Entertainer Entitlement……….

Why does it seem that every wealthy entertainer or athlete have to educate and enlighten their fans about political views, opinions and a host of other subjects?  Do these people really think what they believe matters that much to their fans? Why do they seem to think they have a right to protest in their work place when many Americans are denied that right? Guess what that stadium or theatre or TV studio is your workplace whether you think so or not. Why? Why? Why?

The only answer I can come up with is money. LeBron James, Colin Kaepernick and other ‘oppressed’ multi-millionaire athlete wouldn’t be on anyone’s radar if they couldn’t shoot a basketball or throw a pass.  Yet their money and ‘prestige’ grants them the narcissistic right to believe they can save America and make a difference. Sorry guys, as far as I am concerned you’re an overpaid sports figure who would probably be totally unknown if you weren’t a professional athlete. Same thing with entertainers, Jennifer Lawrence is taking a year off to help make society better. Whatever, I couldn’t care less. I find your political opinions idiotic and your movies are just not that entertaining. Take two or three years off, I highly doubt anyone will miss you.

Our cultural is a mess. The press and some brain-dead fans have made stars out of the Kardashians, idiots on You Tube who eat laundry detergent pods, any number of ‘reality’ show participants and probably a few other morons I have missed by just not paying attention to their shows or internet headlines. Why people? Do we just have so many channels and entertainment venues we need to support horribly unentertaining and mentally numbing shows? I don’t mean to say every entertainment offering has to be thought-provoking, heck I hate movies and TV shows that are preaching about diversity and political views I see as idiotic. I just mean what is wrong with just being entertained and forgetting about all the social issues and BS that makes up our political scene today. If I want to watch football I want to watch football. I don’t want to see pampered millionaires kneeling because they feel so oppressed. Hey I wish somebody would pay me big money to feel oppressed. I think I could do a pretty good job at it. If watching TV or a movie entertain me or show me some talent. I don’t give a rodents bum about an entertainers views on gun control or a writers views about diversity. Give me some decent acting a story that is somewhat intelligent and I am good to go. If not, you won’t get my money.

Sadly it is not just entertainers or sports figures either. Authors have turned into political analysts, Stephen King has written some entertaining books and now believes he can win us over with his liberal and misguided political views on gun control or whatever the issue of the day is. Sorry Stevie, writing might be your best genre, speaking political topics makes you sound like an idiot. I have unfortunately found many newer authors today offer novels that include liberal opinions on diversity, sexuality and gender. It makes me miss authors from other decades who entertained and still made readers think without preaching on a soap box. Authors like David Eddings, Robert Heinlein, Harry Harrison etc.etc.etc. Those guys wrote books that were entertaining and let their fans decide what the deeper meaning might have been. I yearn for writers like that again. Older authors like Tolkien, C.S Lewis and many others did the same thing. They were a joy to read because their books held your interest and you just couldn’t stop reading.

Getting old has made me a bit more particular in my taste as far as entertainment. I want to forget about life when I read or watch a movie. Lose myself if you will in another time or place. That’s entertainment at least as far as I’m concerned. Hey, if someone has any authors they like to suggest I am all ears. Right now I am reading a series written by Kel Kade. A sword and sorcery novel that is entertaining and is holding my interest. I am welcome to suggestions though.

Anyhow I just want to be entertained. Hollywood entertainers do not interest me beyond what they offer as entertainers. Athletes play your sport of choice and shut your pie-hole concerning politics. I just don’t care or want to hear it. You are not my guide in life and you have absolutely nothing in common with me so don’t believe you can help me live a better life or view the world differently because you can’t.

Pondering Some Questions Today……..

I live in the USA, yet when I watch the Weather Channel they do forecasting using something called the European Model. Why? Shouldn’t there be an American model for better accuracy?

Why are people who identify or believe they are Napoleon Bonaparte considered crazy but a person who thinks or believes they are a different gender considered ‘normal’?

If atheists truly don’t believe there is no God why do they get upset at other people who do believe in God?  Can’t atheists just go along to get along?

If illegal immigrants are truly in America to do the jobs American citizens won’t do, then why isn’t the unemployment rate at zero?

