Dealing With Loss Today…….

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Ever since I started this blog a little less than a year ago my co-writer, editor and companion Zeus was always near. Hell, truth be told whenever I was home Zeus was near. Taking college courses on-line, Zeus helped me write a paper or two. Sitting in a recliner watching TV or reading, Zeus was there. For 17 years he was alpha cat of the house. No matter how many cats we had at any given time Zeus ruled with fairness and usually just a look from his eyes told the other male cats, ‘I’m in charge and don’t forget it”. My faithful companion passed this week. The picture above I took only 4 months ago. When he passed he was a thin shell of himself.  I ain’t much for sentimentality but truth be told I always had a soft spot for animals. As a matter of fact I get along better with my animals than I do with some people. Saying good-bye ain’t easy, but sometimes it is necessary.

Good-bye old friend, I will miss ya as will the entire family.





Observations, Skeptical and Otherwise……..

A flamingo in flight over a Miami beach, May 2018.

I wonder if this escape was broadcast with a PINK alert. Seems the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita had a flamingo escape in 2005.  The fowl was found missing during a bed check when a plastic flamingo was found in its cell at the zoo. (OK I might have made that up). Unfortunately the impostor wasn’t discovered until morning. Anyway, Kansas has apparently been looking for this flamingo for over 13 years. Reports of sightings of this escaped con have been reported in Texas, Louisiana and Wisconsin. No name given to the flamingo on the lam but his prisoner # is 492. If seen please call authorities immediately. No word on whether the flamingo is armed or dangerous.

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A pitching coach for the Detroit Tigers was recently fired from his job because he ‘allegedly’ called some-one a spider monkey and the description hurt someone’s feelings. Several stories have been released all of which name, un-named sources so getting the truth will be near impossible. I guess in today’s politically correct culture no telling when someone might be offended or what they even might be offended about. Crazy that you might get fired saying something to someone in a private conversation that is overheard by someone else who you’re not even talking too. I guess that is the price you pay when you live in a society filled with cry babies.

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A bad couple of weeks for Netflix. First the streaming company signed the Obama’s to produce content and the companies shares went down a bit as some subscribers cancelled. Now Netflix has been accused of showing content that has a child porn scene included. The film is question is from Argentina and is titled ‘Desire’. Poor Netflix, first you waste money on the worst President in history and to compensate they turn to showing porn.

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The Canucks up north are no strangers to strange news and strange people. Seems a recent 911 call to report a case of child abuse turned into a bizarre situation. When police arrived at the Nova Scotia home where the call originated from, they found the caller was a 12-year-old who had been abused. The abuse in this case was the child was forced to eat a salad with his dinner and he hated salad.  The Mounties got their man (boy in this case). Not sure if any charges are pending.

Remember: God is great, beer is good and people are crazy……………………………..

Irritating Beyond Belief………….

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I have been trying really, really hard to ignore the news and write a blog with less complaining and more humor. Sometimes however observing our world and cultural just isn’t easy. Some things brought to my observation really get me angry and I have to express my opinion or explode.

Irritating idiots number 1. Simon G & Mr. Cool, have you heard about them? No, well let me inform you concerning who these two asshats are. They are You Tube ‘stars’. Their latest ‘hit’ on You Tube is called the Baby Dance. They dance and sing about sexually molesting babies. Yeah that is correct and not a misprint or misinterpretation. When complaints were sent to You Tube about this disgusting video and it’s content You Tube refused to take the content down. Apparently You Tube’s standards for decency are non-existent. I am not surprised since You Tube also offers videos on how to eat Tide Pods and snort condoms. A Supreme Court Justice once said “I know what pornography looks like when I see it”. Well sir, I know disgusting content when I see it and brother this is disgusting. Even IF this is supposed to be a parody it is tasteless and disgusting.  I am all for free speech but come on now!!! Some boundaries just shouldn’t be crossed especially if the goal is to get enough publicity to become famous. Frankly, if I ever had the displeasure of meeting these two idiots on the street, they would be performing future videos singing thru wired jaws. For legal purposes I meant this threat as satire, not to be taken literally but referring to my object hatred and disgust for any asshats I might meet.

