CNN America’s Funniest News Network…….

President Trump’s election has brought a wealth of entertainment to Americans by way of just how funny the mainstream news media has proven to be on a daily basis. For instance, on Friday December 8th CNN reported on a story that was a blockbuster for the network in proving Trump conspired with the Russians to steal the election from St. Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. CNN was absolutely positive it had proof of President Trump’s guilt. CNN ran with the story and eager to join in on the frame-up MSNBC, ABC and others reported the story as fact. Just one problem, CNN had the reported dates wrong. They reported Donald Trump Jr. received an e-mail with an encryption key so he could access Wikileaks info before Wikileaks published the info themselves. According to CNN Trump Jr. received his pre-release notification and encryption key on September 4th, people in the Trump Jr. camp offered evidence that the e-mail from Wikileaks was actually received on September 14th well after the info was already public knowledge.  CNN and other Democrat party NEWS affiliates were so anxious to get the scoop they forgot to verify their sources as being correct or they simply made the whole story up. If anyone really needs a good example of what a poor loser looks and acts like just listen to CNN and its Main Stream News Media buddies along with the Democrat party leaders who still after a years worth of time just cannot and will not accept last November’s election results. Sad and pathetic.

Terror struck New York city although luckily no one was killed but a few individuals were injured when a pipe bomb set off by a Mohammedan, exploded near a subway passageway during rush hour. Actually the only one injured seriously was the terrorist who prematurely detonated his device. Thank God for stupid terrorists I guess. Once again the usual BS on the news about not condemning all Islamic Muslims who are just confused by their radical beliefs. Islam is not and never has been a religion of peace. Wish some network would be honest and report it like it is.

Back to CNN again shortly after the idiot terrorist struck in New York they ‘broke’ another major news story proving how President Trump just wasn’t a normal human being. What evidence did CNN have this time? Well my fellow Americans it seems President Trump drinks up to 12 Diet Cokes a day!!! Oh the shame of it all. That’s right, they interrupted breaking news on a terrorist attack to focus on the Diet Coke habit our President suffers from. WOW how CNN’s viewership is anywhere near double figures just boggles my mind.

Anderson Cooper one of CNN’s star ‘commentators’ used his program Monday night to slam President Trump for commenting about the news media in America deliberately misleading Americans with fake news stories. Cooper like most CNN staff believes their network is fair and balanced when it comes to reporting on the President and they don’t understand why he doesn’t seem to like them. Well Anderson, if you actually had anything truthful to report the President and his supporters might actually think you are fair and balanced. However since all you can uncover is unverified news reports supposedly leaked by unnamed sources that can’t even get the dates correct…well fella I guess you are nothing more than a Democrat loving, propaganda spewing moron. With absolutely no credibility or an honest bone in your body.

Just a few examples of what passes for news today in America. Americans do have Freedom of the Press to be thankful for and I guess that freedom extends to news networks who enjoy making fools of themselves on a nightly basis. Too bad Anderson Cooper and his colleagues seem to be attempting to put political comedians out of business but hey, competition is a good thing right? Till next time……….


I Didn’t Know That, Christmas Edition…..

Enough poking fun at progressives, socialists, liberals and anyone else who deserves scorn and ridicule, Christmas is quickly approaching so how about some little known Christmas facts.

Christmas Trees:

Did you know that according to legend, Martin Luther is credited with being the first person to decorate a Christmas tree. He apparently enjoyed watching the stars in the night sky thru the branches of a fir-tree and as a treat for his children brought a tree home and decorated it with candles.

Germany is known for many things, for instance Oktoberfest, making David Hasslehoff a super-star, and of course lederhosen. However Germans are also credited with creating the first artificial Christmas trees. Original versions were made with dyed goose feathers to simulate the needles of a pine or fir-tree.

Franklin Pierce the 14th President of these United States is credited with being the first President to have a Christmas tree in the White House. How about that a Democrat celebrating Christmas instead of some made up multicultural holiday like Kwanzaa.

Christmas Decorations:

According to a Polish legend a spider wove a blanket for Baby Jesus and because of that spider webs were a common tree decoration in Poland. Many Polish people consider spiders to be symbols of goodness and prosperity.

Ever wonder why a majority of Christmas ornaments are round? Apparently the original ornaments were apples that symbolized the Garden of Eden.

India is maybe 2% Christian yet Christmas is a national holiday celebrated by just about everyone. One tradition that is observed is lighting lamps along walkways and roofs of homes. How about that a country that actually recognizes people celebrate differently and they embrace that fact not complain about it like atheists in America.

More Christmas Facts:

‘Jingle Bells’ written by James Pierpont was originally titled ‘One Horse Open Sleigh’ and did not become a Christmas hit until well after the song writers death.

