Kindness, Try Some Today…….

four people wearing blue crew neck shirts standing on lawn

Unless you are a narcissist, a politician or Hillary Clinton you have probably noticed that committing random acts of kindness is a good thing. Not only are you helping someone else but you’re making you feel better.

The other day going thru a McDonald’s Drive thru I was surprised that when I arrived at Window #1, my coffee order had been paid for by the person in front of me. WOW!!! Never had that happen to me before. A complete stranger gifted me a cup of coffee. I paid for the car behind me to keep the good feeling going, after checking to make sure the driver was alone. OK maybe I am a little cheap, if it was a mini-van with a half-dozen screaming little people (I don’t mean Dwarfs) I admit I might not have paid. Anyway the person behind me had a small order but paying for that order gave me a big smile and a happy feeling. Since I was on my way to the miserable job I need to pay my bills and continue my blogging experience, the whole episode got my day off to a good start.

So, if kindness makes us feel better, why does it seem to be in short supply. Not sure what the answer is to that question, but in an attempt to encourage more kindness in today’s world I would like to list the reasons why kindness can make us feel GREAT!!!

Smiling: I smiled when I realized my coffee had been paid for by a complete stranger and I also smiled because I was doing the same kindness for the person behind me. Smiling is a great way to start the day. I know I try to smile as often as I can throughout my day, sometimes I even laugh at myself just to try to have a more stress free day. Also, I admit since I work in IT and have to deal with computer users on occasion I also laugh at those users when I come across people who just don’t have common sense. Yeah I know, I guess that isn’t in the customer service code of conduct rules but dang it, some people just be stupid. Anyway, smiling whenever and wherever and however you can is definitely a good thing.

Doing a Good Deed: I remember one time while standing in line to pay at a restaurant and the line was at a stand-still. I heard raised voices at the register, and it came to my attention that the cashier was yelling at a customer because they did not have enough money to pay for their meal. Now I will admit my first thought was this customer was a slacker and was causing a commotion probably in an attempt to get something for nothing. Cooler heads prevailed as a kindly gentleman in line paid the amount owed so the cashier wouldn’t call police and the customer could be on their way. Then a thought occurred to me, maybe that customer was on a strict budget and just miscalculated how much money they had. I figured if they really were attempting to get a free meal they could have just left the restaurant at anytime without waiting in line to pay. I felt bad for  having a negative thought initially, but then I smiled because someone much nicer than I had the good sense to be kind.

You Just Might Make a Friend: Committing an act of kindness might also lead to meeting new people who become a friend or acquaintance. For instance, I remember a night out at one of my favorite drinking establishments when I prowled the dark streets of Philadelphia. I was sitting at the bar enjoying a cold one while a guy next to me was chatting with a young lady who was seated next to him. I was watching sports on TV and not really following their conversation but my attention was diverted when this young lady launched a right cross that Mike Tyson would have been proud of, and knocked the patron next to me off the bar stool and onto the floor. Apparently the guy had said something he shouldn’t have to this woman and she let him have it. When he picked himself up off the floor he was angry and took a step toward the young lady who had decked him. Now I ain’t the hero type but I stepped in front of him and held him until a bouncer could escort him from the premises. No harm, no foul and the young woman bought me a cold beer for my effort. We began talking and she actually was a new employee at the bar. Now we never dated or hooked up, but whenever I returned to that bar I always knew a cold beer was waiting for me as well as some good conversation. Hey, you really can meet new people at odd times.

Self Esteem: All that kindness you are creating will have an excellent effect on your self-esteem. You will feel better, the person or people you’re helping will feel better. What could be better than that. Practicing acts of kindness can be uplifting, make you happy and bring you joy. It can give you a sense of worth because you are actually doing something that makes an impact large or small in someone else’s life. At the very least the person you help will be sharing the story of your help with others just like I am doing.

What Goes Around Comes Around: We have all heard about karma. Bad karma produces bad results because we commit bad acts that impact others in a negative way. Good karma produces good results because of something we do good for others. I had a free coffee and that triggered a free happy meal for the person behind me and that person may have kept the good times rolling by buying something for someone behind them and so on and so forth. Somewhere in that line of goodness at the Drive Thru there may have been someone having a really awful day but, an act of kindness in that line made them smile or feel a little better even if it was only for a few minutes. That sort of positive act might just come back to you when you need it at some point in your daily journey. You never know….