Irritating idiot number 2 comes from my birth city of Philadelphia. Democratic Representative Brian Sims is a typical Liberal/Progressive meathead. He hates Republicans, the President and frankly anyone who disagrees with his idiotic beliefs and ideas. So much so that instead of using civil discourse and debating his point of view with facts and figures he chose to pose for a photo session flipping the middle finger to our President and Vice President. Way to go moron. Like a typical Democrat he can’t back up his viewpoints with evidence because there is none to be had. Like most Liberals he resorts to name calling, ‘finger-pointing’ and anger. Anybody who votes for this douche should commit themselves into an insane asylum.

OK, for my own sanity and in order to control my blood pressure I believe I will stop ranting now. There are certainly more irritating people doing irritating things but I feel a little better now that I have ranted. It ain’t easy staying calm when civility and decorum seem to have left town on a permanent vacation. Sad to say many people in today’s society put up with the vile people mentioned above and even praise them. Sad, very very sad in my opinion.


Basic Skills That Are Headed for Extinction……………………………….

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A study in Great Britain recently showed that dependence on technology was making some basic skills obsolete. Since technology is wonderful but fickle, these skills should still be taught because you never know when that gadget or technologically advanced do-dad might stop working.

1- Reading a map. Seems simple enough but with GPS widely available who even buys printed maps anymore let alone uses them. Luckily I am old enough to know how to use a map to get where-ever I might be going but unfortunately folding the map properly after I am finished using it is still a mystery to me.

2- Using a compass. I was never a Boy Scout so this is one piece of old tech that is a mystery to me. I know a compass will point true North but if I want to go any other direction I will probably be the old guy fumbling around unfolding that paper map.

3- Tying knots: I can tie my shoelaces but any knot other than that I can-knot.

4- Darn socks: I usually say that phrase as I am tossing those socks with a hole in them away. Sorry, sewing is not one of my super powers.

5- Looking something up in an actual book: Ah, I do use this method to find quotes in my Bible, and I am old enough to remember using reference books and encyclopedias to do my school work.

6- Cursive hand-writing:  You betcha I still practice my cursive writing skills on occasion. I did not suffer all that pain from having wooden rulers smacked across my knuckles when writing sloppily as a child in grade school. Pain is a great motivator.

7- Understanding weights and measures: Not a problem for me. Pounds, ounces, feet or inches I got it covered. Now if you try to use that metric system made popular is some foreign, uneducated country like Canada, well sir aside from knowing the 9MM is a popular bullet caliber my metrics is messy.

8- Good spelling and grammar: Well I admit spell chick er check is my friend while blogging or writing e-mails. If I am writing I will look up a word I  might have trouble spelling correctly. Used to use and old-fashioned book dictionary but now Google works just fine. Grammar? Well I do the best I can but I still feel a cold draft when I have a dangling participle.

9- Starting a fire from scratch: I usually have matches handy so this skill is beyond me. Since I stopped smoking cigars my Zippo has been retired. Might have to look at some survival videos to learn this skill.

10- Knitting or crocheting:  Now I am manly enough to admit I did attempt to learn these skills but like ironing, I realized my limitations and surrendered quickly.

11- Recall phone numbers: Since I became a cell phone user I have to admit there are very few numbers I have committed to memory. 911, sure. Other that that……what was I talking about?

12- Identifying tress, insects and flowers: OK now let me see if I can do this…..Trees are the usually big wooden looking things with green leaves that provide shade in the summer and raking chores in the fall. Insects are those tiny buzzing critters that annoy me when I am outside in the heat and humidity of summer. Flowers are those colorful green things coming up from the ground that either smell wonderful or cause my eyes to water and make me sneeze. How did I do?

13- Touch typing: No sir, tried it and don’t like it. But in my defense I  can hunt and peck at a keyboard enough to blog or e-mail at will.

