Why Do You Always Say That?……………..

The title above came to mind while I was reviewing an article on communication. The article mentioned that a good way to start an argument was usually to ask “Why do you always say that?”. I prefer to think of this question as a comment on why certain people or groups of people do or say things that just make me think WHAT THE HECK?

Politicians – Our previous President used to say ‘That is not who we are”. Really, sir. Just how would you know who we really are. You skated thru elite prep schools, got a free ride to the Ivy League and never actually had what might be called a real job. Just what qualified or qualifies you to know who the American people really are?

Protesting NFL Players – They kneel and disrespect the American flag and then when fans complain they say “I don’t think the fans understand”. Ah, yes, yes we do. We understand that you are protesting the flag of a country that gave you the ability to be filthy rich and yet you believe you are oppressed. We do understand and we reject your protest.

Wealthy Entertainers – “President Trump is evil and whoever voted for him is evil too.” Thanks for the insult but, unlike a majority of idiots who seem to care about entertainers and their lives I do not. I also don’t give a rats rear end what they think of me. But I am glad when they open their pie-holes to insult me because that means I know not to support their movies or entertainment specialty by spending money on seeing or listening to them.

Atheists – “There is no God why are you a Christian and why do I need to tolerate your faith?” Well one reason is freedom of religion you jack-a-lope. The other reason is I tolerate your opinion concerning God but only if you also tolerate my opinion concerning God. Otherwise you are annoying me and stepping on my rights, not a safe place for you to be standing by the way since I take my rights very seriously.

Gender Confused or Gender Fluid People – Look folks you are either male or female, period!!! You don’t get to decide which, your birth already took care of that decision. There is no “I identify as a male/female today.” I don’t care who or what you feel like, use the correct bathroom or you might just wake up in an ER somewhere with no memory of how you got there. CAPEESH? Gender Fluid? Sounds like something that needs changed every 6 months like motor oil.

Mainstream Media – “A poll of uneducated voters…..” Yeah, what you really mean are normal common everyday citizens who don’t agree with you, right? Come on now. Be honest. Sorry I forgot, honesty in journalism doesn’t exist anymore. Hey I guess I just proved my point, I know your dishonest and a pawn for certain politicians so I guess I am smarter than you think.

Professional Sports Team’s GM or Owner – “We’re not tanking or intentionally losing.” Really, could have fooled me. When you jettison your best players and go with unknowns and players with less than stellar histories then you are quite likely losing intentionally.

Professional Athletes Caught Doping – “I don’t know how that could have happened” or “I never intentionally took Performance Enhancing Drugs.”   OH BOY!!! You got caught. Admit you cheated and move on. The only person responsible for your predicament is YOU. No one else. Even if you depended on someone else to give you supplements the drug test was your’s to take so you should have been more diligent. I repeat, admit you cheated and move on.

Gun Control Advocates – “We need to ban guns to make schools safer.” Yikes, since school shootings take place is ‘gun free zones’ why would banning guns be a logical solution? Armed security, carry permits for those who are mature enough to handle a gun, or law enforcement who actually will respond appropriately to a tragic situation are solutions.

Nonsensical thought-provoking thought of the day: If your socks are not in your shoes, don’t look for them in Heaven.









Behave?, I Will If You Will……….

I love my wife because in many ways we are polar opposites and that is actually a good thing. As we have progressed thru our marriage and have formed and expressed opinions on everything from politics to decorating to whatever it might be, we have discussed and sometimes VIGOROUSLY discussed a variety of subjects. One constant has been the fact she has more liberal leaning friends than I do and when we attend a social gathering with these folks I know I will hear “Behave yourself”!!! Well I have warned her that since I have reached my early sixties I am no longer willing to behave myself while in the presence of opinionated, demeaning, insulting leftists. I have just plain had enough of keeping quiet while some misinformed moron spouts opinionated gibberish as if it were indisputable truth.