Black History Month celebrates accomplishments by black people thru history. However sometimes those accomplishments are made possible by help from white people. For instance, Jackie Robinson was the first black man to play Major League Baseball. His accomplishment wouldn’t have been possible if Branch Rickey a white baseball executive hadn’t signed Robinson to a contract that enabled him to play in the majors. In the name of inclusiveness and diversity shouldn’t Branch Rickey also be celebrated during Black History Month?

Why do  major cities give drug addicts free access to clean needles to safely engaged in their addiction/’disease’ but people with diabetes need to pay for their own needles to treat their very real disease?

If diversity is such a great idea, why is it only practiced or forced upon certain countries? Asian countries are predominately Asian, Africa is predominately black, etc.etc. Why don’t these countries join in the ‘fun’ and ‘games’ diversity brings? Seems like only Europe, Canada and America want to show how tolerant they are. Interesting.

When Obama was president people believed that if a white person disagreed with his policies it had to be because of racism. Since Obama has white as well as black ancestors, if he ever disagreed with a decision he made after the fact, does that mean he is also racist?

Why did the FBI not even bother investigating Nikolas Cruz even though they were notified he posed a danger in his community? Even when terror attacks occur in America we see stories that the suspect was on law-enforcement radar and yet these people were allowed to carry out their crimes. Sounds like the FBI needs a through rebuilding and rebranding plan. J Edgar Hoover must be spinning in his grave.

Why can’t people who advocate for the rights of the mentally ill finally admit there are actually mentally ill people who need to be forcefully committed to institutions? Hoping these people take their meds and behave is not good enough without more safeguards and close monitoring.

Why do politicians who support amnesty for illegal immigrants from Mexico keep talking about these immigrants as just wanting to pursue a better life in America. Latest stats show these immigrants poured billions into the Mexican economy. If they truly dream about pursuing the American dream why do they send money to Mexico, a country they supposedly left for better opportunities? Why do these criminals wave the Mexican flag at rallies in support of amnesty? Didn’t they leave Mexico because conditions were horrible and America was better?

Why are black communities in major cities like Baltimore, Milwaukee etc.etc angry because the murder and crime rates have risen in those communities? Didn’t they scream for less police intervention in their neighborhoods because of racism? Also why are black police officers in these cities reluctant to patrol predominately black neighborhoods?

Lots of questions, some for which I believe I have answers while others just boggle the mind.














Faith in a Faithless Society………….

Looking around I can’t help but wonder just WHAT THE HELL has happened to American society. Deranged people walk among us and while not only wishing they can hurt people they sometimes actually do commit atrocities. Women kill their unborn children without so much as a second thought, Planned Parenthood sells the aborted body parts for money, we allow 3rd world criminals and savages access to our country and subsidize them with money and benefits. I am going to posit a theory that a great deal of the malaise America suffers from is caused by a disregard and lack of Faith.

Once upon a time America was largely a Christian country. People were predominantly God-fearing, belonged to the religious affiliation of their choice and lived their lives by what they found in the Bible. Things were pretty good in those days of yore. School shootings were just about unheard of, rioting was a criminal act and not yet a form of protest and politicians for the most part still governed by what was good for the country not by party politics. Ah the good old days.

Somewhere along the way Americans began losing their Faith. I can only theorize from what I have experienced so the late sixties and early seventies are my best frame of reference. College students began protesting and rebelling, usually because of the teachings of some radical professor. Revolution became a fad embraced by the young and sex, drugs and protest changed the American personality. Some might say for the better, however I am not in agreement with that opinion. I remember those days being the first time I began seeing GOD is Dead signs and I remember violence was a part of campus life and drugs were destroying people’s minds not enlightening them. Anyway those years were the first time I saw America as a country divided not united. Little did I know that I was experiencing the early stages of liberal/progressive social engineering. I was young and didn’t have the wisdom and information I have now as an enlightened older guy. Heck I even voted for Jimmy Carter, the first and last Democrat I ever voted for.

Bowing to pressure from unhappy constituents and citizens abortion became legal, drug use became accepted and politicians began to realize that if they played their cards right, they just might sway the public away from having Faith in God to having Faith in what the government could give to the people especially the special interest groups who had the money, publicity and microphone to scream the loudest. Unfortunately the uneducated masses and I am actually referring to many college educated young adults back then, bought this political product lock, stock and two smoking barrels. America’s decline has continued unabated since and here we are more divided than ever as a country.