14- Baking bread from scratch: Well if I had a recipe handy and the ingredients required I probably could. Otherwise the bakery at my local supermarket is convenient.

15- Altering pants: Needle and thread ain’t my thing. I admit it. Rolling up the pants leg will have to do for this old guy.

16- Wiring a plug: Now I have successfully done this without electrocuting myself or burning the house down. However I don’t tempt fate often and will ask for help from someone I know who has a far more knowledgeable intellect concerning electricity.

Well there you have it. Basic skills that technology is replacing. How many can you perform skillfully?


It Be Science So It Must Be True…………

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I consider myself to be of average intelligence but now I may have to rethink my self observation. According to a recent scientific study I actually exhibit several signs that point to me being very intelligent. How do you measure up:

Are you an oldest child? If so chances are you are highly intelligent. Older siblings are usually the go to person when younger siblings have questions or issues. As an only child I guess technically I am the oldest sibling to myself.

Did you take music lessons as a child? Well if you did studies show that children as young a 4 have shown an increased mental capacity for verbal intelligence after just a month of music lessons. Not sure what music does for verbal intelligence, but if science says so it must be true, right? I took accordion lessons as a young person. Come to think of it I remember my music teacher telling me on several occasions to stop talking and start playing. I guess my verbal truculence was actually a by-product of those lessons.

Do you own a cat? A study in 2014 showed that people who owned dogs were more outgoing than people who owned cats, but cat owners were on the whole more intelligent. I actually live with several cats so I will assume I am smarter than the average cat owner.

Were you bottle fed or breast-fed?  Apparently breast fed babies develop IQs that are 7 points or higher, than bottle fed babies. Good to know. Until now I figured being breast fed as a baby was the reason why I preferred chicken breasts over drum sticks or wings.

Did you have sex in high school? Apparently high schoolers who engage in sexual activity have lower IQs than their fellow students. Probably because the kids who weren’t getting any were home studying instead of, well you know…..I guess this behavior continues into the college years, since students who party all the time are generally dumber than the kids who study.

Are you funny? Well if you have a talent for making people laugh you are apparently a very intelligent individual. Funny people tend to score higher on intelligence tests. Just an observation, maybe this is because funny folks aren’t taking the test as seriously as unfunny folks. Just a theory.

Do you have a small circle of friends? I have always had just a few friends that I consider good friends. No, I ain’t talking about Facebook or Twitter friends. I mean people who I have actual face to face contact with. Anyway, people with above average intelligence get along nicely in life with a smaller group of friends than the average bloke.

I encourage readers to see how many signs of above average intelligence that exhibit. Share if you like.


Avoiding the News……….

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Once upon a time I felt that keeping up with the news made me a better citizen, an informed American and increased my knowledge concerning current events and issues. Somehow the news media in America has turned into a hate filled propaganda machine that is difficult to watch, impossible to believe and an insult to my intelligence and beliefs. My solution is a simple one, I tune all news channels out with extreme prejudice. No CNN, FOX or MSNBC for me. Even most newspapers are worthless as far as I’m concerned. The Sunday paper in my area of Pennsylvania offers one section I still enjoy reading, namely the funnies. Even that section has grown smaller over the years but I still enjoy a few comics like Pearls Before Swine or Garfield. So one might ask what has happened to my brain and knowledge base since I gave up the news. Well:

Frankly, I feel happier. Oh, I’m still concerned about my government being too big as well as some politician’s screaming to take my rights away but overall I feel good. I tuned out the hate filled rhetoric and opinion spewing talking heads who only wanted to tell me what to think instead of just giving me the news and letting me make up my own mind. Freed from all that propaganda and agenda driven news has helped me think more clearly. I now focus on what is good in my life and that has led me to a more peaceful and stress free attitude.

I am more productive with my time since I tuned out Wolf, Shep and Rachel Madcow. I have time to blog, research and read my own trusted news services that actually promote thought and decision-making, as opposed to telling me why I should agree with CNN or FOX networks version of stories. I guess tuning out the news has actually increased and accentuated my critical thinking skills. Thanks CNN, FOX etc. you have made me a better thinker and decision maker.