Anyway, that is my blog for today. Kindness, go ahead and give it a try. Doesn’t cost much and the rewards can be plentiful. Till next time……

Texting Is Hazardous….

beautiful cute female girl

I live in a largely rural area. York, Pa. is the closest ‘large’ city. I grew up in Philadelphia where some neighborhoods were larger than York so I guess size is relative. When I travelled the streets of Philly especially downtown, getting thru intersections with my car was a challenge. Pedestrians tended to cross streets in large herds. Basically you needed to inch your vehicle forward slowly, beeping the horn and on occasion hurling a few colorful expletives at the herd members if you hoped to cross the intersection before the light turned RED again. In my younger/crazier days I had a Camaro with a security system that sounded very much like an emergency vehicle siren. I had a switch installed so I could sound the alarm at will. Pedestrians would clear the intersection a little quicker when I hit that switch. Good times…. Back in those days everyone in the city did not have a cell phone. People had to walk the streets distracted by their own thoughts, maybe a pretty girl’s looks or just concentrating on walking and chewing gum at the same time. Now however, cell phones are everywhere.

While it is illegal just about everywhere to text and drive or even talk on a cell phone without hands free technology, walking and texting or looking at your cell phone is perfectly legal. Bad idea, technology is making people stupid especially the people who seem addicted to their cell phones. Hold on a minute, I just got a text…….. As a species it has been well documented that humans have always had difficulty walking and chewing gum at the same time. What makes humanity think that they can walk and text at the same time? No need to answer, that was rhetorical. Yet people wander all throughout their area looking at that iPhone and still attempt to travel without bumping into other people who are equally distracted. Heck, I am surprised some insurance company hasn’t come up with the idea to issue personal protection insurance for pedestrian hit and runs caused by other pedestrians. Bet it could be a money-maker.

Apparently all this multi-tasking by pedestrians has led to a sharp increase in pedestrians being killed or injured by cars. WOW, what a surprise…Wait a minute no it’s not. Basically as a blogging service announcement I would like my readers to put the dang phone down while they are walking city streets. Crazy people like me might just  accidentally mow you down if you’re not paying attention to me while I am driving. Just a warning. For drivers, here is a useful tip. If you do find that you have accidently run over a distracted pedestrian, check you vehicle for damage. If damage is minimal use your cell phone (after pulling over and parking in a safe place) and find the nearest car wash that uses Shammy Shine technology. For my money they are the best choice for removing blood, guts, fleshy bits and bone fragments from your ride. Don’t take my word for it, try them today. Yeah I know another example of a shameless plug for a product or service.

Anyway my fellow pedestrians, stay alert because the world needs more lerts. Heard that somewhere. That message, call or text ain’t more important than your health. Trust me on that. Thus endth today’s lesson.

A text only version of today’s blog has been included for you free of charge. Just re-read the blog and close your eyes when the picture appears. Enjoy…………….Stay Safe People!!!

Research for today’s blog was acquired from the movie Creepshow 2. Specifically the episode entitled ‘Thanks for the Ride Lady”. It actually captures the dangers of driving and walking while distracted quite nicely.

Rules For Women………….

woman wearing pink top

Found a lot of stories on the Internet about men behaving badly and how women are not putting up with masculinity and such. Wondered why I don’t ever remember seeing rules written by guys for women to follow when it seems women have more than enough rules for men to follow. So here goes ladies, oh if you are a feminazi you might want to cover your ears:

1- Learn how to work the darn toilet seat. You’re an adult. When you need it down put it down.

2- When a man is watching sports he is actually doing something Leave him alone he is busy. If he is also drinking a beer then he is multitasking so if you’re not willing to get him a refill from the fridge, LEAVE HIM ALONE. Unless your request has something to do with sex.

3- Shopping is not a sport. Women’s stores do not have a sporting goods or electronics section. Think about your partner’s needs before bringing him along on a shopping excursion.