Look, I recognize we all have opinions. Those opinions have been formed by many things: personal experience, what we see and read, research, other people’s opinions that we might believe are correct, like I said many things. Problem is we are almost totally polarized into two opposing viewpoints on just about everything. I personally believe our government wants it that way so we are too busy fighting and arguing among ourselves to see how corrupt and evil our representatives have become. One side likes tradition and what America stands for. The other side wants to change America into some kind of new and improved version of  itself. Both sides feel they are right and don’t agree on much of anything. Neither side wants to hear what the other has to say. Polarized? You betcha.

Instead of civil debate we have name calling, riots against free speech, political correctness, anti fascist groups who ironically use fascist methods to get their point across, STOP THE INSANITY!!! I tried being a nice guy and letting the so-called opposition govern for 8 years with a racist/socialist in the White House. It didn’t work, it made things worse and it proved to me that the government wants nothing less than complete power over me and how I live. Sorry politicians you can’t have that power. I won’t allow you to wield it over me. You already have more power over my life than you deserve.

I know some people will disagree with what I just posited because there are a great many people out there that believe the government needs more power over its citizens. OK believe what you want. You are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to my opinion. See that, it is called agreeing to disagree. Once upon a time it was often the common ground reached when political disagreements occurred. We need that civility back again.

The left, for a lack of a better descriptive term tells me not to judge others on the color of their skin, nation of origin, gender fluidity and a bunch of other reasons. Fair enough but why then do your chosen candidates judge me as deplorable, racist whether I know it or not, trans-phobic because I believe there are only two genders and heartless because I believe illegal immigrants should not be rewarded for being criminals. I won’t judge you if you don’t judge me. Fair is fair. Screaming at me, accusing me of being evil and whatever else you can think of while ignoring facts contrary to your opinion is not going to get you anywhere. It certainly won’t convince me that your viewpoint is correct and it might also lead me to decide you deserve a punch in the snout. Keep things civil and I will too.

I find irony is unfortunately very prevalent in American politics and society.  One group feels illegals are victims of a heartless system that just won’t forgive them for breaking the law by coming to America illegally. Funny, I believe the real victims are the legal immigrants who follow the rules and relocate according to those rules. How would rewarding lawbreakers not make these law-abiding people victims? Sorry you followed the rules now get to the back of the line……

More irony presents itself with the belief by many that white America is totally racist. Oh really, I do believe many white people dies in the Civil War to help free slaves, I also believe and know from studying history that there were even black southerners who owned slaves. Funny never hear about that. Heck my ancestors did not own slaves or make money from cotton but many politicians believe I owe reparations to black Americans because of slavery. Interesting view-point but like I said, I never owned a slave and today’s black population certainly never picked any cotton. I therefore owe you NOTHING. Another fact I can’t dismiss is, if America is so totally racist how did Obama even get elected not once but twice. Seems to me white America would have never allowed that to happen if we were that racist. Am I missing something here? Don’t judge me by the color of my skin but by the content of my character and I will continue to do the same in return.

There are plenty of examples of how people have become committed to their political doctrine in America and can’t agree. Like I said I believe the Feds want it that way. All the more reason to hope and pray civility comes back to America and it’s citizens unite and force our political class to govern by what is good for all of America. The politics of division and hatred is never going to solve anything and will just lead to anarchy and chaos. Please America, it’s time to come together for the good of everyone.

Today’s nonsensical thought-provoking thought of the day is: “Though the hippopotamus has no stinger in his tail, the wise man would rather be sat on by the bee.”

Social Media Zombies………..

I heard a sports talk DJ state that he believed Twitter would someday lead to the end of civilization. While I believe there just might be enough common sense guided people out there to prevent social media Armageddon, I can readily see why that radio host felt that way.

I admit I have never used Twitter nor have I ever seen a use for Twitter. However, just about everybody who is anybody and even nobody has used Twitter to express their opinions and share their lives. Twitter has helped idiots get noticed when they express their idiotic views on everything from politics, to gun control to whatever you can think of. From what I have read a vast majority of Twitter users and their followers would be better served by these individuals being silent. Twitter just appears to be a platform for idiocy and frankly I can do without it.

