for an interview. I thought the interview went well, my experience and qualifications met their requirements and the salary was fair and equitable. I envisioned myself working there and do very well as one of their employees. Optimism right? Well I didn’t get the job. I learned months later after talking to someone who worked for that company, that their dress-code did not permit men to have any hair that hung over their shirt collar. Color me surprised. I didn’t know about this dress-code and thinking back I am not even sure I would have cut my hair had I known ahead of time because I didn’t think they should have the right to tell me how to style my hair. Anyway I was optimistic and confident, had done everything I could to get the job but because the interviewer thought long-haired guys were slackers I did not get what I wanted. I worked for something, envisioned that something but still got denied. What happened? This optimism thing failed me. Dang it pessimism and anger set it.

Thinking back on this, I should have used the pessimism as a motivation tool. What if we made decisions not by just filling our minds with optimism but also with just a little bit of pessimism? You know your right for a promotion. You have done everything possible to attain this promotion and you just know deep inside your mind you DESERVE this promotion. Along with that great euphoric feeling, what if you also allowed yourself to see ways you might not get what you know you deserve. Maybe your boss has a golden child employee he favors more than you with all your qualifications. Maybe you’re not the young up and comer this boss is looking for. Point is you probably have done everything in your power to prove the promotion should belong to you but the final decision isn’t yours to make.  This pinch of pessimism can soften the blow if you don’t get the promotion and help you deal with the disappointment better. All these years I thought being pessimistic was useless, silly me. Pessimism can motivate you to work harder, try harder and maybe reach and attain a goal you want or deserve in the future. Pessimism in moderation anyway. Too much pessimism can lead to lethargy and depression.

I guess my point is, as I age I see things differently. What once was thought of as a negative can sometimes be used as a positive. Optimism tempered with the right amount of pessimism can be a motivator and help us be a better person. In the end isn’t that what really matters? Just because we can’t be what we really dream about being, we can still be the best version of ourselves that we can possibly be. I know being the best I can be is my mission statement of choice ever since I became a parent. While I work at it every day it has a wonderful simplicity and goodness about it.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.  I appreciate it…………….










Stubborn? You Talking To Me???

Recently I decided to do something I had not done for quite some time. I hand my palm read. While the experience was fun overall and the reader did come up with several items I thought were interesting, one observation they made peaked my interest the most. Namely they grabbed my left thumb and told me that was my stubborn thumb. Basically I was told I was stubborn and rigid in my ideas and I needed to loosen up. Interesting since I never thought about being stubborn as necessarily a bad thing. To examine this further I did a little research and would like to share my findings.

According to Psychology Today, there is no such thing as being stubborn. Apparently just because a person doesn’t budge from a position they believe in doesn’t make them stubborn, it just means they are satisfied with their position or belief. OK I can agree with that argument. I have believed for many years now that if a person doesn’t stand for something they may in fact stand for nothing.

An opposing point of view concerning stubbornness comes from the Urban Dictionary. This site defines stubborn as “someone who doesn’t listen to other people’s opinions”. OK, I have to respectfully disagree with this definition. If I in fact are a stubborn person, I have almost always listened to or read opposing opinions that don’t coincide with my opinion or position. I just don’t see any reason to change my position very often when faced with an opposing  argument or opinion or position. For example, many people today believe in ‘gender fluidity’ and they claim there are many genders. I believe since God created us, He blessed us with two distinctly different genders male & female. Recite and speculate all the gender babble you want but there are only two genders and that is a fact jack. I guess it isn’t being stubborn when you know your right.

According to Personality & Spirituality being stubborn is a character flaw. This site defines stubborn as resistance to change. I personally would consider this being obstinate not stubborn. Very few people like change. As a matter of fact I believe a majority of people always strive to be comfortable and secure in their lives, opinions, beliefs and environment. This site attempts to reduce being stubborn to resistance for resistance sake and I can’t agree with that. I’m sure in their eyes I am certainly being stubborn with my review but that is fine with me. I won’t hold it against them, even though I know they are wrong.