In England from 1647-1660 Oliver Cromwell made the celebration of Christmas illegal because he considered December 25th as too holy for any celebration. I guess we know who got coal in their stocking during that time period.

Alabama was the first state in America to declare Christmas an official holiday in 1836. Rumor has it that to celebrate the declaration buggy races were held and were possibly the earliest form of NASCAR racing in the South. (Maybe not but it could be true, right?) The rest of America didn’t declare Christmas a national holiday until 1870.

In Greenland they celebrate Christmas as well as weddings and birthdays with a traditional dish called Kiviak. Apparently preparation is the key to serving delicious Kiviak. The dish consists of stuffing a seal skin with up to 500 auks (tiny black & white ducks) feathers and all. As much air as possible is removed as the stuffing progresses before the skin is sewn closed and sealed with seal fat to help repel flies. The Kiviak is then hidden in a pile of stones with a large rock placed on top to keep air out and mark the spot for future retrieval. Over the course of the next 3 months the auks ferment and apparently you have an ‘appetizing’ Christmas meal. Hmm-mm……. I think I might stick with my traditional Christmas ham this year. I assume Kiviak is an acquired taste.

All research was done thru Wikipedia and

Politically Correct Gift Ideas from a Politically Incorrect Blogger……….

WARNING: While several gift items listed below are actually available for purchase there are several others that are figments of the authors imagination. Therefore none of the gift ideas expressed here are meant to be taken literally. You have been warned!!!!!

Just in time for Christmas, the perfect gift for any liberal/progressive on your list: I present to you, The Hillary Clinton Tree Topper Angel. Some company gave Hillary the Angel treatment with wings and a white pant suit. Selling for around a hundred dollars at fine retailers near you or on-line. Hillary Clinton as an Angel, now that’s funny I don’t care who you are…………

On-sale at Amazon for the progressive reader in your life is ‘Santa’s Husband’ by Daniel Kibblesmith. Sure to become a classic that will replace Night Before Christmas as a traditional Christmas book to read on Christmas Eve. This tome tells the heart-felt story of Santa and his husband Mr. Black Santa Claus. WOW, sounds exciting, I’m sure every family raising gender free children will want a copy of this soon to be classical tale. My take on this is that it actually makes sense. Santa knows he is a target in any black neighborhood because he is a white man. Might as well marry a black guy and have him deliver gifts to the bad sections of town. Even Santa is using diversity in his workplace. Google must be proud.

I read about a defense contractor who has begun marketing land mines disguised as prayer rugs in Afghanistan. Apparently business is great with the Taliban, according to the company’s latest projections Prophets are thru the roof. OK maybe this one isn’t quite available on the rug market yet………….

Having a tough time searching for that perfect gift for the enviro-nazi on your list? Well look no further, purchase WE RISE by Xiuhtezcatl Martinez. Apparently this young man is a climate activist, hip-hop artist (those particular words are funny when written together) and founder of Earth Guardians, whatever in the heck that is. Anyway, your purchase of this book will help Mr. X make money from the hoax of Climate Change and help him someday reach the same financial level as the most famous Climate Change con-man alive Mr. Al Gore. That is right ladies and gentlemen only you can help an unknown climate activist/hip-hop artist become rich and famous. Besides that, this kid is suing the U.S. government for destroying the planet so he probably needs money for lawyers. Buy now………Hey X, I am only having a little fun with you, please don’t take me seriously after all I sure as heck don’t take you seriously.

For those Democrats that still feel the Bern and I ain’t talking hemorrhoids, there is the Forever Sanders The Revolution Continues bumper sticker. Yes, everybody’s favorite socialist is back and he is still looking to cash in on his socialist message by using capitalism to enrich his bank  account. What an ironic and devious plan Bernie is using to preach the horrors of capitalism, selling socialist merchandise on the internet. The sheer genius of Bernie’s mind is almost too much for me to handle.

Maybe you have a want-to-be social justice warrior on your list but they are really not sure if they want to leave your basement and actually fight for what they think is right. Maybe they are afraid of hearing a conservative speak, or maybe they might accidentally see a Nativity Scene this time of year and their atheist brain will melt down. Well for these hard to buy for creatures you might want to consider a shirt from Morty’s Politically Correct T_Shirt Shop. For a racial SJW may I suggest a Black Olives Matter shirt  or  for that Islam supporter in your life a Death to Juice shirt, whatever the resistmas person on your list is crying about now, Morty’s is sure to have the perfect shirt. If you act now, Morty has a pre-Christmas sale, for every 2 shirts you buy a 3rd shirt will only cost you double. Socialism at its best for the holiday season from Morty.