4- Crying during a discussion or argument is BLACKMAIL. Last time I checked blackmail was illegal. So if you want to avoid arrest, no crying.

5- Ask for what you want clearly and precisely. Men cannot read your mind. Hints are too much like work for a man to decipher.

6- Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers for most questions. Explanations are boring.

7- If you have a problem, come to us for a resolution only. Sympathy is what your gal pals are for.

8- A headache that lasts for a year or more may be a sign of a serious medical condition. Your partner loves you so please, see a doctor.

9- There is a statute of limitations after six days for anything we might have said during an argument. After that time period what we said is null and void.

10- If something we said can be interpreted two different ways and one of those ways made you sad or angry just remember, we probably meant the other way.

11- If we ask you what is wrong and you say “Nothing”. Well that’s your answer, don’t blame us for believing you if you didn’t really mean it.

12- Don’t ask your man what he might be thinking about unless you are ready to discuss sports, guns, or sex.

Just doing my part as a blogger to help with the man/woman dynamic. God knows it is tougher these days more than ever to keep a harmonious relationship in harmony. If any men have suggestions that I missed please share. If any women would like to comment feel free to do so.

Alternate History……………

adult blur books close up

Currently I am reading a book written by G.T. Almasi that is a combination of Science Fiction, Alternate History and full of action. The main character is a woman spy who makes Rambo look like a conscientious objector. If this type of book fits your version of a fun read it is called the Shadow-Storm series.

Anyway the book got me thinking about history and how the world might be different right now, if certain historical events had turned out differently. For instance in the book I’m reading, Germany won WWII and to make peace with the rest of the world German Officers and politicians had Hitler assassinated. Germany controls Europe and the Middle East. Interesting how different the world would be if that were true.

One thought I had, what if Hillary had married O.J. Simpson instead of Bill. Would O.J. have been President? Or

would Bernie Sanders now be in the White House? Fun to speculate isn’t it?

How about the Civil War? Supposed the South had won. South America would be anything South of the Mason-Dixon line. I always thought it might be cool to participate in a Civil War re-enactment since Gettysburg is close to where I live. If by chance I played a Southern soldier I would try to convince my fellow actors to do something different, like win the battle of Gettysburg for a change. All that losing has to be annoying. What the heck, the tourists would have a memorable time with that I’m sure. Anyway, I wandered off there, sorry.

If Lenin or Marx were killed would Russia have remained a monarchy? Would France still be a monarchy if the French Revolution never took place? If Jesus would have come to us before the Jewish or Islamic religions were created would the world now be 100% Christian?

So many scenarios, so many questions. History can be a valuable teaching tool for those of us living in the present. Too many times it seems, people want to re-write history or place today’s rules and changes on the past to make the past seem evil and not worthy of study. I think these folks are being very short-sighted. History is full of victories, defeats, horrible crimes and wonderful times. In short, history is what it is because we in the present cannot change the past. We cannot presume to rethink and rewrite history because we feel an era or decision from the past was wrong or done for the wrong reasons. Right or wrong, good or bad our past is what it is. A guide for us to help us avoid past mistakes. An owner’s manual for living a better future. I urge you to embrace and study history intently. Blemishes and all, it really is a collection of great stories that happen to be true.

Just my humble opinion. Thanks for reading. Hey if any interesting alternate history thoughts enter your mind feel free to share.

How To Avoid Lead Poisoning…………………….

Hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Anyway, I thought it was funny. Sometimes it ain’t easy being me………

The picture doesn’t have much to do with today’s blog but I posted it anyway because I thought it was funny, and of course this here is my blog and I’ll post what I want to.

Now onto a rather serious topic. How to avoid getting lead poisoning, and by lead poisoning I mean shot. To be even more specific, shot DEAD:

1- Don’t Commit Suicide.  Seems like a no brainer but according to the CDC or Suicide Prevention not sure which group 63% of suicides are committed with the use of a fire-arm. Don’t do it!!! Seek help.

2- Don’t Engage in Road Rage. You might not find out until it is too late that the idiot who just cut you off on the highway is actually armed and dangerous. The lesser of two evils here would be, it’s OK to picture that moron with his head separated from his body but don’t attempt to actually do that to him/her. You will live to decapitate another day and that can’t be all bad.