Now I have written before about my darling, beautiful, wonderful wife. My OMP (omnipotent marriage partner). A site called Your Tango likens stubbornness to mean persistent, tenacious and refusing to surrender. As a matter of fact this site believes that falling in love with a stubborn woman is a good thing because it means she is stubborn  about you. WOW, so being stubborn can actually bring true love. I would never in a million years have believed that one. I can however stubbornly say I have to  agree with and love that viewpoint. Stubborn in love. I might just have to pitch that idea to Hallmark for their romantic card business.

I guess in summary, being stubborn is probably not a character flaw but a positive character trait. At least it could be seen that way depending on the situation. As with many things in life there is always the chance that something good can also be used to do bad if not properly developed and deployed. Since we are individuals and every situation and issue is unique freedom of choice plays a big role in how we use character traits. Being stubborn can be good but I guess it can also be used incorrectly. As always, choose wisely my friends.



Is Leadership an Endangered Quality Trait???………….

When I was a youngin’ I did not appreciate the study of history. I used to think that reading about some old guys who founded this country or started that war was about as interesting as watching paint dry or grass grow. As I got older though I began to see the wisdom in paying attention to the past because it just might hold explanations for where we are in the present. One thing that has become very evident is how leadership has changed over the decades not just in terms of political leaders but leaders in society.

The last really strong leader I remember as President was Ronald Reagan. While he always did not get exactly what he wanted every-time, he did see fit to include everyone’s opinion on issues that America faced and all decisions were done with the attitude of “what is good for America and her people”. The Presidents after Reagan left quite a bit to be desired as far as leadership traits. Bush I was a taxation proponent even though he claimed otherwise. Clinton was always about Clinton. The USA during the Clinton years had a President who was more interested in his own sexual desires over everything that might have been happening in the world,  but even worse he unleashed the horror of his wife Hillary onto the American political landscape. Bush II was compassionate to a fault and just really appeared to be in over his head. Obama was the least qualified and exhibited absolutely no leadership skills when he ran the country and as a result citizens suffered accordingly. President Trump has exhibited leadership by actually attempting to accomplish promises he made while campaigning but after the Obama years many people accuse Trump of being anything but a leader. Sorry, personally I enjoy having a President who seemly loves his country. Obama always looked and acted like he hated America and just did everything he could to punish her.

History is filled with great leaders: Politically, Winston Churchill & Margret Thatcher come to mind. Business wise Steven Jobs & Bill Gates. History also has had and currently suffers from bad leaders: Politically, Angela Merkel & Kim Jung-Un. Business wise, well look at any companies who have had issues recently like Blue Apron or MySpace and you will probably find a leader who was severely lacking in leadership skills. Leadership skills even help or harm people on a personal level. For instance, I have always enjoyed success in my chosen field when I have had managers who did everything they could to help employees succeed. Unfortunately I have also had a few managers who were more inclined to make sure employees didn’t succeed. Not sure what motivated or motivates managers like this but they sure make it difficult to accomplish your goals or even work in a comfortable environment.

The best manager I ever worked for was my boss when I worked in the defense industry. He always made sure we had the tools and equipment to do our jobs to the best of our abilities but he also provided further training and a relaxed atmosphere in which to work. His basic rule was “If I never hear a complaint about your work I will always give you the highest raise possible”. He always kept his word and by far that job was the best place I ever worked for. Alas the economy crashed and in 2009 my job was outsourced when a larger corporation took over. Leadership should help employees be successful and as a result help the leader of that department succeed. At least that is how I always believed the employee/manager relationship should be done for optimum results.

Alas I have also worked for managers who always looked out for themselves and were quick to blame their employees for every setback and mistake no matter how big or small. These so-called leaders exhibit no leadership skills and even exhibit several bad traits which I have seen several times at various places I have worked. These are tell-tale signs that a manager is just not a good leader, at least in my opinion. These bad leadership traits are:

1- Someone who is constantly reminding people they communicate with, that they have a degree or several degrees. Now being proud you graduated from a reputable college is an accomplishment but do people have to be reminded of this with every e-mail signature that has to include your degree info. Probably not, if you’re in management you probably have a degree even though I would posit that a college degree is probably no more valuable today than a high school degree was in years past. Actually a number of articles I have read regarding good leadership qualities have stated humility as being an important component for good leadership. Hubris on the other hand is a definite negative trait.