Looking back I see problems with most of the political leadership we experienced after the seventies but never more so than when a Democrat was in office. Reagan led with authority, class and did what was best for America, Bush the elder couldn’t keep promises and led to Bill Clinton who turned the White House into a whore-house. Morals? Depends on what you mean eh? Bush 2 started out OK but just didn’t seem to have a backbone and let Democrats walk and ridicule him as they saw fit. Sorry, leaders need to be strong, a weak leader is a useless leader. Then came the ultimate American voting mistake, Barak Obama. Talk about useless. This guy is so racist he even hates his own white relatives. Now that’s RACIST. He divided the country like no other President before him except for the tyrant known as Abe Lincoln. That’s right I said tyrant and I meant it. More on Lincoln and his political and war crimes will come another day. The Obama reign was a complete and utter disaster and has left America in a shambles. Frankly Faith in government is useless and only leads to the disaster we are currently living thru.

Personally I have Faith, Faith in God to guide me and help me live the best life possible. That same faith also enables me to have faith in myself as a person and citizen of the United States. My rules are I love God, Family and Country no deviation. I know right from wrong and much of what I see from Washington D.C. and from people in America is just plain wrong. I do not have much faith in politicians or government. Actually I believe that this time in our history is a sign that faith in GOD is hard at work attempting to right all the wrongs our elected ‘leaders’ have cursed us with and might be the last peaceful chance for our country to get right again. GOD made sure we didn’t elect an evil and vile woman President. It’s up to us to have Faith in Him now and turn this country around. Keep the Faith people and who knows what can happen? Anyone with me?

Friday Rant ………………….

Unfortunately another crazy evil person chose to go on a shooting spree and kill and injure innocent people. Nikolas Cruz chose to do evil and yet the usual talking heads are offering anything but legitimate solutions for preventing future tragedies. It isn’t the gun’s fault, it is Cruz’s fault. People want to limit freedoms in a vain attempt to stop mass killers like Cruz but guess what, sad to say confiscating guns will do no such thing. The only real solution is armed security at our schools. Use retired law enforcement, maybe ex-military people, but make the schools safer NOW. Enough talk, security is our only option. Will it be 100% effective, probably not. We have seen much terror through-out the world and frankly if someone evil wants to commit an evil act they will use whatever means available to do so. My prayers go out to all the families affected by this latest atrocity. Another thought if I may. Why is this useless piece of human debris named Nikolas Cruz still breathing air. He is the obvious perpetrator, already guilty beyond any doubt and yet he lives. A costly trial will follow where families will have to relive the horror he committed. Costly appeals after the trial will go on for decades if not longer. Why? If ever there was a clear-cut case for swift deadly justice this certainly qualifies.

For at least a paragraph I am going to take on the persona of a snowflake. Yes, one of the whining, crying people who are constantly aggrieved by something that they hear or read that offends them. I consider myself to be fairly thick-skinned when insulted. However I have become insulted and angry lately because I am sick and tired of racist idiots calling me racist simply because I am white. I am tired of all the White Privlege BS and I have read more than one article stating I am racist whether I know it or not. Bullshit, I judge people by their character and treat them with respect unless and until they show they don’t deserve it. I don’t play the label game. I see people as people not as black, white, asian etc.etc. The only group I discriminate against is Ass-Hats. They come in all colors, creeds and from all walks of life. Thus endth the snowflake rant.

I pay very little attention to politics because when I do politicians prove they are worthless. Endless money spent on investigation after investigation and either nothing of substance is found or worse yet when something is found nothing happens. A year of Trump collusion and no evidence found. Benghazi investigation points fingers at Obama and Hillary Clinton yet even though they and others were culpable for American deaths both are free. Don’t even get me started on Hillary’s almost endless list of crimes, yet she is still free to pollute our political process. I guess I am tired of the wasted money, time and effort spent finding criminals in our political class yet no one pays the price for their crimes. Politicians have proven they are above the law and frankly they don’t care if the electorate know it. The Founding Fathers are probably spinning in their graves. They gave us a Republic and thru the centuries we have made a mess of it.