YouTube is another platform that has unfortunately become populated by mindless fools who think they are being cool by eating Tide detergent pods, performing stupid stunts and well pardon my French but just showing off what kind of jackasses they can be. Very rarely do I indulge in a video from YouTube and that is a shame in that it could be a powerful educational tool if they would just filter the morons off their platform. Alas censorship is not what I support so I guess idiots are going to continue to populate YouTube forever.

Facebook used to be an interesting social media platform until it’s creator became a political pundit. His progressive views are colored by the fact he has more money than God and he will never ever have to live like common folk in the socialist, border free country he preaches about. Facebook has also become a little creepy by tracking users habits while on-line and storing that data for who knows what reason. I still use Facebook from time to time but I have definitely taken a step back on how much times I devote to the platform.

I know there are other social media platforms out there but again I am not interested nor do I find them necessary to use in my life. Funny how things change over the course of time. Once upon a time people seriously defended their right to privacy and now many people are only too happy to share their private lives with complete strangers on social media. One good thing about this willingness to share is it exposes complete imbeciles for what and who they are. For instance, athletic poster child for the look at me generation of pro sports O’Dell Beckham was recently found on social media to be attending a party where lines of a recreational pharmaceutical was in plain view. I’m sure if questioned the drugs were not his, after all they all say that. Clearly however he doesn’t believe you can be judged by the company you keep. I guess having million dollar athletic talent doesn’t prevent you from having a 10 cent brain. Another recent example I read about was a Facebook user who shortly after murdering his wife decided the first thing he needed to do was, change his Facebook status to ‘single’. Thank God for stupid criminals I guess. I’m sure social media morons like Beckham and the idiot murderer are far from isolated incidents.

Social media has many good uses, but like our society there are unfortunately too many people who want their 15 minutes of fame and are quite willing to do anything to attain that fame. Sad really, seems like technology has exceeded our common sense abilities to use it properly. I know God must be laughing somewhere at what a mess his creations are making on social media.

Nonsensical thought-provoking thought of the day: “You could read the whole library my son, but the cheese will probably still smell after four days with no refrigeration.”




I’m Not Sure But…………


COEXIST, you see these bumper stickers on cars almost everywhere you go. I have often found the sentiment to be nothing more than Utopian BS but to each their own. Apparently the C = Islam, O = Pacifism, E = Gender equality, X = Judaism, I – Wicca, S = Taoism and T = Christianity. So lets examine this word a bit closer. C for all it’s attempts to portray itself as a religion of peace would like to kill X and T. O would let C accomplish this task because O represents a movement with members who are useless in a fight and don’t believe in self-defense or defending anyone else either. Come to think of it, C would also probably kill E after they were finished with eliminating X and T. Chances are S would suffer the same fate as X, T and E soon followed with I  slowly but surely wiped out at some future time of C’s choosing. O would figure it’s safe since they sat on the side-lines while all this genocide occurred but alas eventually they would also either die or convert to C’s twisted doctrine. COEXIST? I’m not sure but I think someone is making a boat load of money on bumper stickers with a word and concept that cannot possibly be rooted in reality.

Apple computers is listening to its customers and is hard at work on a laptop that promises to be crumb proof. Seems like Apple computer users are destroying their machines when they get messy with the cookies and milk mommy brings them while they are working on their devices. At an estimated price tag of $2700, I’m not sure but maybe Apple’s time might be better served by finding a way to lower that hefty price tag.

According to several internet news outlets America’s most racist President is negotiating with Netflix to produce TV content for their streaming service. Wanting to help the ex-divider-in-chief out I recently submitted a drama/comedy  idea for a show called “Kenya Help a Brother Out?”. The plot would show Barry O as a kid and young adult painfully making his way thru the education system at prestigious private ghetto prep schools in Hawaii and all the trials and tribulations he went thru to become top dog in American politics. Will Smith would be a great choice to play both Barry and Michelle. Hopefully I hear back from Netflix soon with a hefty advance for my brilliant show idea. I’m not sure but I have to believe signing the Obama’s will probably cause Netflix subscriptions to drop.