2- Someone who plays favorites. This shortcoming unfortunately causes jealousy and a sense of entitlement. Now both of those negative traits are widely practiced and are all to frequently used to divide our country politically. On a smaller but equally important scale a workplace being run with these traits is not usually a happy place. A combative atmosphere at work causes bad morale and prevents people from properly doing their job to the best of their ability. In some respects this issue reminds me of socialism. Openly a socialist leader will advertise his system or method of managing is equal for all. Problem is even in a socialist system there are always people who will be more equal than others when it comes to raises or promotions. Again just my opinion.

3- Someone who makes decisions based on who asks or poses a question. For instance, someone asks for clarification on an ongoing issue they encounter. A good leader will offer a decision based on what is relevant as far as a resolution for the issue at hand. A bad leader might tell one person not to worry about the issue because it doesn’t concern them, or if the issue is caused by someone or something this manager favors he might express surprise and attempt to divert blame to someone or something else to save face. Flip flopping on issues is never good whether it be politics or business.

4- The theory of relativity. Now I am not talking about the late, great Albert Einstein. I am talking about leaders who may have a powerful connection to someone with important ties to the company they work for. For instance years ago I worked for a major insurance company that specialized in insurance for senior citizens. The manager in the IT department was a total moron with a degree in business from a college I can’t recall. He openly bragged about his ability to drink and party while ‘earning’ that degree. He made a serious judgement error that cost the company thousands of dollars and consequently he was ‘let go’ for mismanagement. Imagine everyone’s surprise when he returned to work several weeks later with a new office and job title. How was this possible? Well, this manager had married well while partying hardy at his school of choice. His wife’s family had a huge investment in the company and after her intervention he was not only back at work but had a promotion and raise to reward his incompetence. Hence a powerful relative working behind the scenes is priceless and defines this job related theory of relativity.

Anyway that is a list of traits I look for when a new leader is introduced on any level that might impact me or my way of life. Those negative traits have proven to be fairly accurate whether I am examining political appointees or a new boss at work. Again I find having six plus decades of life experience as enlightening. When I was younger I usually didn’t care one way or another who I worked for, I just did my job and collected a pay check. As I have grown older especially since I was laid off in 2009 I find I like the people I work with a heck of a lot more than the people I work for. Alas as an older worker job opportunities are very few as age discrimination is prevalent. Luckily retirement is just a few years away. I look forward to that day with much anticipation since I will then have plenty of time to blog and such.

Thanks for reading my blog. You-all come back now hear!!!

What Privacy???…………………

Seems modern society is going over-board these days with the concept of ‘sharing’. We use social media to share pictures, comments, happenings and just about everything and anything we do or even think about doing. We allow companies like Facebook to record information about where we live, where we work, whether we’re single or married etc.etc.etc. Funny however when we realize the information that we freely give to Facebook is then used by another entity. Then people get upset and demand to know what happened to their privacy. What did users of Facebook think happened to their information? Facebook is as far as I know free to use so how do users think Zuckerberg became so rich? Selling and sharing information has been going on for a long time and certainly predates social media.

I used to work in IT for a book publishing company that made profits not from the books and magazines they published and sold but from selling names and addresses of consumers who purchased those books and magazines. The companies they sold these names and addresses to were then used to send out fliers and advertisements for all sorts of products. This was how the junk mail industry stay supplied with people they could send ads to. Today in our electronic world we still may receive junk mail once in a while but on the whole I believe most of our junk mail is now junk e-mail. Same formula for advertisers just a different format.

Since 9/11 privacy has been hard to come by. Once upon a time Americans valued their privacy and guarded said privacy very closely. After 9/11 the government took advantage of the terror Islam unleashed on America by using that terror to spy and watch its citizens more closely than ever. Airport security increased and rightly so but, then some idiot passed rules making it a crime to target Islamic Muslims as potential terrorists and now everyone is a suspect. Insanity, but insanity does seem to be a commodity that America produces in vast quantities. I guess for the sake of security you can never be sure that a senior citizen with a walker shouldn’t be stripped searched for fear of being a suicide bomber.