Diversity is in the news too much in my opinion. For instance I read we have the most diverse Olympic team ever in the Winter Olympics. Whoopee Doo, I for one couldn’t care less, as far as sports I want the best team of athletes regardless of color, creed or orientation. But so-called SJWs, Social Justice Warriors in the clinical psychology field believe you can never have too much diversity. Apparently these “I know what is good for you so do it” ‘professionals’ are recommending our schools and parents dissuade children from having ‘best friends’. They feel this practice leaves other children feeling left out and is a form or racism, bullying and diversity discrimination. Oh Boy, another useless theory made by useless ‘professionals. We all have best fiends during our lifetime and these friends are the best of the best. Usually they are people who help and support us as well as provide memorable and fun moments and memories in our lives. What is being proposed by SJWs here is useless and takes the fun out of social interaction. No quotas for this guy in the friends or best friends department. If you hear ‘educators’ at your schools preaching this gibberish fire a spit ball smack into their foreheads.

Time for my anti-anxiety meds. A handful full of those pills and a glass of bourbon should calm me down. See ya next time.





Wednesday Wisdom or Wisdumb……..

“Congress has the power to do anything: to make laws of any kind, on any subject, and to whatever effect it likes.” Nancy  Pelosi  WISDUMB

Want to know why America is ruled politically by a bunch of elite morons only interested in their own power? Well look no further than this comment from the woman who leads the Democratic Party. Congress is supposed to be limited by the Constitution but too many ‘progressive’ politicians believe the Constitution is an outdated document that either needs to be fully repealed or just ignored. Our Founding Father’s knew that sooner or later ‘leaders’ like Pelosi, Clinton, Obama etc.etc.etc would try to over-reach and over-rule by acting like omnipotent rulers instead of elected representatives. I believe it is beyond time that our rulers in Washington D.C. pay attention to the Constitution and govern within the rules.

“If the personal freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution inhibit the government’s ability to govern the people, we should look to limit those guarantees.” Bill Clinton WISDUMB

Just like his associate Pelosi, Bill Clinton also detested the Constitution and the rules it forced him to govern by. Another ‘progressive’ who identified as a ‘moderate’ this perv did nothing that actually helped the people who elected him. As a matter of fact his wife attempted to take over healthcare and was soundly put in her place when she attempted to do so. I don’t mean the kitchen when I say that, I mean nobody elected her to represent them or change healthcare so she had no business inserting herself into a government role. Not only were the Clinton’s morally bankrupt they constantly had smirks on their faces that seemed to say “yeah we are low life criminals and we don’t care if you know it”.

“My Constituents Outside New York City Are “Wrong” And “Racist” About Guns And Immigration” Kristen Gillibrand WISDUMB

Well I know who is wrong Kristen, it’s the morons who elected you. You represent a wide variety of people and yet you insist that outside New York City all those people are wrong and racist. Look in the mirror honey buns, I bet there are a lot of people in New York who are wrong and racist too. You’re a ‘progressive’, where is that belief that diversity is a great thing. By diversity I am referring to the diversity of ideas that voters have on a diverse amount of topics and issues. WOW another politician who only seems concerned with her own special interests, party beliefs and personal power.

“Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good, too.” Yogi Berra  WISDOM

Ah yes, finally something wise. As a life long sports fan I have seen professional sports become a pawn for politics and frankly that just ruins my vision of sports. Sports is an escape and when players and owners decide to inject political beliefs and protests with a game I want to enjoy, well sir I say NO THANKS…… I used to follow and watch the NFL but protesting millionaires who believe they are ‘oppressed’ took that game away from me. Basketball whether college or professional also has its thugs and ‘oppressed’ players who act like gifts to the world because they can bounce a ball or shoot it accurately. Sorry NO THANKS. I have 2 sports left, pro hockey, GO PHILLY FLYERS and baseball. Oh one idiot for the Oakland A’s did kneel for the anthem last season. After an off-season of being arrested for gun charges, domestic violence and a failed extortion attempt he now says he will no longer kneel. To MLB please don’t take my baseball away.