OK  having a little fun with gift ideas and the last one might be tough to find on-line. Sorry if it seems like I pick on liberals and progressives but they are just so funny I can’t resist. I actually do love their Utopian ideas for our world. The problem is those ideas are unrealistic in the real world and can never come true. Anyway just like the voices in my head liberals do have some interesting ideas from time to time.

All suggestions written here were an attempt poor or otherwise to add some humor to your day. I provide the sarcasm you judge the comedy content. See I believe in a free society.

I want to thank you for this time together, to hopefully share a laugh or two, and if you were offended, well that’s just too bad for you……………………………………

Thoughts and Comments and Observations……………..


California has long been thought of as the ‘land of fruits and nuts’. As time goes on it’s readily apparent just how true that description is. Recently at a political rally, Nancy Pelosi had this to say ” I want every single California Republican to understand this. Your ideology doesn’t come first. Your party doesn’t come first. The PEOPLE come first. If you fail to recognize that, you don’t belong here”. Now we all know Nancy is a liberal/progressive harpy who never met a tax she didn’t like. However when the state you represent is facing a huge loss in tax payers because of increased taxation and your policies that treat illegals better than its own citizens, well baby you are just too stupid to describe. Many Republicans are leaving California as well as Democrats who find their lost common sense. If I were President Trump for a day, I would not only accept California seceding from the U.S.A. I would expel the state and cut all federal spending off immediately. You want a progressive utopia out west, have at it. My theory is they would be bankrupt in less than a year and begging to come back to the U.S.A.

Jerusalem has been officially recognized by the U.S. as the capital of Israel. Congratulations to President Trump for keeping a campaign promise and also doing something that was promised by several other Presidents who apparently didn’t have the backbone needed to follow thru. Yeah I know, progressive idiots will complain the so-called Peace Process has been jeopardized and the goat herders in Palestine will protest and burn American flags, SO WHAT. There is and never was any chance for peace in the Israel/Palestine area anyway. Decades have been wasted attempting to bring peace to the region when all evidence points to Palestinian leadership and their allies in Iran not wanting or planning on ever agreeing to a peaceful resolution with Israel. Kudos to President Trump and as far as Palestinian leader Abbas, keep your barbarians in check fella. We know you and your people hate us so frankly we couldn’t care what you or your people think about this decision.

I love it when traitors prove they are traitors. Outgoing Arizona Republican Senator Jeff ‘the liberal’ Flake recently donated money to Doug Jones a Dumbocrat (spelling intentional) who is running for election in Alabama. Thanks Jeff for proving what a lowlife you really are. Glad you’re retiring and will be out of the Senate.  Please take that useless John McCain with you. Good Bye and thanks for nothing.

Hi my name is Joe and I……used to be an NFL fan. Luckily I did not need a meeting of any kind to break my NFL habit. Sports talk radio especially the progressive liberals at ESPN made the break easy. Also the internet sports columnists who wrote article after article supporting Kapernick and the protesting players helped greatly with my decision to break the habit. After the first few weeks of the season I found I had no urges to check scores or results and actually enjoyed reading about the game’s ratings decline and low attendance figures. Probably because that meant I wasn’t alone in breaking the NFL habit. Even watching as Commissioner Goodell and the NFL team owners allowed themselves to be extorted to the tune of almost 90 million dollars for racist charities that pretend to be socially beneficial put a smile on my grizzled old face. Now a further implosion from the NFL is making me laugh as the owners just gave Roger Goodell a new contract paying him 40 million dollars a year. Great job guys rewarding failure makes for interesting reading.

I know there is plenty of evidence to support indicting, prosecuting and punishing several political representatives that broke the law during the previous President’s reign. I also know that most politicians are unfortunately above the law and will never serve time for their crimes. That doesn’t stop me from fantasizing about being a judge and what punishment I would hand out to traitorous and treacherous politicians. So here is a list of Should Be Felons and the punishments I believe best fit their crimes:

Ex-President Barry Soetoro (Yeah I know he has a Mooselim name now), for inciting race riots in several American cities with your racist and divisive rhetoric as well as support for criminals such as Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin I hereby sentence you to 15 years to 30 years in a prison nudist colony. Sentence to be served with your wife Michelle. Enjoy being reminded everyday that your wife is a ‘bigger man’ than you will ever be. By the way, Michelle gets a sentence because of the school lunch fiasco she created. Poor kids across the country had to eat what Mooch thought was healthy. Cruel and inhumane if you ask me.

Hillary Clinton, I find you guilty of treason for improperly securing top-secret information sent to you by e-mail, I also find you guilty of bribery since your ‘charitable foundation’ received large amounts of money that never found its way to any charity, I also find you guilty of depraved indifference when 4 Americans lost their lives in Benghazi. Your sentence is life in a prison cell equipped with IMAX TV monitors that play a continuous recording of your husband Bill stating how he never had sexual relations with Miss Lewinsky. Sentence to commence immediately.