Cell phone use exploded and of course the Feds tasked the NSA with the job of listening in on ‘random’ calls just to make sure people were not planning some nefarious acts against America. Not sure if the innocent calls are purged or kept in a data base somewhere for future use when the ‘thought police’ come into being and what you thought was innocent to say in 2009 is now a crime. Color me skeptical but as I have written before I trust the Feds about as much as I trust in Hillary Clinton being an honest politician. Oh well I hope I have given and will continue to give an NSA operative somewhere an amusing moment or two with my phone conversations.

Of course everyone uses a PC, tablet or other device for everything from watching TV to using social media/networking sites. We pay bills on-line, do banking, look for dates, buy stuff and we do so with the expectation that our information stays secret. Yeah good luck with that. Every now and then some company or other seems to have a data breach and that ‘secret’ information is shared with who knows who. Sometimes it might be criminals who get our information sometimes its just an annoying e-mail spammer but dang-it we want our info safe. Ironic since most people share enough of their private lives on-line that you would think they really don’t care who knows what about them. Funny how we want privacy until we all of a sudden don’t want privacy and then we want privacy again. How many times have celebrities made sex videos of their exploits freely with no sense of shame yet, get upset when said video is released to the public. Here is an idea, don’t make a video of something you don’t want to share with the whole world. DUH!!!

Privacy like many good traditions is sadly a relic of an older more laid back time. Cameras are everywhere now-a-days and with every cell phone having cameras and light poles, traffic cams, ATMs, and such it is a wonder anyone gets away with committing a crime. Privacy, I knew and loved you well, sorry to see you go…………


Common Sense in the Age of Non-Sense………………….

Mary Barra is a chief executive with General Motors. Her management philosophy is refreshing to say the least. When called upon to enhance GM’s ten page dress code she replaced the entire ten pages with two words “Dress Appropriately”.

I am a big supporter of K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid). Unfortunately in our modern age it seems like idiots abound who need every simple thing spelled out for them. Common sense is sparingly practiced and too many people are actually walking around without even a small amount of thinking skills. Once upon a time Americans dressed fashionably. Men wore suits and ties, women dressed stylishly and no-one or probably darn few businesses worried about dress codes. Fashion has unfortunately fallen off the deep end today. Of course when you are creating clothes for people who are confused about what gender they are or why they have trouble finding a job when their face is pierced and tattooed, I guess I can’t totally blame the clothes manufacturers.  I work in IT for a Healthcare company and a new dress code was recently published for employees to follow. Along with common sense items like shoes being shined and clothes being clean and not in any way distracting, there were a few guidelines that seemed odd and amusing to me. For instance the guidelines for appropriate underwear use provided a few laughs. Personally my underwear is my personal business and my employer better stay out of my boxer or briefs decision-making. Frankly everyone with any common sense realizes the new dress code was probably thought up by a new upper management type that probably had too much time on their hands. As GM now directs ‘Dress Appropriately” is the rule I follow and works best for me.

Dress codes aside, common sense is also in short supply when employers attempt to enact one size fits all rules for employees. My employer requires everyone to get a flu shot every year even though most years the vaccine they provide is maybe 25-30% effective for the flu that might be infecting society. Doesn’t matter how effective or not the shot is, if you don’t get one you can be terminated. Another bother is taking required training for something I will never use. Recently I completed training on proper Medicare billing procedures. I do not see patients or bill patients but yet someone in management thought everyone could benefit from this training. Sorry but I don’t see any value in learning something I will never use. Ironically the company also talks about ways to eliminate wasteful procedures and using one’s time more efficiently. I never did get a reply to the suggestion about eliminating useless training courses. Common sense would dictate if you don’t need it you shouldn’t have to waste time learning it.

McDonald’s of course was sued when a moron bought a cup of coffee in the drive-thru lane and spilled the coffee causing her to suffer burns. Sorry for your pain but frankly the multi-million dollar law suit in her favor helped provide stupid people with a forum for being stupid. Now there are warnings on coffee cups in the drive-thru to let people know the coffee is hot. DUH!!! Warning labels telling us not to eat this or that, play with plastic bags, or even public service announcements urging us to not race trains at a train crossing. REALLY!!! Come on now, whatever happened to the time-honored tradition of thinning the herd?