Senator Kamala Harris of the Peoples Republic of California was recently quoted as saying “California represents America’s future”. She is for once telling the truth and for a politician that can never be easy. Sanctuary state status with no restrictions on illegal immigration is a recipe for disaster. I’m not sure but I believe California’s current problems with crime, homelessness and taxes are contributing to many tax payers moving from California to other states. America doesn’t want that future.

The U.S. Navy has struck upon a great idea, using XBOX like controllers for some of the functions sailors carry out on state of the art submarines. Right now the controllers are being used instead of the old-fashioned rotating periscopes. The controllers help sailors survey the surface while the periscope projects the images on a screen at the sailor’s duty station. I’m not sure but this sounds like a great idea especially since many younger members of the service have grown up already using these controllers for gaming and even watching DVDs.

Daylight Savings Time is here and now I have something extra to worry about. I read about a medical study that found more people with heart ailments die on the Monday after DST occurs than any other day of the year. Interestingly enough the Monday after clocks are turned back an hour in the Autumn fewer people die from heart attacks. I’m not sure but I sure hope I can make it to autumn this year.

A modern term I hear a lot lately is ‘toxic masculinity’. I’m not sure but if being masculine is so toxic, why do families with a strong masculine role model seem to produce children that are better able to fend for themselves and become good role models for their children? Also, since there is an equal and opposite reaction for just about everything, does this mean that women suffer from toxic femininity?

Heard an argument against illegal immigration the other day that I believe cannot be refuted by any illegal immigrant supporters. Basically, if you want to see why illegal immigration is not good for a country’s indigenous population look at what has happened to Native Americans since European settlers illegally immigrated to America.

Today’s non-sensical thought-provoking thought of the day: “If you’re not sure that it’s potato borscht, there could be orphans working in the mines.”

I’m not sure but I believe it is time for my medication.












America’s Current Civil War……….

I am a proud American. I believe in the Founding Father’s vision of America and I am proud to say I am an American. I take my rights seriously and exercise those rights as a free person. I have enough years under my belt to realize my country is currently under attack from enemies both foreign and domestic. Unfortunately like too many other Americans it took me too long to realize that the most dangerous enemy America faces currently comes from certain American politicians and their enablers (voters, special interest groups, socialist supporting billionaires etc.etc). America even with all her flaws is still the best country on this planet and I will resist anyone and anything that threatens to change that fact. Progressives, liberals, elites, or whoever believes that America needs to be rebooted into some form of society where government takes care of everybody and everybody is always happy are in for one HELL of a fight from this citizen. My rights are guaranteed by God and the Constitution not by rich suits in Washington D.C.

Civil discussion with socialist/progressives is a thing of the past. These followers and supporters of Bernie Sanders, Obama and their ilk have abandoned debating with facts in favor of shutting down opposing views with insults. Insults substitute for facts because no matter how socialism is presented it has one fatal flaw that cannot be over-come. The flaw is, eventually you run out of other people’s money. No country that currently employs socialism as their form of government is populated by a majority of happy, healthy and prosperous citizens. Cuba? No way otherwise why do Cubans risk death defecting to America, Venezuela? Please!!! Food shortages, riots, inflation have made the common people miserable. Country after country shows socialism doesn’t work and offers proof that it will never work. Unfortunately some American’s think and truly believe it will work here and be different. Well then, offer the proof people. Anybody? Bernie? Barrack? Anyone? Yeah I figured that was going to be a rhetorical query. No facts to back up the premise means accusing the opposition of being Nazis, phobes, or just plain evil.

Politicians need voters to support socialism and unfortunately for liberal/progressive socialists abortion has thinned the herd. What to do? Progressives therefore support allowing illegal immigrants to flood America and then give these criminals preferential treatment like protection from deportation. protection from other crimes they might commit, free healthcare, free education and all they ask in return is for votes supporting socialist programs designed to overwhelm America’s infrastructure. Against illegal immigration? Well then you are a soulless nationalist. Against higher taxes? You are an unpatriotic ingrate. Against bi-lingual education? You are a bigot. On and on it goes while these near-sighted political minions attempt to destroy America. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t just blame Democrats. Republicans, Mainstream news media, entertainers and others are all equally guilty of attempting to destroy America and strip citizens of their God-given rights in favor of their version of utopia. Sorry, I resist with every fiber of my being what progressive socialism stands for..