3- Do Not Join a Gang. Seems like common sense. Gang members usually end up in jail or in a cemetery. Neither place has 5 star accommodations or discounts with your AAA or AARP membership.

4- Do Not Buy or Sell Drugs. OK, seems reasonable. Drug dealers and gun violence do seem to go together like Charlie Sheen and Meth. Don’t do drugs or buy drugs from undocumented pharmacists and you just might not get shot.

5- Stay Away From Gun Free Zones: Sad to say 98% of mass shootings take place in gun free zones. Imagine that, crazy people with guns don’t respect gun free zones. Also avoid any establishment that forbids patrons to have a gun even though they have a carry permit. Businesses who do not support the 2nd amendment are as useless as gun-free zones..

6- Do Not Associate With Criminals. Remember the old black & white movie about the St. Valentine’s Day massacre? No? Well look it up anyway. Seems like several victims of that massacre were not actual gangsters but people who thought it would be cool to hang around gangsters. OOPS, cool maybe, dangerous, you betcha.

Look, in today’s world we need to protect ourselves and our loved ones by being vigilant. Common sense is the best deterrent you can have. If a situation doesn’t feel right, get out of there. If someone looks and acts like a thug, avoid them. I would rather have them angry at me for hurting their feelings than be injured or killed because I didn’t listen to my inner voice when it warned me something wasn’t quite right. If you see a gun as a tool and have common sense learn how to use it and if your confident enough, get a carry permit. Don’t carry it looking for a fight, carry the gun as a deterrent in case you find yourself in a SHTF situation. I take gun safety seriously, I take protecting myself and my family seriously. Everyone should. Be safe my friends.

Holy Climate Change!!!!

Pope Francis intervened several times in the case of Alfie Evans, the terminally-ill British toddler who died on Saturday

Alright let me get this out-of-the-way. From the time I almost drowned in a Baptismal Fount until about 30 years of age I was a Catholic. I was the quintessential practicing Catholic because I admit I didn’t exactly follow church doctrine and law to the letter. So even though I grew up and became a Christian, I still remember a thing or two about being a Catholic. So if my blog seems like I might be attempting to insult Catholics and their Pope, well you just might be right. I believe that is exactly what I will try to do, in a fun way of course.

Recently Pope Francis, Frank for the purposes of today’s blog, recently met with executives from the oil and power sectors. Frank believes we need to devise a long-term strategy to save the world from global climate change. In the old days, before the world renown showman Albert Francis Gore made polar bears the star in his ‘Inconvenient Truth’ movie, climate change was just known as weather. Al made millions peddling his BS science theory that oceans will rise and man-kind OOPS, people-kind (Wife says I need to be nicer in my blogging, so how is that for inclusiveness?) will be destroyed. Of course he made that prediction many years ago and well, I do believe the world is still here. As a matter of fact, Al bought himself a mansion on a beach somewhere so I guess he ain’t too worried. Anyway, I don’t believe in Climate Change, Global Warming or any other nonsense that has only served to make Al Gore rich and Bill Nye look like a total idiot. I think all the theories that we humans are destroying the world are nothing short of a way for wealthy elites to control the masses. That’s my theory and mine alone and I’m sticking with it. I personally intend on leaving a carbon footprint behind that is so big even the Gods will see it and smile.

Back to Pope Frank who believes the Paris Climate Accords will save the world and civilization. Funny, I would have figured a man of God as close to God as any man can be, might believe God would save the world. Somehow, however Frank believes a bunch of snail eating, wine guzzling, cheese consuming surrender monkeys hold the key to saving the world. HUH….Color me surprised. The Accords are a joke, they are not binding and they allow every nation except America to pollute at will to ensure those nations can surpass America and America’s economic dominance. In other words the document is meant to penalize America for being economically strong while other nations that are economically challenged, usually because the governments in those nation’s are corrupt and evil become economically viable. Point of fact, America already does more to combat the false narrative of Climate Change than any other nation on Earth. Again, my theory and opinion.