I have an idea. Instead of schools teaching useless subjects pertaining to gender fluidity studies, subjects teaching the horrors of myths like white privilege or some of the other non-sense that passes for education now-a-days, maybe we should teach common sense. Don’t eat Tide pods, snort condoms, do drugs or whatever else might be a danger. Stop teaching non-sense and get back to teaching common-sense. Today’s young people are more confused than ever about stuff that was second nature to many of us that grew up in the 1960s or even 1970s. I realize every older generation probably goes thru this with a younger generation. I am sure I probably appeared brain-dead to my parents a time or two while growing up. It’s just that now as an older person I guess I just have the feeling that many of the youth and supposed future of this country don’t seem to know the difference between common sense and having no sense. I guess I am just a typical old geezer.




No Scheme of Man………

“No power of Hell, No Scheme of Man” from the hymn IN CHRIST ALONE

When I attended church Sunday we sang the hymn “In Christ Alone” and for some reason the line above stuck with me throughout the rest of the day. I have often blogged concerning what I observe as problems and challenges currently facing America and especially Christian Americans in today’s secular society. Allow me to elaborate further because I believe I am seeing a very evil plan causing these problems and challenges. As a matter of fact thinking about this idea caused me to read a transcript of Paul Harvey’s radio segment “If I Were the Devil” which was done many decades ago. I have included a link for anyone who may not have heard or read Mr. Harvey’s message. Despite the decades that have passed since its broadcast, it’s message is still very pertinent and timely.

Currently there is continued debate in America concerning gun rights and after several school shootings the media and certain politicians are using children to spread their  propaganda concerning the right to bear arms and why in their view that right should be repealed. They offer concerns regarding the safety of children being a paramount duty of every citizen. Very ironic that a majority of these same people support and advocate abortion on demand. So if I am understanding this correctly, killing unborn children is OK but children already born need protection. Seems to me these folks have some faulty logic going on there. All children need protection. It has been decades since abortion has been declared a legal ‘right’. Do the supporters of this genocide really believe this heinous practice hasn’t led to society marginalizing the worth of human life. Do they really believe that protecting children in school is more important than protecting innocent babies whose only crime is being conceived but possibly never born. Sounds like the devil is in the details and probably many of these misguided people’s minds.

America has always been melting pot for immigrants from other countries who wished to better themselves by becoming Americans. My grand-parents accomplished this and as a result I was blessed to be born as an American citizen. Now we have politicians who have decided that immigration laws don’t need to be enforced. Illegals who cross our borders and break our laws are not only receiving benefits that some real citizens don’t receive, these politicians protect these illegals even after they commit crimes.  This marginalizes the immigrants who want to come to America and follow the rules and laws to do so. Why reward criminals with amnesty when many immigrants who want to become citizens and assimilate into American society are kept waiting? Wait, I think I know. These politicians need more voters because the declining birth rates due to legal abortion are thinning the voting pool. Meanwhile these politicians with a few suggestions from the devil overwhelm American resources all in the hunt for votes.

We have taken God from schools in the name of separation of church and state, we allow people to use any restroom they wish solely because they are allegedly confused about their gender identity and we accuse white people of racism solely based on the color of their skin (ironic to the extreme) . A vocal segment of our population wants history erased by crying to have statues and monuments removed from public view. That historical censorship not only extends to Civil War monuments but also includes anything to do with the founders of our Republic, the 10 Commandments and even recently a statue in the mid-west that celebrates Gandhi and his life as a protester. Seems at some point in life Gandhi called a black person a ‘kaffir’ which is akin to using the N-word. Gandhi has therefore been judged a racist undeserving of a monument. The devil and anarchists everywhere are hard at work destroying the greatest country on Earth. These people marginilize and demean the family, traditions, history and people.

I am thankful I have been on this planet for as long as I have. It has enabled me to see exactly how misguided plans can lead to consequences. I used to think those consequences were unintended but the older I get I am now convinced those consequences were intended and are currently celebrated by those who would see themselves as more enlightened and worthy than the teeming masses they wish to rule. If America falls the last great empire on Earth falls with it. Utopia is not attainable and the world will be truly equal. Equal in the aspect that the very rich will still be in luxury while the regular citizens fight to have even a meager existence.  As I have written before, America is unique. We need to make that uniqueness special again. If you’re a Christian then we are fighting the devil as well as the plans of evil men. If you are not Christian you are still in a battle against evil men who would destroy your way of life to empower and enrich themselves. Either way the fight is on for America’s soul. Pray the right side wins.