“Let’s see if I understand this, if we get nuked by missiles from North Korea using technology given to China by Bill Clinton, funded by money Obama gave to Iran, using warheads developed in Russia with uranium that Hillary sold to the Russians, then President Trump is to blame?” WISDOM

The preceding was a statement from an anonymous tumblr user. (whatever the heck tumblr is?). It certainly does present a good summary of all the useless investigations going on in Washington D.C.  directly aimed at President Trump to find anything and any reason to remove him from office. As stated previously in this blog ‘progressives’ will do anything even treason to make sure their power is absolute. Removing an elected President from office so a socialist America could be born is treason and I believe it would definitely lead to chaos and anarchy. A very violent confrontation between many groups in America would almost surely follow and America would be no better than a 3rd world country like Mexico or Somali. I pray this doesn’t happen and so far I believe God is helping, seems like the investigations have uncovered Democrat Party crimes instead of Republican collusion. I also believe God could not allow a person as evil and vile as Hillary become President. That’s why in Trump I trust.

See you next time……………………………


The Myth of Multitasking……..

I have had multiple discussions with my wife concerning her ability to multitask and my opinion that multitasking is just not possible. Luckily for me I found scientific  eveidence that proves my point. It made me feel better that I was right but I know my wife won’t believe what I’m going to share today whether it’s true or not. My research was found here at www.health.com and I would like to share some thoughts on what I learned.

First of all we all multitask to some degree everyday. We walk while staring at our cell phones, read e-mails while eating breakfast, and probably even catch up on sports scores while performing bodily functions on our porcelain thrones. However clever we might think we are for doing several things at once, it may not be healthy for us.

Performing several tasks at the same time means we are actually short-changing all these tasks because our brains can only fully engage on one task at a time. As an example, I will use a sports analogy. You hear athletes often times speak about being ‘in the zone’. This is a mental state whereby all outside distractions are blocked out completely and the athlete just does his job without really thinking or dwelling on what he is doing. When you attempt to over think something you are slower to react and therefore less likely to perform at a high level. Moving from one task to another might seem efficient but, one of those tasks is probably being performed with less than your full attention and can lead to a mistake being made. Basically multitasking is a waste of mental energy and productivity.

Multitasking can also slow us down while we think we are completing tasks faster. Walking and looking at your cell phone can be distracting. We probably walk slower when we are staring at our device and also increase our chances of being involved in an accident like bumping into other distracted walkers or maybe even being hit by a vehicle we didn’t see. OUCH. Don’t walk and talk or read, just get to where your going and view that text later.

Since performing several tasks at once can be confusing for our brains the chances of making a mistake on one or more of these tasks increases. I know from personal experience that I might get a text message from my OMP (omnipotent marriage partner) also known as my wife, for a needed item while I am grocery shopping. I am usually found diligently checking my grocery list on my cell phone when this text message appears. Sometimes I get distracted and forget to read her message. The item is not acquired and when I return home the OMP and I have a discussion about ‘forgetfulness’. If I had just stopped what I was doing at the store and took a few seconds to read her text I would have been spared the verbal avalanche I was smothered in when I got home. ALWAYS FULLY ENGAGE AND GIVE YOUR TOTAL ATTENTION TO YOUR OMP. As my hero Captain Cranky might say ‘It’s a rule so I have to follow it”.

Multitasking can also raise your stress level. I know there are times at work and at home when I just feel like I have more than I can handle as far as work volume. Recently on a ‘day off’ I found myself needing to complete daily household chores (laundry, scooping litter boxes, preparing dinner etc.etc.) with blogging and relaxing. Stress was high and attempting to juggle all those activities at once was causing my anxiety levels to rise faster than a river at flood stage. Taking a deep breath and having a cold beer helped calm me down and taught me a valuable lesson. No multitasking will help when your busy and a cold beer helps get chores done more efficiently. Now I do everything at home with a beer and I have less anxiety and get more accomplished.

Since multitasking actually wastes brain power you might also find yourself with memory issues. Please refer back to the paragraph concerning my OMG and grocery shopping. Trying to do too much can easily cause you to forget something important.

Multitasking can also hurt your relationships. For instance you’re at work and a meeting is going on and your distracted by a funny Facebook post. Not paying attention at work can be embarrassing. Likewise at home maybe your spouse is expressing their heartfelt gratitude for your existence in their lives. Looking at your iPhone during this profound moment can lead to a crime of passion being committed that results in you being injured or maybe even catching a bad case of death. Which most doctors agree is almost always fatal.