Alright, enough with the political theories and opinions on weather Climate Change. I would now like to offer some suggestions on how Pope Frank can lead by example if he really believes civilization is ending. OK Frank how about:

1- Replace all incense burned in Catholic Churches with organic, gluten-free, Rosemary. That incense I smelled all those years serving as an altar boy probably damaged my lungs and I want to give back to the Catholic community by sparing today’s altar boys & girls from the same lung damage.

2- Church Wine. Replace that nasty tasting Church wine with wine made from organic grapes crushed by the beautiful feet of virgin Italian women in Rome. As a family blog the women should be between the ages of 18 and 30, possess some dancing talent and have the same breast measurements as Sophia Loren. Not sure but, all those requirements have got to be able to contribute to making a better tasting wine than the rot-gut used in Catholic Churches world-wide. The energy those lasses use to make the wine would certainly be non-polluting.

3- Natural heating for churches and even the Vatican could be attained by burning heretics and witches at the stake and funneling the heat from the fires into the buildings.  Burning these church evil-doers at the stake would bring back a time-honored church tradition and turning this tradition into an environmentally natural heating method would help the world and Catholicism.

4- Just a personal suggestion Frank, you could personally stop talking in public and private concerning matters that you have no expert knowledge about like economics, weather or politics. As a matter of fact if the topic is not based on something Biblical you might want to stop producing the useless hot air you expel when you talk. My goodness the hot air you produce talking about Climate Change alone must be equal to 10 farting cows expelling gaseous fumes. STOP IT. If it ain’t religion related, don’t say it. That is all I am suggesting.

Alright, those are my suggestions and I hope Frank the Pope takes them to heart in the spirit in which they are given. If not well, that’s life. Come on Frank, you know what they say, when criticism hits you in the eye like a big pizza pie, that’s me blogginggggg……………

OW, what the he%# I think I’m on fire. How the heck……………………………………………………….

Hey Man, Got Some Extra Charmin???

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well the ‘artistic’ exhibit pictured above is currently on display at the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam the Netherlands. Now I ain’t an artistic type person but I know ‘sh#%’ when I see it and brother, that sure looks like sh$# to me. Not only do museum goers get to walk thru this excrement display they are encouraged to do so nude. If you have a problem with your body image the museum provides ‘naked’ skin tone costumes you can put on over your clothing. Well now, that sure is nice of them Rottweilers (not sure, is that what they call citizens of Rotterdam?). I sure hope this exhibit isn’t a scratch and sniff display. That would be too realistic. By the way the 4 giant turds, sculptures take up 16,000 square feet of space and are actually created from clay. The museum’s curator describes the display as a “powerful example of humor and simplification”. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, my review would probably be more earthy and bohemian with a few colorful metaphors thrown in.

Allegedly Ernest Hemingway once said “never mistake creativity for art”. I believe Ernie may have been right on target with that comment. Modern art seems to be filled with concepts that I believe would make even Picasso lose his mind. Take for instance:

Performance art frankly it  just confuses my brain. Artist Millie Brown vomits colored soy milk onto a canvas as her ‘painting’ technique. Very original, definitely different and well,,,,totally disgusting. Ironically enough her ‘artwork’ has been displayed in New York and Los Angeles galleries. Apparently many modern artists are embracing conceptual and performance art. Paintings and sculptures are now classified as visual art since they were intended  for people who like looking at images. DOH, really? Hey the research I did explained visual art that way, I sure didn’t make that explanation up. Conceptual art and performance art are designed to elicit an almost immediate response from the museum going public. Visual art might require a museum goer to look at the art for some period of time before making a determination as to what the artist was trying to say.

For a new type of realism/performance art, artist Marina Abramovic has a work entitled “The Artist is Present”. Marina’s piece is herself, literally sitting in a chair in the gallery while patrons pass by or if they would like to become a piece of art they can sit in a chair opposite her and stare to their hearts content.  Now I know most artists sell their work, I wonder if someone bought this piece if they would also have to provide room, board and meals. Just a question I had, the article writer hasn’t e-mailed me back with an answer yet. Apparently this particular work was on display for 3 weeks. Me-thinks her first stop after seven hours a day sitting was the Ladies Room but hey what do I know.