I for one as a Christian will not allow the ‘power of hell or the schemes of man’ to tempt me into a false sense of security. Stay vigilant my friends.






Sunday Suppositions…………..

Yesterday I briefly touched on the subject of privilege. All too often I see articles and opinions written about privilege being a bad thing that leads to inequality and division. I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion so I would like to share mine on the subject of privilege and why I feel people are in error for describing privilege as something evil.

I believe we are all individuals created by God. How we use our individual talents and gifts as we grow and mature is really a matter of free choice on our part. That freedom of choice is also a gift from God and we should exercise caution when using that gift. Our society is unfortunately obsessed with labels. Warning labels urging caution against such things as eating detergent pods or not using plastic grocery store bags as toys used to be covered quite nicely by something called ‘common sense’. Somewhere along the way someone decided stupid people needed to be warned about doing certain stupid things and well, the warning label was born. Politics and politicians decided to use labels to govern. Never mind that dividing people according to race, creed and whatever else can lead to hatred and division, our rulers in Washington decided this was their path to power and unfortunately society has embraced and accepted these labels lock, stock and two smoking barrels. Now we have rampant racism because people can be racist and not even know it, gender fluidity is preached and condoned even though there are only two genders, we have bias against people who did not choose to attend college (uneducated), bias against people who believe a country needs strong borders to remain a country (nationalist), bias against people who exercise their right of freedom of speech (hate speech) and well you get the idea. Labels are also ironic in that the people who embrace them are usually fond of telling other people how intolerant they are all the while practicing intolerance themselves by labelling people who disagree with them as deplorable or bitter clingers, or other labels designed to attack and misrepresent the opposition. Sad when a country based on freedom has citizens who willingly and knowingly attack other citizens for using those freedoms. If this is the more enlightened version of America that some believe it is then I for one refuse to accept and condone that version.

Christian privilege has been cited as the cause of homophobia, Islamophbia and probably a few other phobias I haven’t heard of, nor probably want to know about. Yes I believe in God, I accept Jesus as my Savior and I try as hard as I can to live my life according to the Christian values I believe in. Am I perfect? Not by a long shot but I keep trying and although I know perfection is unattainable I at least hope I will be good enough to one day achieve Heaven. So I guess I am very happy and feel privileged to be a Christian. While I may feel guilty from time to time concerning decisions I made in life, being a Christian and choosing to believe in God is a cause of celebration and happiness for me and definitely not something I feel guilty about.

White privilege is also a topic in today’s modern society. I was born white. Not much I can do about that so frankly I refuse to feel guilty or angry about my whiteness. I know I was happy growing up because I had two wonderful parents who helped instill a sense or right and wrong in their son and their guidance has helped me thru many situations in life. It was a privilege being their son. I judge people by their character and I expect the same respect in return. I resist and judge anyone who calls me a racist for my behavior in this regard as being an idiot and the true racist for embracing rhetoric that attacks someone based purely on their skin color.

I have said it before and I guess I will repeat it now, WE NEED TO UNITE, RESIST AND OPPOSE the politics and governing by labels and division. A people united can change government and society into a better version of itself. We need that more than ever in our current segregated and divided society. United we stand and divided we fall. Politicians want us divided so we will fall and call on them to provide them with the power to re-make America in their image and not the image of our founders. Unite to keep what little freedoms we still have and fight to regain the freedoms we have unfortunately already lost or sadly in some cases given away. I am calling out the Senate, Congress, Media, Entertainment Industry and even local politicians for being populated by a majority of greedy, power-hungry rulers rather than representatives for the people who elected them. There is a very small minority in all these groups that still believe in America’s uniqueness as a free country. These are the people we need to help America be unique again. Look for and support the people in these areas who exhibit good character and good values. For every racist/commie like Colin Kapernick there is a Christian/values Tim Tebow. For every racist/socialist President like Obama there is an America loving Donald Trump. Good and evil is a judgement call, the evidence is out there so choose wisely.

Comments welcome and encouraged, my opinions are based on what I have learned, experienced, believe and think. See you soon…………………………….