I hope these thoughts and comments help someone out there. I know I have learned my lesson concerning multitasking and will make every effort to not engage in this dangerous and unhealthy practice. This is the Cranky Chronicles and we approve this message.







Random Thoughts……….

I work for an allegedly non-profit healthcare group and recently decided to complete some on-line training dealing with gender sensitivity. The training is apparently required by the Federal Government and like most government directives makes absolutely no sense at all. The most memorable lesson for me concerned discrimination against confused gender people. The example given was a man who identifies as a woman cannot be turned down for medical treatment or testing because of his gender identity. Therefore if a man thinks he is a woman and would like a pap smear, well then he gets a pap smear…..WHOA NELLIE!!! That’s gotta HURT!!! Ironically further training states that scheduling patients for unneeded tests and treatments is unethical. Wait a minute, sounds like a conundrum to me. If I can’t deny an unnecessary test to a crazy gender person because of their delusion how can I be ethical too? Sounds like another needlessly complicated government rule to me. There are 2 genders people, male and female. Anything else is just crazy.

So called ‘dreamers’, basically illegal immigrants who wish to be rewarded with citizenship for breaking the law are threatening to leave America. They feel that the government isn’t doing enough to reward them for breaking our laws and now they feel rejected. Ah too bad……Good riddence, leave, hasta la vista baby, …Unfortunately for America this ‘threat’ is probably as empty as all the threats made by entertainers to leave America if Trump was elected. Last time I checked no entertainers had been arrested for sneaking into Canada or Mexico.

The Olympics are starting and from my point of view ‘so what’. I stopped paying attention to the Olympics decades ago for several reasons. Reason one, pro players participating in basketball, hockey etc.etc. just made the thrill of competition less thrilling and less competitive. Reason two, I realized some years back that the vast majority of Olympic athletes are nothing more than rich kids who make the Olympics a career. I remember a personal interest story back in the 1980s concerning an Olympic skater. The story showed video of this ‘typical’ teenager as she attended high school and practice. Great human interest story by some director. Except whoever planned the story should not have described this young woman as a typical teenager. She did attend high school in Beverly Hills and drove there in her new corvette. The story also stated how much sacrifice of time and money she and her parents spent with practice times, coaching, equipment etc.etc.etc. The only way a typical teenager in my neighborhood would be driving a corvette to school would be because he stole it. Olympics? Not in my hood, chances are you were working the drive thru or doing some other menial task for money to save for college. You certainly weren’t paying for coaching or equipment. Olympics are nothing more than a money scam. So frankly to Lindsey Vonn and any other anti_America athelete, I really don’t care about you or your political views.

I remember seeing a twitter post about gluten being so vilified in California that it was possible to rob a health food store armed with nothing but a bagel. Now as a public service to druggies in California the state government is issuing warnings that recent toxicology tests show there is varying amounts of gluten in meth. The report states this gluten may be hazardous to meth users who are on gluten-free diets. Wonder how long it will take California’s Governor Moon-Beam to pass a law requiring drug pushers to label meth with glutton warnings. Come on you know that idiot has to at least be thinking about it.










Talking To My Best Friend, Me………

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t talk to myself. People have told me it’s weird to do it but I always felt comfortable with it and never stopped. Recently I found out there are actually benefits to talking to yourself and I guess that means I might not be weird after-all. OK, I probably am weird but it isn’t from talking to myself.

Being a member of the male species, I have always been easily amused. Apparently when ever I may have given myself a kudo or even a thank you for doing something that made me happy I was being good to myself. According to The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, showing yourself some appreciation is actually a good way to get thru your day. I feel better now knowing that fist pump I gave myself for killing that last zombie while playing Resident Evil or hitting a walk-off homer in computer baseball was a good thing. YEAH for me.

I have often found myself giving myself a pep talk especially when trying something new or outside my usual comfort zone. As a matter of fact when I was contemplating becoming a blogger I told myself “you can do this, you should do this”. Now look at me, blogging like a mad-man. So pep talking yourself is actually a good motivational tool. Who’d a thunk it?