Anyway, I have included links to the sites I used for research. The sites contain many examples of modern art such as vacuum cleaners, a box of Brillo pads, balloon animals and one of my personal favorites 4 models getting their butts painted. Oh there is also a candle made of sh%#. Hope that museum in Rotterdam has a good sprinkler system. I didn’t know sh%# was flammable. Indeed, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As for me I know several women who are enjoying painting classes. Their work is easy to figure out, is far from disgusting and I don’t have to stare at it for hours attempting to find the true meaning. Art is supposed to be enjoyable, so enjoy it.

Research from :


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Have a nice day and thanks for reading. If by chance you’re on a high fiber diet, may I suggest keeping a fire extinguisher handy near the potty.  Especially if you are a smoker and purchase the candle mentioned in the ad. Safety first don’t ya know…






Inconvenient Recycling Facts………….

File:Trash Recycling with Disposal Containers.jpg

When I was a little lad I remember my Dad getting his beer and my coke from a Beer & Soda distributor  in glass bottles that were returned to the distributor when empty and then reused by the beverage company. Seemed like a fair deal at the time, reuse a container over and over again, no muss, no fuss, no recycle container needed, just take it back where you bought it. Heck, to earn extra money and the value of working for that money I collected old newspapers, metal, even rags and took them to the local junk yard (these places weren’t called recycling centers yet), where my offerings were weighed and I received some cash for my labor. Again no muss, a little fuss and no recycle container needed. Somehow all that environmental mindset changed when corporations and government decided to force people and waste companies to do the recycling, corporations originally did as part of everyday business. What exactly has the recycling effort done for Mother Earth since corporate and government entities forced recycling onto the populace? Well the answer is actually quite surprising and in my view ironic.

Take recycled paper for instance. I have worked in computer rooms for over 40 years and in the old days of mainframe computers many data centers had print rooms which created reports from the numbers the computers crunched. When a company attempted to save money  by using recycled paper, lets just say there was quite a bit of colorful metaphors uttered by me and my co-workers. The recycled paper was thin, very thin and very prone to cause paper jams. The paper also tore too easily and all in all was one pain in the you know what to use. In modern times Penn & Teller did a show on Showtime that basically chronicled the travels of paper from recycle bin to recycle center back to consumer. Basically if I remember correctly colorful ads on recycled paper were produced by environmentally conscious advertising companies and mailed to people in communities that forced citizens to recycle. The citizen more times than not throws the colorful  ad made of recycled paper into the recycle bin and the paper is picked up on trash day. The colorful paper is delivered to a recycling center and recycled into colorful paper again, resold to an environmentally conscious ad company who creates ads that are mailed to citizens where recycling is enforced and well you get the idea. The recycled paper is recycled, again, again and again…….. Plastic bottles, aluminum cans, you name it and the recycled item is recycled again and again and attains a kind of recycled immortality.

Some enviro-nazi might say “but we’re saving trees by recycling that paper”. My reply after researching that comment would be “er, no we’re not really saving trees by recycling paper because trees are now planted that are used specifically for making paper”. Almost 90+% of our paper comes from virgin pulp produced by tree farms. Plastic bottle recycling actually takes more energy to produce a recycled bottle than it does to produce a new plastic bottle. Strange but true. Ironic? Yes, yes it is. As a matter of fact the only recycling that seems to be working is recycling aluminum and metal cans. That recycling actually saves energy and resources. Apparently another ironic stat concerns the fact 40% of items placed in recycle bins by citizens ends up in landfills anyway because the market for recycled products is actually small. So Penn & Teller are probably correct in pointing out that the same recycled items are constantly recycled over and over again.

Oh, that 40% of recycled items that end up in landfills also ends up in landfills because it costs as much as 3 times more to recycle those items than just bury them in a landfill. Sanitation costs average 50 to 60 dollars a ton for someone to pickup your trash and bury it in a landfill. To pickup and recycle that trash would cost approximately 150 dollars a ton. So basically the recycle business is not cost-effective. The higher cost is based on transportation, sorting, cleaning and recycling the item for reuse.