First off I would like to say, like week old chili made with not so fresh road kill: I’M BACK!! I completed a blogging hiatus and have decided that blogging is an important part of my therapy. So without further explanation away we go:

Richard Osborn-Brooks is a 78-year-old married man who lives in London and cares for his wife who has dementia. Recently 2 criminals broke into this married couple’s home and after a struggle with one of the perpetrators Mr. Brooks used the screw-driver the burglar was armed with to kill the intruder. Now in my eyes a 78 year old who can turn a criminals weapon into a self-defense method deserves a drink and a hardy handshake. London police however arrested the senior citizen for murder. Insane, you betcha……..

David Hogg, media darling and gun confiscation advocate. Who the heck is this little twerp anyway? CNN has made him a ‘personality’ and he has even picked a fight with Laura Ingraham of Fox news. I wasn’t alive during WWII but I seem to recall from studying history that Hitler used children and young adults as propaganda tools to control Germany’s population. Seems like the progressives in America may be using the same playbook……

I have read several articles referring to Christian privilege. Apparently being a Christian offers privileges that non-Christians are denied. Seems fair to me. I am privileged to know Jesus Christ as my Saviour and my Guide in life. Christianity is a group of like-minded individuals that is open to all if they will believe. I don’t therefore see where Christian privilege is anything to be ashamed of……

White privilege is also talked about a lot on-line. I was born white so I don’t know exactly how much of a privilege it may have afforded me throughout life. I always try to judge others on the content of their character and not based on their skin color, religious affiliation or whatever else they might be. Seems like in these ‘so called’ enlightened times that means I am a racist in denial. I don’t believe that so I will continue to live life as I always have. Don’t judge me because of my skin color and I won’t judge you because of yours. Seems fair enough…….

Target is a good place to shop on occasion but they apparently have really idiotic rules for restroom use. A Target store recently had a problem because their gender free policy for restroom use allowed a degenerate to expose himself to a young girl using the same restroom. Now I don’t have all the info necessary about the situation to make a decision on why this degenerate isn’t currently hospitalized for his crime but I must admit I am glad I no longer shop in Target or any other store that supports gender madness in regards to who or whom can use the restroom.

The movie Chappaquiddick is advertised on CNN the Weather Chanel as if the movie offers surprising evidence America had no knowledge of before now. Really? You really mean that most common sense Americans already did not believe a drunken and uncaring Ted Kennedy left an innocent woman to drown to cover his own ass. WOW I was a little kid when this incident happened and I even knew Ted Kennedy was a guilty murderer who because of his family’s wealth and privilege would never serve a day in jail. Come on, I don’t need to know my parents and I were right all along. The Kennedy’s and the Clinton’s are America’s two biggest political crime families.

All the stories above prove beyond a reasonable doubt the world is in trouble. Live life as best as you can and hope for the best.















Growing Old Gracefully & Sometimes Not So Gracefully……………………….


Aging is inevitable especially if you stay above ground longer than you ever expected. When I was younger I didn’t give aging any thought what-so-ever. I guess I always thought ‘if I make it great, if not oh well’. I find myself still above ground at the not so ancient age of 62 and I find myself at a cross-roads in life. One direction leads to aging gracefully, the other direction is aging not so gracefully.  Man I don’t know what to do, so after giving the matter a few minutes of undivided attention and brain power I believe me and the voices in my head will blaze a new trail that will mix aging gracefully and disgracefully together. So buckle up this might be a bumpy ride.

In many cultures aging is revered. Older people are considered a wealth of useful information and are looked upon as spectators who were actual witnesses to history. In America old people are well, just old people. Everything from advertising to entertainment is geared for audiences that trend younger. I lost count of all the TV shows I liked that were cancelled because the 18-50 year old demographic wasn’t watching. Sure as an older person you can get discounts at some restaurants but the senior menus feature less food for the less money you might pay. Not exactly fair in my mind. Don’t even get me started on TV commercials aimed at us old folks. Commercials like ‘Help I’ve Fallen and I can’t get up’ or that evil wench Joan Lunden and her “A Place for Mom” ads. Yo Joan, you’re a celebrity. Can’t Mom bunk in your pool house or something. Way to show your love sweet-cheeks. OY. Anyway here are some tips I follow at least once in a while and also try to have some fun with as I age.