Too many to list so I have to hand down a group GUILTY verdict to every mayor of any sanctuary city and every governor of sanctury states. You are guilty of aiding and abetting know felons otherwise known as illegal immigrants and you are here by sentenced to be deported back to Mexico or whatever country you choose where these lawbreakers came from. Your citizenship is permanently revoked. If you decide to return to the U.S. illegally you will be jailed for life as punishment for all the misery your support of illegal criminals has caused to citizens you were sworn to protect.

I guess that’s it for today. As always the opinions expressed in my blog are mine and mine alone and formed from what I research, experience and think. You all come back now hear…….




Federal Government Conspiracy………..

I view quite a few internet sites looking for blogging fodder and almost daily I am struck by the vast amount of money my federal government wastes on totally useless investigations and hearings. For instance, the current Mueller investigation into President Trump and his alleged collusion with Russia to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. After a year of investigations and hearings and testimony nothing has been found. Has it crossed any of the minds of these investigators that nothing has been found because there simply is nothing to be found? Apparently not as the investigation has burned thru approximately 7 million dollars and is still wasting time and resources.

Not to be out done Trey Gowdy has spent time and money investigating the Benghazi embassy attack that tragically left 4 Americans dead. The investigation found that our previous President and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton (where have I heard that name before) lied about the reasons for the attack and withheld rescue support that could have saved the lives of those 4 Americans. Good to know but since no one was indicted or jailed for what I would call depraved indifference that lead to the murder of 4 individuals, was the 7 million dollars spent on the investigation worth it? American citizens with even an ounce of common sense knew our previous commander-in-chief and his state department reps lied about the entire incident. Why has no one been made to pay for the needless and preventable loss of American lives?

Another wasteful investigation that makes me angry is the Hillary Clinton (that name again) E-Mail scandal. Everyone knows what she did was traitorous and grounds for dismissal or a prison sentence, yet millions of dollars were spent and the whole affair was settled with a shrug of the shoulders and a lame excuse about Hillary not actually being aware she was doing anything wrong, so move along people nothing to see here. Of course at the time the Democrats were in charge of our government and had anointed Hillary as the next President. Funny how all the cheating and cover-ups didn’t fool enough people into electing one of the most corrupt and evil people to ever be in politics. Hillary is now blaming everyone for her loss accept the person she sees everyday in the mirror. Of course that is if she has any mirrors in her home, her reflection has been know to break a few mirrors.

After thinking about the Feds and the huge monopoly the Democrats & Republicans have on our political process I think I know what is wrong with all this political theater.  Besides being wasteful in terms of time and money it distracts the public from other matters such as the slush fund that was used to settle sex harassment claims that only became public knowledge recently. How about the wars we are actively waging in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Egypt. None of those wars was ever a ‘declared’ war yet we either have troops on the ground or supply weapons and advice to parties like Saudia Arabia and other alleged allies who want these countries under their control. Not only are we wasting money in these wars we are wasting American lives. These countries are never going to embrace democracy so what end game could possibly make the loss of life a worthy sacrifice? There are probably too many illegal and useless activities that the federal government engages in on a daily basis that common citizens have no knowledge of nor will they ever. Come on people, do you really thing the Freedom of Information Act is being lawfully applied? Conspiracy theorists are sounding like investigative reporters nowadays.

We need a strong 3rd party that will compete and fight the federal establishment. President Trump’s election has proven beyond any shadow of doubt that both the Democrats and the Republicans are allies concerned only with their own agendas, power plays and see the voters as a way to feed their greed with tax money. Wake up America, it is well past time to take back your country, not only for yourself but for your children and grand-children. Lets make America great again. Hey that’s a catchy slogan hope somebody uses it wisely someday.

Comments welcome and civil discussion encouraged. Oh, and before anybody might comment that we had a 3rd party candidate in the last Presidential election, let me point out that those so called independents were dumber than a rock.

The Holidays, to Stress or not to Stress………..

Ah the HOLIDAYS, from Thanksgiving thru Christmas and New Years everything is festive and cheerful and bright. Oy the Holidays, from Thanksgiving thru Christmas and New Years everything is stressful and aching and tense. I guess what I am trying to say is the major holidays can be a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde experience.  All the family time and celebration is wonderful but the preparation for those joyous moments can be less than joyous.

Anyway, to help relieve the stress of the holiday season my wife and I watch quite a few Hallmark movies to relax and help with stress. Hallmark has found a nice niche with their family oriented entertainment especially during the holidays and it is actually refreshing  to watch movies made for the whole family.  Movies that are free of any controversies or societal insanity as shown by the major networks.