The Feds govern by division so people are too busy or too angry to see what is really going on. A racist like Obama played the racism card to great effect. Now white people can be racist and not even know it. Really? I don’t think so. Gender confusion? Not for people with common-sense like me. Male/female that’s it in a nutshell. Simple is best. Not sure what race or nationality you want to be? Come on now. You were born what you were born. Play the cards you’re dealt. Want the government to take care of you? Move to Cuba, Britain, Sweden maybe California, they will all probably take you in. Try that socialist utopia for a while and after a year or two get back to me and let me know how you’re doing.

Division is the result of diversity. Division leads to unrest. Unrest leads to chaos. Chaos leads to government intervention. All Americans should be aware that this is the plan. The enemy is progressive and always serious. Progressives and politicians cannot be reasoned with, they cannot be convinced that their plans are misguided and they will never stop. The last election delayed the process but we are still at war. Never surrender, never retreat. God, common sense and history are on our side. Keep voting for reps who will follow the constitution and not repeal it. Vote for leaders who believe in the power of the individual and not the collective. Vote for a return to tradition and the rule of law. Help America, America doesn’t need a reboot. America needs a return to civility, normalcy and common sense. The war is on. Only question is what side are you on? I proudly say I am on America’s side.

OOPS Almost forgot a new Cranky Chronicles exclusive, Wit & Wisdom for Today:

“A wise man never tries to warm himself in front of a painting of a fire”.



Technology Has Side Effects………

Cell phones, computers and tablets OH MY!!! We all use them for a gazillion reasons but have we really given thought to how these devices are changing us?

Allegedly, Americans have a problem with obesity. Heck they even need gym memberships to workout and stay in shape. Now don’t get me started on BMI and what doctors and nutrition experts say. I believe food, like most of life is a choice. If it tastes good eat it. However I do believe the fact our society is largely working from home or sitting at a desk does contribute to our overall unhealthy life style. What has made us sitting workers, technology. Get up America, take the occasional walk-about the office to actually see and hear people who you would otherwise be E-Mailing, Texting or Instant Messaging. You will be glad you did.  I have often found it amusing when people contact someone in a cubicle right next to them electronically instead of just talking to them in person. Just seems funny to me.

Keeping in touch electronically is also affecting the basic human need for personal interaction. The virtual world is a poor substitute for hugging, kissing, even giving a hand-shake. Heck spending too much time on Facebook or Twitter can keep us in touch with people far away at the expense of people who may be close by. Kind of an ironic side effect of living in an instant gratification society. Don’t forget to spend time with people you care about by actually seeing them in person. Nothing beats the personal touch when it comes to personal relationships. That even goes for relationship issues. Nothing is worse than someone breaking up with you via text or even getting fired by instant messaging, it’s just down-right RUDE.

Technology can also help people become stupid. I’m sure we all have been amused or frustrated by a cashier who can’t make change because the register is not functioning. Students are having writing issues when they need to use a pen or pencil and that is just idiotic. Come on, teach self sufficiency where a person can function readily with or with-out technology.

Technology can also be very un-reliable. Power outages, poorly made equipment and bugs in software can be frustrating and maddening. I know, I have worked with computers for over 40 years. Believe me it ain’t all fun and games. New parts are sometimes faulty, software upgrades cause unintended issues and there are still plenty of people in our technology driven society who hate and fear technology. There are also the morons who like to hack, infect and cause issues for users just because they can. Keep it simple, back-up everything, have good tech and software protection plans and don’t go on certain ‘free’ sites. That stuff ain’t never totally free. Nudge,nudge, winky, winky, know what I mean……(PORN) for those who still don’t get my meaning.

Technology can also be a financial drain. I-Phones are ridiculously priced yet everyone seems to want one. Addictive, you betcha. People line up for blocks when a new one is released. Lap Tops, Desk Tops, Tablets etc.etc all need to be replaced sooner or later and that cost money.  The quality of these products vary and planned obsolescence or Return on Investment dates seem to be shorter and shorter. Why? Because tech manufacturers know their customers are addicted to these various devices. I guess we are all electronic junkies looking for a tech fix.