My frustration levels with the news and the long line of opinionated talking heads that pollute these networks is reduced to very manageable levels. Why in the heck should I give a rats bum about what some supposed expert on some subject of importance thinks when I never heard of these experts or even know why they are considered experts. They appear no different from any other person who has an opinion or viewpoint. Just because CNN believes they have something worthwhile to say doesn’t necessarily mean, they do have something worthwhile to say. Everybody has an opinion but everyone can’t be on TV to speak that opinion. I talk to people everyday who I consider much smarter than Juan Williams, Wolf Blitzer or Anderson Cooper. Why waste my time watching people I consider to be morons when I can engage real people who have real opinions in an actually face to face conversation. Just saying……..

I am a blogger and therefore quite a bit of the news I read comes from other blogs and internet sites. Now before anyone thinks I don’t do my homework before verifying a story I read, I usually check stories on several sites to verify the event did in fact happen. I also take little if any news from Yahoo or Google to heart since I really don’t care what the Kardashians or Jenners are up to. Most sites using trending news are usually filled with mindless info and outright BS. I have trained my brain to filter that nonsense right out. That filtering is another by-product of eliminating Main Stream news from my mental diet.

Like I said previously, I am still a concerned citizen when it comes to my country, beliefs and freedoms. I just don’t need the professional news media to tell me what I should be concerned about. I know right from wrong, good from evil and Don Lemon ain’t going to convince me any different. My opinions and views have been formed over the years by what I have experienced, learned and consistently research. Ironically with all our currently technology, it seems that finding trusted news and real informative news is harder than ever. Strange times we live in.

So if you haven’t yet tuned out the cable news networks, give it a try. You will be happy you did.








Tips On Putting Up With A Narcissist……..

man person suit united states of america

I love learning new things. For instance, I recently found out that people who can be described as narcissists allegedly have a mental disorder. Well now. I usually just thought of these people as being self-centered, arrogant jerks. Never stopped to think they might be suffering from some mental disease.

Unfortunately we all come across a narcissist from time to time in our daily lives. Many entertainers can be narcissists, most politicians are probably narcissists and I’m sure everyone who works for a living has stumbled into a narcissist at their place of employment, management types tend to be narcissists. Over the years I have crossed paths with these individuals and I would like to offer some tips on how to best get along with these pain in the rear type of people. My tips will be from my perspective and experiences. I will also include tips from mental health research I have done. I will provide a link to my research at the end of my blog.

We poor working stiffs have at some point or another run across a boss who quite frankly portrayed themselves as being able to walk on water as well as constantly attempting to remind everyone around them, that they are in fact, without a doubt the smartest person in the room. They claim credit for other people s work or ideas, possess an inflated ego and a frankly feel like they are entitled to be worshiped and adored. In my view that are ass-hats, but according to research I should attempt to understand these people so I can better be able to work for them. Yes, for them since a narcissist probably doesn’t recognize or believe in true teamwork. You can’t work with them only for them. (my observation).

One place I worked had such a boss. He was untouchable and knew it. Family ties to the stockholders meant he was an entitled brat who knew he could get away with anything he wanted with no fear of repercussions. Ah, maybe not repercussions from other management types, but since his department had several wild and crazy young people employed he was repercussed  on more than one occasion. Now I will admit I was one of these wild and crazy employees. I will not admit to participating in any shenanigans that may have gone on. I plead the 5th. Now, professionals say you should understand who your narcissistic  boss wants to be and do all you can to help him succeed. I guess that is taking the high road. Frankly my co-workers and I at the time were more low road type people. This boss for his attitude toward us received little if any respect, suffered much ridicule and well practical jokes were also on our response menu. Hiding a recently caught fish in his Jeep was a real ‘get him pissed’ idea. Served him right for leaving the soft top down. He had his own sugar container in the break room that only could be used by him. Replacing the sugar with salt was an occasional activity. No internet in those days so if you were reading a magazine there was usually a cardboard post card to fill out if you wanted info on a subscription. He received ads for magazines covering many diverse subjects like hunting, cooking, fishing, gay porn, fetishes… you name it. Low road yeah, we were all young adults and frankly if no corporate type would stand up for us then we stood up for ourselves. As an older wiser person I feel a little bad concerning my actions but heck, it was a long time ago and I’m over it.