My wife and I are empty nesters who do our own chores around our home. We perform the basics, cleaning, cooking and laundry oh my. Many of those chores used to be our children’s responsibilities when they were younger and lived with us. Boy I miss those days, I took for granted how much we depended on those chill-gins until faced with a daily honey-do list. Our kids our great and living good lives on their own so I can’t complain. As a ‘young’ man in my early 60s a little exercise while dangerous can also be helpful. (A little sarcasm there). For big projects having a cold lager helps me complete tasks I wouldn’t dream of doing otherwise. It also helps having two sons who will help as time allows and a few friends who know how to actually fix things correctly. Along with the cold lager it becomes a working party of sorts and that ain’t half bad.

My wife is also a big help although her habit of attempting to accomplish many things at the same time and her easily diverted attention span can require patience on my part. She has a great eye for detail which is very helpful in most situations but sometimes it can also be a ‘problem’. Luckily she puts up with my idiosyncrasies (Lager while I work) and I in-turn jump from one task to another with as little growling as I can. It does seem as we age we are actually working as a team better than ever. I guess 18 years of wedded bliss will do that to people. She recently decorated our porch and also added some seasonal colors to our landscaping. She has a good decorating sense while my idea of decorating is a wreath and well I do usually do have cold lager in the fridge.

I have seen a blog or two or three written about stress and the holidays. I guess today I wanted to share my tips for dealing with holiday stress. As my wife and I age (she is younger than me by 8 years) we have found pacing ourselves works wonders. It does take practice and patience since we still believe we have the stamina of our younger selves. A few aches and pains have become the warning sign that stopping whatever seemed important in preparation for the holidays can actually be a good idea. No use trying to enjoy a holiday if you’re in pain. Advil works wonders for her and Yingling is my pain reliever of choice. Teamwork helps, completing tasks together can be fun and yield favorable results. Individually we might meditate, pray or just find a distraction like texting to provide a break from our work. That is my two cents for how to successfully cope with the stress of the season. If anyone has other ideas feel free to share.



Wisdom or Wisdumb………

isdom = Good                Wisdumb = Bad

Hurricane season was quite active this year with areas of the United States and islands in the Caribbean suffering devastation. Puerto Rico was hit particularly hard  and as a result has asked American taxpayers for 94 Billion dollars to recover from Hurricane Maria. I am sure the island’s citizens need as much help as we can provide. However it is also disturbing that the island’s Gov. Ricardo Rossello has recently paid 100 million dollars in Christmas bonus money to government employees. Now I don’t know much about this Gov. or what political party he belongs to and I guess I don’t care. I do find it a bit troubling that while his island’s population suffers from lack of recovery funds he uses money his government apparently does have to reward bureaucrats. Typical government thinking I guess, reward your  employees and yourself first. Gov. Rossello, I give you a rating of WISDUMB.

President Trump’s ban on immigration from Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Somalia and Yemen was upheld by the United States Supreme Court. Only 2 judges voted against the ban, the drunken Ginsberg and Sotomayer who never met a leftist policy she didn’t like. I guess for the first time ever a hardy WISDOM to our Supreme Court. About time you slackers got something right.

The White House has actually brought back a traditional Christmas item by having a Nativity Scene once again. Kudos to the Trump family for repealing our previous President’s ban on the reason for the season. Also nice seeing Merry Christmas instead of the generic Happy Holidays. WISDOM overflow for Mr. & Mrs. Trump.

Sad news from France but not really surprising. The city of Lyon has announced it is cancelling it’s world-famous Christmas market because it cannot afford the price of extra security. I have an idea, stop allowing Islamic barbarians into the country and more specifically your city. The savings in not paying benefits to these evil minions of Mohammed will more than offset security costs and enable you to have a great Christmas market experience for tourists and citizens. Sorry your self-destructive decisions garner a WISDUMB from this writer.

Speaking of immigration, the U.S. announced it was removing itself from the U.N. program for refugees and migrants. The program allowed almost totally unvetted  immigration and went against existing immigration laws. Thanks to Nikki Haley and I assume our President for putting America first especially when it pertains to any policies the corrupt U.N. seeks to impose. WISDOM. This wasn’t an easy one for me because Haley was not a Trump supporter. WISDOM to the President for seeing something good in someone I originally thought of as a political traitor.

At first I could not believe my eyes when the headline read: London Mayor Sadiq Khan is taking a tough stance against a dangerous threat. What do my wondering eyes see here? Is this Islamic practitioner actually going to do something necessary to stop terrorism in London? Oh my!! Well I read further and what this idiot is actually banning is not terrorism or its practitioners its Fish and Chips. WHAT??? Yep, the ex-camel herder  Mayor of London wants to save people, especially children from Fish & Chips. Whats next Mayor Khan, maybe banning bacon which I believe is already more difficult to get into England than a known Islamic terrorist? Londoners, what were you thinking when you elected a Mohammedan Mayor while in the midst of a war with Islam? So I guess to Khan the “Magnificent” a WISDUMB and to his obviously brain-dead supporters, WISDUMB. Never underestimate stupid people in large groups I guess……

When I do my research for the WISDOM & WISDUMB editions of my blog I am always struck by how WISDUMB evidence almost always is more readily available than WISDOM evidence. Hopefully someday soon that will change.