Get Checked Out – Alright I admit I only go to a doctor when I feel sick, a pain that lasts longer than say a week or two or chest pains that don’t clear up in two or three days. Hey, just because I’m over sixty does not mean I am going to become a hypochondriac. Actually I am quite proud of myself for recently being able to cut my blood pressure meds in half all while eating whatever I want. So I guess I ain’t doing too bad. Now don’t tell my wife this but I have found that since I turned sixty, when I go grocery shopping during the day like other older people I have older women at the super-market checking me out from time to time. Hey, I’m happily married but what the heck, it kinda feels good. Getting checked out is getting checked out and doesn’t have to mean only the doctor’s office does it?

Enjoy food and drink – Yeah Man!!! Got this one covered. Food consumption is one of my favorite past-times. Pasta, burgers, bacon, pizza, steak etc.etc. I also eat healthy, the occasional salad or a potato also are known to reside on my plate. Cheese-cake, Boston Cream Pie and Apple pie are favorites. Of course getting older means watching some calories so I am not a big fan of chocolate. Don’t drink soda much either. I even try to have balanced meals when I purchase fast food like maybe McDonald’s. If I indulge in my personal favorite a Big Mac I also get a Fish Filet sandwich to go with it. WHY? Well the fish sandwich is healthy relative to the Big Mac. One healthy sandwich with one unhealthy sandwich cancel each other out so the meal isn’t totally unhealthy. Works for me.

Rest & Meditate – Rest is very important as you age. My wife doesn’t always get why I need naps from time to time but at 54 she is a youngster and she will learn. As far as meditating, well as I may have stated before in my blog, meditation usually leads to napping for me. However, I hate being a failure or a quitter so I will keep trying to meditate without sleeping until I get it right.

How Fun and Try New Things – Blogging, is a new hobby I picked up last August. I like researching for blog topics, I like reading, I enjoy researching history and I also like just doing nothing at all.

Notice Appearance Without Being Critical – Now, when it comes to my appearance I am very forgiving. Gray hair, losing hair, ear hair what have you, I got it and I don’t care. I have dressed myself for many years under the guide of dark pants/light-colored shirt or vice versa, It works so I stick with it. Now I also like/love my wife’s fashion sense so whatever she wears I almost always give 2 thumbs up in approval. When it comes to strangers though, well lets just say my judgmental genes become evident. Baggy jeans with boxers showing, I’m the guy laughing when you fall on your butt. Tons of facial piercings, I’m the guy asking ‘didn’t that hurt’? Can’t help it I guess that is just how this old curmudgeon rolls.

Connect With People – Absolutely, from family, friends and even some old classmates from the 1970s I keep in touch. One thing getting older has helped me appreciate is the friends that I have whether we agree on everything or not if we have stayed friends that makes the friendship more special.

Remembering My Youth – Sure thing. I usually remember times where I can’t believe I lived this long because one night I decided to……well there are a number of answers to that. Otherwise I remember my childhood, the neighborhood I grew up in, and a lot of other personally history that helped make me who I am today. I guess my mind is a fairly good scrapbook that I hope will always remain with me. I also have memories of things I did which might be described by the title of a country song I like “What Was I Thinking” usually quickly followed by the song “It Ain’t My Fault”. I guess what they say is true life can be a country song.

Go To New Places – Well now this one my wife and I need to work on. We haven’t been on vacation since the kids were youngins. But we got plans. Hopefully with one son moving to Denver and friends moving to Florida a vacation idea will come to fruition soon.

Get a Pet – More than covered this idea. We got cats. dogs and a parrot to fill our empty nest after the adult youngins moved out. Our furry and feathered friends ain’t much for doing chores but they sure keep us busy and we love them all.

Speak Up – Well now I spoke on this is an earlier blog. When I reached 60 I decided come heck or high water I would exercise my free speech rights every chance I get. This blog has helped and what I have learned over the years has helped also. Ask my opinion on a subject and I assure you I will answer honestly with no politically correct spin anywhere to be found.

Anyway I guess that wraps up my look into my aging mind-set. Yeah I know, I have been told my mind is a scary place. But that’s OK  because it’s mine and mine alone and the inhabitants know and love me.

Nonsensical thought-provoking thought of the day:  If I save time, when do I get it back?