I hate debates. I always found them BORING whether as a participant or watching a political debate on TV. When faced with tough decisions, debating with your best friend (YOU) can help you decide which choice might be best. Seems reasonable since I believe that no-one knows me as well as, well me. I almost always have my best interests in mind when I talk to me.

Stress relief is another benefit of talking to yourself. As an old codger I find little things tend to annoy me and talking to myself convinces me to have patience and let the annoying issue go. I also growl and cuss myself when I make a mistake especially a real no brainer like maybe forgetting my pin number while at an ATM machine or a password when logging in to my PC. Now…..where was I? Grrrrrrrr………

Talking to yourself is also supposed to help you with self-awareness. Talking to you means your tapping into your subconscious and communicating with your inner self. No wonder I feel so deep and philosophical when I talk to myself.

Like a good number of people I sometimes struggle when I need to engage in difficult conversions. I hate job interviews because I am not a good salesman, not even when I need to sell myself and my abilities to a prospective employer. Rehearsing these difficult conversations to yourself maybe even in front of a mirror can help a person feel more comfortable when the real thing occurs.

The next benefit I haven’t thought about but am game to try, is a possible method for improving memory. Research has allegedly found that if you say out loud the location  where you place an object it will help you remember where you left that object. I have to try this one out, whenever I have a few too many beers I sometimes forget where I left my drink. Apparently if I remember to say out loud where I left my frosted mug I no longer have to think I drank too much because I will know where the mug is. News I can use.

Having a monologue or in my case a dialogue can also help with a person’s stress and anxiety levels. Working issues thru with your better inner half can prevent someone from getting angry enough to explode and do something potentially embarrassing, criminal or even You Tube view-able.

Finally talking to you best friend (YOU) can also help with concentration and attention span. I had a language teacher who once told me I have the attention span of a wet fart so anything that will help me in that regard I am all in. Concentration especially since I turned 60 has been a challenge although I don’t know for sure if that might be because I bore easily or just lose my train of thought. Guess I got to have a talk with me to figure that out.

Anyway, hope some of these tips can help a reader or two out there. Right now me and me are thirsty and need to share a beer. You all come back now, hear?



Measuring Success……………..

Growing older at least in my case has initiated a sense of introspection and self-examination concerning my life and experiences. I have been on this particular planet for a little over 6 decades and I readily admit I am far from perfect. Life is a constant learning experience and I do believe that is exactly what God intended when He created humans to populate the world He created. I read an article recently written by Joshua Becker concerning some new and in my opinion interesting ways to measure success in a person’s life. So please bear with me as I share some of my thoughts.

Character – Mr. Becker writes and I agree that our character is best revealed not in the public eye but when we are in private. As an example I offer politicians, they tend to promise many things to the people or groups they are speaking to but when they are successfully elected they sell their souls to special interest groups or greedy supporters. What we do when no one is watching is just as important if not more important as what we do when people are watching. Besides, as a Christian I believe God is always watching and disappointing Him is serious business.

Contentment – Contentment can be a struggle especially in our ‘you can have it all’ culture. Sorry to disappoint people but no, you really can’t have it all. For one thing the term ‘all’ usually means an endless supply of something that you believe can bring you happiness. While having it ‘all’ in certain instances is attainable, obsession with acquiring everything you might want is a road paved with unhappiness. For instance I am very happily married so I am Blessed with what I believe is a successful marriage. However for that success to continue I still need to work and nurture the marriage for sustained success and contentment. Contentment in my opinion is something we need to constantly work on. It is not something we can attain and then just take it for granted. It’s a process.

Courage – Courage is something we all need from time to time to help us get thru challenges that we encounter in life. Being able to take action to overcome and persevere when a crisis arises is difficult but necessary. Faith in God helps as well as a good support system of family and friends.

Gratitude – Gratitude always despite your circumstances is also important if you wish to lead a successful life. Instead of whining and complaining about what you might not have, try being grateful for what you do have. I am grateful for my wife, my children and my life. Would I like to travel more and see the world? Sure. Would I like to be better off financially? Sure. However I have discovered that saying Thank You for what I do have has brought me a feeling of satisfaction and happiness that complaining never brings.