As always comments are welcome and civil discussion is encouraged. I will part with a closing from an Irish comedian I always liked, the late Dave Allen “Good night and may your God go with you”…………..






Keeping the Faith…….

Since last Thursday’s news announcing a ‘not guilty’ verdict for the murderer of Katie Steinle I have been keeping her family in my daily prayers. The California justice system has failed to deliver justice in Katie’s case and I am angered and frustrated. Katie’s killer Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, was found not guilty of murder or manslaughter and will only serve 3 years of prison time for taking a young woman’s life in cold blood. After he serves his sentence he will be deported back to Mexico for what I believe will be the 6th time.  California is a self-named Sanctuary State and as such breaks Federal law by protecting illegal immigrants from being deported and also provides legal  help for these criminals when they are accused of crimes. This habitual criminal has been deported 5 times and each time he has chosen to re-enter our country illegally and this time sadly with California’s help he has literally gotten away with murder.  California politicians are probably patting themselves on the back for a job well done while Katie’s family suffers from the sadness of losing her forever. This situation is outrageous and all federal funding to California should be stopped immediately.

Keeping one’s Faith is difficult enough at times in today’s society. Our politicians have long ago forgotten how to govern by using common sense and expecting those same politicians to act morally is also a lost cause. I know God has a plan and I am sure He will judge Mr. Zarate for his crimes eventually, but I do feel badly for the Steinle family. I also feel badly for our country because it seems the politician’s in California are making decisions that are directly affecting the security and safety of their state’s citizens. Why there will be no penalty for their short-sighted governing policies is beyond me. God will eventually deal with everyone on an individual basis so I guess frustrating as it may be I need to leave it in His hands.

I used to think who we chose as President, Senator or even Mayor for that matter whether I supported the choice or not, my life was not going to be affected too much because I lived in America. As a young adult politics was a boring and uninteresting subject whether it be in a discussion or in the voting booth. My attention span for subjects of a political nature was somewhat shorter than a wet fart as one of my high school teachers used to say. As I matured I found the decisions these representatives made whether it be local, state or federal did affect me. Higher taxes affected my ability to live my life in a way I might desire. Laws that were passed were not always laws that protected citizens but were revenue streams for certain county departments. For instance, my wife recently received a ticket for a traffic violation, the fine was $25 but with administrative costs, a fee for EMT services even though none were required the total cost was over $75. Sure makes it evident that ticket quotas are a real police and government policy to enhance revenue. State employee unions feed millions of union dues into political party coffers usually Democratic and receive pension and bonus benefits that are well above the majority of tax paying citizens retirement plans. Federal taxes are used for items most Americans wouldn’t fund or pay for if they had a choice in the matter. Abortion, illegal immigrant support, huge salaries for elected officials etc.etc.etc. The more I looked at how America was actually run the more frustrated I became.

Keeping my Faith in God and His plan is not always easy but is a piece of cake compared to keeping the faith in my country’s political representatives. While my Faith in the Lord is strong, my faith in the majority of political representatives in Washington D.C is sorely lacking. Voting for a political outsider like Donald Trump has shown just how corrupt our leaders in Washington are as they attempt to stop any campaign promises the President was elected to accomplish. No government for the people or by the people in D.C. More like a bunch of rulers who  tell everyone else how to live while they have separate rules and live off our hard-earned money. Same for Harrisburg and other state capitals where decisions are made that keep them in office and in California’s case killed a young woman. In Pennsylvania our current governor never met a high tax he didn’t like. He also has aligned himself with state politicians in California which actually worries me a great deal. Sanctuary state madness coming to Pennsylvania Mr. Wolf?  Faith is important for living a good life. Faith in God helps us thru trying times and life’s challenges. Faith in government to provide its citizens with everything they need is a sure-fire way to allow tyranny to rule your life and take away your freedoms. Faith in God is lasting while faith in government is fleeting because it depends on man to do what is right for the benefit of all. At this time in our history I have more Faith in God than in man.