My idea on tech is use it if you need it. I prefer to blog on my lap-top although if I really had to I could use my phone or tablet. Facebook? I don’t use it as often as I used to. I find it creepy that Facebook tracks what you do and records all sorts of info on it’s users. Cell phone? Texting mostly with my OMG and several others. Tablet? My kindle is my book library. Twitter, Tumblr etc etc, haven’t found a need or curiosity to make an account. Any way I guess like most things God provides for us, moderation is the key. TaTa for now……………..



Saturday Stuff…..

Nadezhda Sergeeva is a member of the Russian bob-sled team in the recent  Olympic games, she took offense to people accusing the Russian Olympic team of taking performance enhancing drugs. She even appeared on social media wearing a shirt that bore the message “I don’t do doping”. Ironically when this young lady took her drug test a week later, she failed. OOPS!!!!! No word yet on whether she will now be spotted wearing a “I do dope shirt”, or better yet a shirt with “I am a dope”.

Apparently Mexico has a shortage of marriage eligible men. Women in Oaxaca, Mexico are marrying trees to protest deforestation. Although these marriages are not considered legally binding because the trees can’t consent I can see tree whisperers solving that issue. I guess all the potential husbands in Mexico have fled to California. Tracing your family tree would be easy, just go out to the back yard. I believe there is something shady going on here.

A new report concerning British school children is sad. Apparently with all of our technology kids are having issues writing with pens or pencils and are even having issues holding pens and pencils properly. Sounds like a couple of nuns armed with wooden rulers could fix this problem. Sad how technology is just making people less educated. Writing by hand is apparently a thing of the past.

Several politicians, all Democrats are apparently surprised the recently passed tax cuts are actually making people happy. Steny Hoyer is surprised people are happy with a few more dollars in their paycheck. If ever there was a prime example of how out of touch the Democrat party is with the people they seek as voters this is it. The Democrats demonized the tax cuts and ridiculed people who supported them. These politicians are more interested in legalizing illegals that will vote for them and they have no issues insulted hard-working Americans. Sad, very sad.

Evidence we need voter ID badly in my home state of Pennsylvania. Apparently an audit has found at least 100,000 non-citizens on voter registration rolls. The Washington Times covered this story. Want to bet what party a majority of these criminals are registered under? Doesn’t matter I guess, most people already know the dead and the illegals vote Democrat.

According to a Web-Site called the Smoke Room gender diversity has come to the whiskey industry. Jonny Walker has a new girl friend called Jane Walker. His and her whiskey, what took so long? Now this is gender diversity I can support.

Oakland’s mayor recently committed a felony. She actually warned illegals in her city that ICE was targeting them and getting ready to arrest and deport them. OK I know California is a ‘sanctuary’ state but aiding and abetting along with providing support to criminals is against the law, High time the DOJ starts setting an example by arresting idiots like Mayor Libby Schaaf. No better time than the present to send a message on the clear and present dangers illegal immigration and it’s supporters pose to true Americans.

Nice to see that several businesses that jumped on the progressive bandwagon by refusing to do business with the NRA are now suffering repercussions from their misguided and idiotic protest. Blaming the NRA for mass shootings is just about as stupid as it gets.

All the ideas and stories above wer gathered from the Internet. I peruse several web-sites in my daily reading and some of those sites are: Liberty’s Torch, Ace of Spaces HQ and Instapundit.

A Cranky Chronicles Exclusive Interview…………

Searching for new and innovative ways to create blog content in this experiment I call the Cranky Chronicles I would like to do something different today. After much thought and contemplation I am going to do my very first interview. I would like to thank Mr. Stuart Pitt for agreeing to be my first interview participant. Mr. Pitt is a friend of mine who has opinions on a variety of subjects and I believe my readers will benefit from his opinions and observations.

Me: Good Afternoon Mr. Pitt, thanks for joining my blog today. I appreciate your time.

Mr. Pitt: Thanks for having me, and by the way my friends call me Stu.