So in summary, recycling might feel good. Recycling might offer a few benefits for our planet, but all in all recycling just isn’t the answer that enviro-nazis want us to believe it is. Yep, recycling is just another feel good program and like many feel good programs it offers little return on the investment of time, money and effort.

The views expressed in this blog are mine and mine alone. These opinions and observations are based on what I know, research and have experienced.

Real Americans vs Progressives, The Fight is On………..

Opinions are like a##-holes and elbows, everybody has one. I heard that saying as a little kid and I guess being an impressionable young man it stuck with me. Now more than ever it seems to be true as roughly half of America is conservative and half of America are lying, cheating, commie…er progressive. Frankly I don’t see myself as a conservative, I describe myself as a common sense American who happens to be a registered Independent. I happen to believe politicians are by definition evil and corrupt. There are a few that I would trust but most of them ain’t worth bull nuggies when it comes right down to it. The majority govern for their own power, wealth and for special interest groups. Ironic that many special interest groups are well, just not that interested in America except for what they can gain from ruling the citizenry.

One thing politicians have unfortunately succeeded at is dividing the country and feeding that division with more inflamed rhetoric, insane ideas and misguided governing. For instance civil disobedience in the form of violent protesting, riots and staged protests have become commonplace. Trouble is these forms of resistance just make people angry and instead of uniting people in the name of working out differences peacefully, people just get angrier and more frustrated at their opponents. Protests by a large segment of the population dishonor America and Americans who honor and love their country. Again, unity is difficult because our politicians fan the flames of anger and keep people fighting and arguing with one another in a thus far all too successful plan to keep citizens divided.

This sort or governing by division and favoring one group over another gave us the close election for President between President Trump and Dictator Madame President Wannabe Hillary C. A marginalized group identified as bitter clingers and deplorable people rose up and said enough is enough. I want my country back. I will no longer be accused of being evil, racist or any other adjectives socialist, commie  er progressives say we are. Luckily for those people and I proudly admit to being in their ranks, Hillary lost and The Donald won.

Like I said opinions, everyone has them. Apparently after roughly 18 months Hillary and her evil supporters are still crying about the loss and blaming everyone except themselves and Hillary who was probably the most despised and hated Democrat to run for office in all our history. So here we are. A nation where half the populace believes freedom of speech should be censored, freedom of religion is discrimination and the right to bear arms and defend ones-self is evil. Doesn’t sound like there is much common ground for true Americans to unify when their progressive counter-parts are willing to freely suspend or surrender God-given rights to our politicians. Everyone has an opinion but everyone can’t be right. God given rights are just that. Given to us God-fearing and worshiping people  to enable us to lead good lives and defend those lives from tyranny.

While everyone is entitled to and has their opinion, the progressives are wrong. Surrendering rights for any ideology is not a valid opinion or argument. Opening borders to destroy a central core American culture that has endured for centuries is not a valid opinion or argument. Penalizing America and it’s citizens because mistakes may have been made in our history is not a valid opinion or argument. Impeaching a legally elected President because a disenfranchised segment of Americans voted for him to preserve their view of America is not a valid opinion or argument. Resisting that President and his supporters because their views, plans and the President’s campaign promises are helping Americans even the Americans who despise him is not a valid opinion or argument.

Many people who voted and disagreed with Obama wern’t racist they just didn’t agree with his idology and ideas while he attempted to destroy and ruin America. When a better choice was offered they voted for that choice. That isn’t opinion, conjecture or theory. The proof is there for all to see. The fact the progressive/liberal elements in our nation cannot be swayed by absolutely true facts prove that their opinions and arguments are not valid. They have been shown a batter way to do things in America and they still resist. Therefore the only opinion common sense Americans can have is, these people are misguided, insane or seek to destroy America by any means necessary to implement their failed ideas. Their ideology doesn’t represent unity and a better America. Their ideology promises misery for all except the political class and their wealthy enablers. These progressives are not resisters, they are America’s enemies. Just my humble opinion and after-all everyone has one.

The opinions expressed in this blog are mine and mine alone. They were formed by what I read, research and have experienced. Comments in favor of against are welcome.