Improper Behavior is a Choice……………

I try my best to avoid the Main Stream News media like CNN, FOX and MSNBC etc.etc.etc.  But even the internet is filled with headlines and stories that I am just tired of seeing. Day after day, story after story seems to point out perverts in politics and Hollywood, hatred for President Trump and his supporters mixed in with pictures of some celebrity’s baby bump or risqué style of dress. Even on my phone useless articles appear, I am a devoted baseball fan who likes to keep up with off-season news and while scanning some MLB info a story appears with the headline ‘Iverson’s Wife Drops Bombshell in Divorce Hearing”!!! Who cares, he is a retired NBA player and since I don’t follow the NBA or care about someone’s divorce proceedings why is this story polluting my baseball news?  It also seems that sports journalists today are frustrated liberal commentators that would probably be happier if they were on CNN or some other propaganda network. For instance I remember Peter King when he wrote football news for Sports Illustrated, his column was filled with humor and information until our previous President ran for election in 2008. All of a sudden Mr. King wouldn’t mention my favorite NFL team’s name because he believed it was offensive, Sarah Palin jokes also polluted his column and then commentary about gun control. Nice you have opinion sir but I just wanted NFL news not social commentary. Haven’t read his column in years and well, I don’t miss it one bit.

Sexual harassment stories are an everyday occurrence. Politicians, entertainers and athletes are  being accused of all manner of perverted behavior. Some of the reports concern incidents that occurred several decades ago but finally they seem important. One constant in all the accusations with entertainers is the professionally prepared apologies. Usually written in all likely hood by a lawyer or publicist because these entertainers do a poor job of acting sincere when they read these form letter apologies. One actor Kevin Spacey now says he will seek treatment if necessary. Wait…What? Oh I get it your boorish and disgusting behavior isn’t really your fault you have some affliction that prevented you from being a decent human being. Well glad we cleared that up…. Come on, people are supposed to buy this excuse. LAME!!!

Political figures accused of bad behavior are even worse although someone here is also making money writing those form letter apologies. Al Franken for instance doesn’t recall all the instances in which he may have acted improperly but he is sorry anyway. Sounds reasonable I guess since he is a politician which is the same as a professional liar. Just my opinion. Bill Clinton accusations have been around for decades but while Hillary and Bill were popular Democrat icons those accusations were just slander from the vast right-wing majority according to Hillary. Professional lying by two of the most corrupt and hated people in politics. As a matter of fact I believe the accusations have resurfaced to ensure the Democrat party can divorce themselves once and for all from the Clinton crime family. Just a guess.

No amount of apologies should excuse boorish or improper behavior. Problem is people are fickle and what one person believes is sexual harassment may not be the same for other people. For instance, feminism has freed women to seemly do no wrong and has taught women that men are just pigs. OK, that might be accurate in some instances. But I believe personal responsibility rests with the individual. Say a young woman decides to dress in a provocative manner, she meets an entertainer at a club and receives an invitation to accompany said entertainer to his hotel room at 3:30 AM. Whats going thru each of their minds? I know, being a pervert the man is focused on having sex with this woman while she is flattered at the invitation and believes he is sincerely interested in discussing her favorite holiday recipes for the rest of the night. Come on people get a grip and choose wisely. Some people whether they be male or female can act improperly but it is a personal decision and yes it sometimes takes place because a victim may choose unwisely in placing themselves in a bad situation. Not always but I bet it happens quite often. Any behavior whether it be good or bad is a personal choice and may involve the circumstances or environment people choose to place themselves in. For instance Cokie Roberts a political reporter remarked how women reporters knew it was not a good idea to accompany politician John Conyers on an elevator ride. His bad behavior was known yet  many women chose not to tell others so the behavior continued for years. What happened to ‘see something say something’? All I am saying is we are responsible for our own choices and behaviors. Avoiding situations where something improper may happen is part of being a responsible adult. Basically the best way avoid temptation is to avoid temptation. Be aware of how much you drink. Be aware of your surroundings. Treat everyone with respect and many behavioral problems can be avoided. If someone doesn’t return the respect you give them in return then make sure someone knows about the behavior when it occurs not years later. Anyhow just my humble opinion.

Instead of following the progressive code that labels everyone with some sort of negative label like racism, sexism, etc.etc.etc just treat everyone like you yourself would like to be treated, if they are not receptive to respectable behavior just find someone who is. Personal choice in one’s behavior is key in any situation. Choose wisely my friends.


Keep It Simple, PLEASE……….

After more than six decades of being on the right side of the ground I have finally found the secret to living life. Keep things as simple as possible and don’t ever deviate from that plan. Stress and problems will still present challenges but, by and large these issues can be handled satisfactorily by well…keeping your solutions simple. Now this is my own personal plan designed to aid me in living my life but I think keeping things simple could probably work for a myriad of people in today’s society. One such group that I feel would benefit greatly from keeping things simple is our Federal Government.