Me: Alright then Stu. Lets get started shall we. First query is, Have you been enjoying the Winter Olympics from South Korea?

Stu Pitt: Truthfully not really. First of all the Americans outside of the ladies hockey team have been quite a disappointment. I know that Vonn broad won a gold medal from CNN for bashing Trump but actually the other athletes are just plain boring to watch. Now news is leaking out about some athletes failing their drug tests. The whole Olympic thing is just a joke really. Of course there is doping in the Olympics, how else do you explain Bruce Jenner becoming Caitlyn Jenner or that announcer Johnny Weir. You can’t tell me drugs didn’t cause gender issues in those ‘people’.

Me: Alright, how about media coverage of President Trump. Do you believe the media has treated the President fairly?

Stu Pitt: Well now I believe the media has been more honest since Trump’s election than they have at any other time in history. For instance, CNN & MSNBC have shown they actually are nothing more than a propaganda device for the Democrat/liberal/progressive/socialist/communist party. They treat Trump like they see him, as a threat to their agenda and politics. They are also showing their contempt for the deplorable voters who had the audacity to vote for Trump and ignore their favored candidate, Hillary Clinton. It is finally very refreshing to see these horrible news organizations actually showing their true colors. As far as their competition, FOX has been a little kinder and gentler on Trump but as a news organization they still need to show more support for our President and the people who elected him.

Me: I thank you for you candor Stu. Well said sir, well said. What might your feelings be concerning gun control and the defamation of the NRA?

Stu Pitt: Well it is an abomination. Who are these radical leftists that believe the 2nd amendment can just be repealed. Traitors each and every one of them. The 2nd amendment was actually created so normal, common sense citizens would have a method of protecting themselves from traitors who believe law-abiding citizens are a danger. Get over it you commie pinkos! As far as those tide pod eating younglings who need CNN to script their gun control thoughts, WAKE UP YOU IDJITS!!! CNN is using you as a tool and a fool, gender up people. How’s that for an inclusive term? The NRA is not at fault for school shootings. Blame Joe Biden who sponsored the gun-free zones schools have today, that law created a target rich environment for crazy evil wackos.

Me: Quite interesting Stu. You are a man’s man in a gender questioning society. What do you think of people who believe socialism will work in America?

Stu Pitt: Well I think they only have to look at how well socialism has worked thru out history. Come to think of it that is a list of failures because it ain’t worked no where. When a rich guy like Bernie Sanders says socialism equals fairness just stop and think a minute. Fairness for who? Bernie has several mansions, plenty of money in the bank. Has he ever offered to share his mansions or bank account with his supporters? I don’t believe so. His form of socialism ‘fairness’ means everyone except Bernie and his fellow rich politicians and friends live in luxury while everyone else lives in squalor. Fair? For whom? Certainly not for Bernie’s mindless supporters. Hell most of his supporters are already living under socialism, they have mommy and daddy paying for their every need. Sorry snowflakes but in the real world you have to make a life for yourself.

Me: Well say what you really think Stu!!! What do you think about open borders zealots who claim Americans are just phobic about diversity?

Stu Pitt: Them open borders people are idiots. No borders means no country. No country in America’s case means no rights, no freedoms and basically a 3rd world shit-hole political system. Is that what we really want? HELL NO!!! My ancestors came to America LEGALLY and worked hard to create a better life for themselves and their descendants. They did not consider themselves Lithuanian-Americans, they were Americans who practiced the traditions of their country of origin in private. Now these open borders fools want Americans to assimilate with other cultures and accept and embrace them cultures like we are all one big happy family. Problem is we ain’t one big happy family. Islamists hate anyone who isn’t them, Mexicans send money to Mexico to prop up a drug fueled government that specializes in nothing but death and addiction and other illegals are just parasites who feed off American stupidity and generosity. Phobic NO, protective of my country you betcha.

Me: Do you believe freedom of religion is under assault in today’s America?

Stu Pitt: Absolutely, atheists are as bad a Islamic terrorists anymore. These fools want Christmas secularized, Christian businesses secularized and even Christian health-care secularized. These people are zealots and misinformed puppets for progressive ideas. They should be challenged and crushed at every opportunity.