Narcissistic politicians are a real nuisance. Unfortunately not much average folk can do about them except vote against them at election time. Obama was known as the Narcissist-in-Chief when he was President. I disagreed with everything and anything he stood for, and lest someone accuse me of racism the same went for Slick Willie Clinton. Hey just because you think you are a legend in your own mind don’t expect me to agree with you. Professionals say stroke the egos of politicians and attempt to learn from their good behaviors. Sorry but I feel these type of people don’t possess any good behaviors and they just tend to irritate me. There-fore I try to irritate them back. Works for me since that attitude keeps my stress level down. Potato, potatoe……

I guess pros say understand your enemy and try to relate with them. I say you don’t have to put up with these arrogant jerks and fight back where-ever and when-ever and however you can. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

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Beach Blues……

aerial photo of sea shore

Summer is officially here and for many people, that means beach time. Sand, surf, water, sun etc.etc etc…. My wife loves the beach, me? Well let’s just say if the beach was indoors and had air conditioning I would be a lot more comfortable. Don’t get me wrong I like hearing the waves crash onto shore, I like the smell of sea air and the occasional squawk from a sea-gull (rats with feathers) is kind of cool. Otherwise, well let’s just say sitting or laying on a beach for hours at a time is as interesting as watching soccer or fishing on TV, it just ain’t my thing man.

The crowds are usually overwhelming, which means parking is a pain. You have to unload the vehicle and depending on your inventory for the day, you might be lugging a cooler, beach umbrella, beach chairs. beach bags filled with sand toys, towels, sun screen and reading material. The lugging takes on the persona of a trip thru the Sahara because you lug thru hot sand, heat and humidity that would melt a lesser being who wasn’t smart enough to wear sunglasses, and then you need to stake a claim to the perfect spot to set up your beach area. After deploying all your equipment, you slather on sun screen which depending on the brand exudes any scents ranging from extra virgin olive oil to maybe spoiled coconut milk. After catching your breath from all the walking and slathering you just did it’s time to test the water. You walk some more thru hot sand, this time with a stiff hot breeze blowing grains of sand into every exposed pore you have only to find, that in opposition to the hot humid air temperature around you the ocean water is ice-cold. Apparently the laws of science and physics are suspended when your on a beach. After splashing around in the water you scan the beach for your private isle of solitude you had set up earlier and make your way back to that spot. WOW, enjoyable? Heck no, you just had a workout that would give a marathon runner a heart attack. When you reach your spot you towel off and then for safety sake, need to slather on more sun screen so you don’t leave the beach looking like a lobster or in some cases of over exposure a piece of shoe leather. At this point I’m usually asking myself ‘are u having fun yet or what?’. Usually one of the voices in my head say, NO!!!

Ah but now the activity portion of your beach time has been completed. Now you get to sit or lay on the beach. Two options are available, under the umbrella you brought and set up, hiding in shade to enable you to be shady and hot while reading or napping is option number 1. Option number 2 is laying in the broiling hot sun attempting to tan your lily-white body while hopefully avoiding reaching an internal body temperature of 260 degrees, which means you could be served as the catch of the day special at a local restaurant. Yep, I choose the hot humid shade. I prefer my steaks well done and prefer my internal organs stay room temperature or slightly above. Just my preference.  To each their own. After some period of time you may choose to re-enter the surf and repeat the experience mentioned above or you decide enough is enough and pack up your paraphernalia, lug all that stuff back to your car, pack your car, and drive back to whence you came in a vehicle that  has been sitting for hours in the bright sunlight and has reached an inside temp that is nearing 2,000 or so degrees. At that temp the A/C is going to have to do some serious cooling before you will feel it. Your not done yet when you reach your rental house or room either. Oh no, beach time keeps on giving. You need to make sure your stuff is sand free before entering your temporary residence, possibly use an outdoor shower to remove sand from body crevices and then lug yourself and stuff into the air-conditioned goodness of that residence. Unpack all your stuff, hang up towels and beach suits ( I refuse to call them bathing suits since I do not and will not actually bathe at the beach) so all will be dry and ready to do it all over again the next day. Yes-sir, the fun continues.