I am independent by nature and choose to be independent politically. I have voted for only one Democrat in my life. The first time I entered a voting booth as a legal voter I voted for Jimmy Carter. It did not take the full four years of his term for me to see what a mistake I had made and to rectify that error I have never voted for a Democrat candidate again. Ironically over the years I noticed when I chose to pay attention to politics, that no matter what party was the majority in Washington D.C. most of the problems the Feds professed to be working on never seemed to get resolved. Strange since Federal bureaucracies grow faster than any other sector in America. The Feds kept expanding their reach with various departments tasked with resolving or addressing the voting public’s concerns and yet nothing seemed to change for the better. Since voters freely elected people they felt would be great representatives and leaders as far as problem resolution it seemed like no one from either party actually accomplished anything they promised. Yet these ineffective and seemly inept politicians kept getting re-elected. Talk about insanity…..

What I am going to attempt to do is offer a few ways for the federal behemoth to actually resolve issues and make things better for America’s citizens. Now first off, I do actually mean American citizens since I believe a major cause for many of America’s debt issues is directly related to illegal immigration.  So my first suggestion for our Federal reps is ENFORCE IMMIGRATION LAWS that are currently on the books. If you want a country a country needs borders and rules and laws pertaining to anyone who wants to make a life in that country. I don’t care if you have been in America for years, if you are here illegally you broke the law and need to be deported. I don’t care if you started a family here or dreamed of being a citizen or whatever, you are a criminal so out you go. The financial savings will help our deficit or maybe even pay for the border wall. Keeping immigration simple will save lives, save money and  will ensure people who come here legally will have a great chance to embrace America and assimilate into American society.

Our society still suffers from divisions concerning race and now gender. Slavery was an abhorrent practice but has been regulated to the past in America. As such, promoting reverse racism in the form of affirmative action and racial quotas will never make up for the horrors of slavery.  An acknowledged détente between the races to ensure no one  despite the color of their skin will have an unfair advantage as far as job placement or anything for that matter whether they be black, white or whatever would be a perfect place to start. No racism PERIOD reverse or otherwise. Racism whether practiced by whites or blacks is WRONG. I heard a wise man by the name of Tom Mar years ago say “two wrongs do not make a civil right”. I agree, even Martin Luther King longed for a time when “men were not judged by the color of their skin”. Excellent points by both men and we were well on our way despite government intervention to having King’s vision realized. Unfortunately our previous President governed the country with his racist rhetoric and beliefs and set us back. We need to unite and get back to real and effectual equal treatment.

Now as for the question pertaining to gender equality. Why is there even any discussion at all? God or nature has seen fit to have endowed us with two genders. Your either male or female. That’s it, end of discussion. If in the rare instance a child has organs associated with both sexes then that is a correctable birth defect. We don’t control what gender we would like to be. It just isn’t normal. Mental health professionals need to step up and say enough is enough, if you are confused about what sex you are, seek professional help to resolve your condition. There are no equality laws that need to be enacted to help you with your mental instability. Please note I did not include gays in this diatribe I only refer to people I believe are mentally ill. I will note however that gays should also take a stand for themselves and separate themselves from all the gender confused, transgender or whatever some mentally ill people are referring to themselves as today. Gays should stand on their own and not hinder their equality fight by aligning themselves with crazy people.

Taxes are another confusing and needlessly complicated issue. Whether it be federal or local taxes make tax rates a flat rate. No exemptions, no shelters just a set amount each and every citizen pays to their governments.  This would avoid support for a corrupt agency such as the IRS and save many more billions of dollars by eliminating a useless and corrupt bureaucracy. Simple is better for the tax code. Oh yeah almost forgot, one tax exemption I would support is for retired folks on Social Security. If you work all your life then you deserve to keep whatever you have in retirement free from taxation of any kind.

Another area where simple solutions will work is the area of education. Local and federal funding for education is always growing and yet our children suffer from poor educational performance on the part of teachers and facilitators. Yet, all we hear from politicians and teacher’s unions is we need to send them more money to solve the problem. I say nope, stop the insanity. If you cannot educate children with the huge amounts of funding you are already receiving then there is an issue either with allocation of those funds or ineffective employees who need to be replaced. No new funding until results are at desirable levels. Go back to basics and stop with all the useless common core or race related educational programs and actually teach useful subjects again. Hold teachers and students accountable. College is not for everyone contrary to what our ruling elite would like you to believe. If a student is having issues academically maybe a trade school or apprenticeship program could help them be useful members of society. Accountability, work ethic and employing only teachers who are effective will resolve our educational problems. Again accountability is a simple solution for effective results.

Well I guess I vented a few suggestions for our political rulers to help them actually solve problems. Unfortunately in a majority of instances government is the problem and not the solution. We actually have a large segment of American voters who are now convinced government-run healthcare will be effective. Ho-boy, I can’t even contemplate how idiotic that thinking is. Well maybe I can and will in a future blog. Anyway I made a few suggestions for simple solutions if someone else has thoughts of a similar mindset feel free to comment.