Hope – Hope especially during trying times can be difficult. My wife had serious injuries after a car accident several years ago and needed spinal surgery as a result of those injuries. You bet I had hope for her recovery. She has made remarkable progress but will probably never be 100% pain-free. Every-time she tries a new medicine or even a holistic approach to deal with her chronic pain I hope for better results. She has improved but it’s still a struggle and thru prayer I still hope for her to someday be pain free.

Perseverance –  Failure is as much a part of life as success is. Failure teaches us life lessons. To continue on our path as successful people we need to learn from our mistakes and persevere to become the best person we can be.

Responsibility – A tough one here. Our society seems to embrace a mantra that seems to lead people to blame anyone but themselves for something they might have done wrong. Just look at Democrats who still blame Russia for Hillary Clinton losing America’s last Presidential election. Accepting responsibility for our mistakes is also a great way to learn and grow as a person.

Anyway, the topics listed here for judging success were the one’s I found most interesting. I would be curious if any readers had ideas and comments on how they measure personal success. Joshua Becker’s full article is linked here. If you have time give it a read.

Cranky Chronicles News Bureau…….

My editorial board made a decision to let CNN, MSNBC, FOX and other lesser known cable news outlets handle all the political news while the Cranky Chronicles concentrated on real news that our readers could use.

Canada recently committed an act of war against the United States in Easton, Md. Apparently a squadron of Canadian geese were engaged in a spying mission over the town of Easton and some Maryland hunters who suspected they might be carpet ‘bombed’ by these fowl opened fire with their shotguns. Much to the surprise of one of the hunters these Canadian geese were actually trained in kamikaze tactics because one of the downed geese plummeted directly into the hunting party injuring one of the hunters. When interviewed by news organizations the hunters said they had never encountered such violent geese before and they suspected that Canadian Special Forces might be training these geese for future missions. They warned Americans to stay vigilant and make sure to have a shotgun handy just in case.

The National Toxicology Program recently ended a ten-year, $25 million dollar study that found cell phones cause tumors in rats. This news could be devastating to major cell phone providers in America and around the world. As a matter of fact the Flox Business News channel reported Appel stock is down because they were getting ready to invest in a major marketing initiative designed to sell iPhonies to rodents. Luckily the money had not been spent yet and might be reinvested on other projects.  The NTP will now launch a new ten year study to discover if there is a direct link between cell phone users who play Candy Crush and diabetes.

Sushi the great American treat or a plot by the Japanese to avenge Nagasaki? After reading this story you decide. A Fresno, California man recently found himself in the University of California at San Francisco Hospital with severe stomach cramps and bloody diarrhea. Apparently while engaged in a colon emptying session in the privacy of his own bathroom an alien entity also escaped his derriere. At first the sick man thought it might be an alien but he went to the emergency room and showed the doctor what he had found. It turned out it was a five and a half-foot long tape worm. YIKES!!! After answering several questions the doctor found out his patient had been consuming raw fish for an extended period of time because he liked sushi and thought it was healthy. He was given medication to kill any other possible worms since they do like to reproduce and live in colonies. The doctor also strongly recommended that his patient change his diet. I may never eat fish again raw or cooked.

Now my wife loves Nutella. Nutella recently caused food riots in France when the tasty treat was put on sale by French supermarkets. Recently in Southern Germany a truck carrying 22 tons of Nutella was stolen and after a police chase the truck was abandoned by the French border. The thief/driver was nowhere to be found. My take on this heist is a Frenchmen wanted to impress his mistress with this sweet treat to let her know that he loved her enough to go to prison for her. It’s a theory and until the thief is caught no-one will know the true story. Nutella, what a treat, women fight over it in supermarkets and thieves steal it in quantity.  Forget buying gold as an investment I am going to buy all the Nutella I can lay my hands on.

Michael Ryder of Saugatuck, Michigan received a letter recently stating that he had been approved for unemployment benefits totaling $360 dollars per week. Good news right? Well maybe or maybe not. Michael Ryder happens to be a dog who was a greeter at a restaurant. After losing his job his name somehow managed to find its way into the Michigan State unemployment benefits system. Ryder’s owner whose name is Michael got a laugh out of the letter and reported the error. Ryder will therefore receive no benefits but if he ever finds himself homeless I guess he can rest easy because the state of Michigan will lend him a hand.

As always all of these stories have some basis in truth. They contain some facts, some fiction and a lot of whimsy.