Now you might be saying, come on old man, more than that happens at the beach. I agree, avoiding hungry sea-gulls and their attempts at stealing your food is also a beach going experience along with staying under cover so that the larger sea-gulls (them suckers have shown up on Air Force radar) don’t bomb you with digested food they had already pilfered and consumed.  Believe me when I tell you those sea loving fowl crap bombs the size of dumpsters. You also need to hide your valuables because some two-legged rats of the low-life human variety might be prowling around for an easy score. Basically when at the beach I feel as though I am under attack from the air and land. I bet even General Patton avoided the beach whenever he could.

Well I have explained my view of the beach and how much ‘fun’ I have when I am there. I guess if I ever had beach front property I would be perfectly happy to be sitting in that property with the A/C on looking out a window while blogging and staying perfectly comfortable. Why mess up a good thing with heat, humidity and sand in areas of my body I would have never expected sand to be able to reach. Just my opinion.

Time to watch some TV, I think Jaws is on and that movie is a hoot………………………………..


Amish Romance???

Why Amish Romance Novels Are So Popular

In the old days, before the Kindle I used to spend quite a bit of time in book stores. Reading has been a hobby of mine ever since grade-school. I remember once upon a time many romance novels could be seen in book stores usually with covers featuring busty babes and muscular guys. Almost every book had a line that read “her ample cleavage was ready to burst forth  from her dress as her lover flexed his manly muscles beckoning her lust”, or something like that anyway. These novels were not my thing but quite a few authors sold millions of books with these racy covers.

Times change and I read an article recently about Amish romance novels and their popularity. I thought, SAY WHAT? The books pictured above I have actually seen for sale in my local supermarket. I live in a largely rural area of Pennsylvania and the surrounding area has a fairly large Amish and Mennonite population. While the Amish are farmers and builders, I never once considered that they could be romantic men and women who could inspire authors. The authors mentioned above have sold over 30 million Amish romance novels!!! Ironically none of the authors are Amish but that doesn’t seem to stand in the way of their writing success. By the way the Amish romance genre even has its own lustful description. These novels are known as ‘bonnet rippers’!!!

Seems women even in the age of technology, are enjoying novels with romance that take place in a community that harkens back to simpler times. As far as I know the Amish are probably not checking their iPhones every minute to read a text or look at their Facebook page. They are probably too busy building barns and plowing fields. I suspect Twitter is probably not popular in their communities either. What exactly do the Amish do in their spare time? Wait, I know. Without all the distractions that modern life offers, the Amish probably spend more time and attention on their wives and girl-friends. Huh, those sneaky devils. Without TV, computers, cell phones and iPods I guess spending quality time with your honey is a top priority. Guess we modern guys could learn a thing or two from them Amish Lotharioes.

In this day and age, romance is too often portrayed as nothing more than hooking up for the sake of mindless pleasure. I therefore found it interesting that these Amish romance novels contain little in the way of nudity and graphic sex. Instead the novels apparently let readers imagine what is happening lust wise by using their own imaginations. This is also a throwback to a bygone era where readers needed to possess a vivid imagination while reading, instead of novels containing shocking scenes to hold an audience’s attention. They might be known as ‘bonnet rippers’ but I guess bonnets aren’t made to be ripped but maybe removed slowly and sexy like.

I love observing society and people in general. Many ironies can be found and sometimes society is just surprising. I would have never thought that in our ultra-modern society and sex obsessed culture, good old-fashioned romance novels, with an Amish twist would be so successful. To the ladies who enjoy these novels, good for you.

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Have a great day!!!