Me: OK, I believe that is all the time we have for today. Thanks for answering my questions honestly.

Stu Pitt: Thanks for having me, good to get out and about internet wise.

Unlike CNN the guests on my blog do not know ahead of time what questions are going to be asked and their answers are their own. I believe in freedom of speech and will defend that right even for people who might disagree with me or my alter-ego Mr. Pitt. Have a wonderful day and if by chance you are: a liberal, progressive, Democrat, socialist, communist that I haven’t offended yet, well just be patient because I am sure I will get to you soon.

Decompressing Mentally……………

My wife and I have down-sized our house and belongings, the kids are out on their own but we still work full-time and find we are just as stressed as ever. One problem is all the chores our youngins did, now fall to us. Yikes, almost makes us want to adopt some chore age youngins to pick up the slack and give us a break. Almost but not quite. Anyway I did a little research and maybe, just maybe what I found can benefit my wife and I as well as my readers.

While TV can be relaxing and enjoyable it is not always a good way to decompress. Especially if you watch the news. CNN, MSNBC, FOX even the BBC is just a non-stop lineup of blathering talking heads who every once in a while say something interesting or important but the majority of the time they add almost nothing to your knowledge base and sometimes they are downright insulting to your intelligence. So turn off the TV and try these suggestions instead.

Our home is our castle, truly it is. I have little to no talent for decorating so my OMP (Omnipotent Marriage Partner) handles the style, colors and decor we have in our home. I have the simple taste of a man. Give me a comfy chair, TV, PC and a fridge with food and beer and I could hibernate for months. My OMP has provided a roomy, comfy and very peaceful home environment that keeps both of us happy. Having a castle that feels inviting and just begs you to relax and enjoy yourself is the first step in providing an atmosphere conducive to mentally decompress.

The next step is always easy for me but difficult for my wife “leave work at work”. I like my job and the people I work with, I can’t stand the people in charge. When I am off I don’t think about work or even acknowledge it exists. My wife who is self-employed however, has clients who seem to believe it is her duty to be available when they want her available. She is a massage therapist and between checking her on-line scheduling app for new appointments, she receives texts and phone calls from clients cancelling, rescheduling or wanting appointments. Stressful?, you betcha. Sometimes I think her phone has more of a connection with my spouse than I do. But I have learned that being self-employed is not quite as liberating as I thought. I hope one day she will be able to unplug and unwind as well as I can.

The next decompress step is tough for me. Meditation usually leads to nap time with this old guy. My wife can meditate without sleeping, at least  I think she can but I have never been awake when we meditated together to find out.

Observing your surroundings is a technique my wife and I can do well. On nice mornings sitting on our front porch having coffee is very enjoyable. As a matter of fact I try to practice this method all thru out my day. I try to notice little things like how the warm weather has caused some plants to just barely break the surface of our yard, or watch birds feeding at the bird feeder with our cats from the front window. This is an easily overlooked action that can relax a person quite easily.

Another relaxation and decompress tactic is using good time management to prioritize and get necessary items done ASAP. I try to finish my chores leaving me with enough time to hopefully relax and enjoy some down time before going to work or get stuff done and out-of-the-way on a day off so it at least feels like I actually had a day off.

Hope some of these tips help someone. If anyone would like to share their decompress and relaxation tips, please feel free to share.  My source is below:


Old Guy Cooking Tips………….

Look people, I get it. The diet industry is big business world-wide and people are just trying to do what many health ‘experts’ say is necessary to stay healthy and live longer. I have been there, low carb, low-calorie, veggies only blah….blah…blah. STOP THE INSANITY. Like I tell my doctor when he mentions I should get in shape. I am ROUND, Round is a shape. He may have a medical degree but I am beginning to think he may have flunked geometry.

As a 60-year-old seasoned eating human (yes pun intended) I have decided to eat whatever I want and see if I can enjoy life a little before I transition into the spirit realm. After all isn’t staying healthy just postponing the inevitable? Life should be a fun ride with some tasty concession stands along the way. Why consume horse manure and tofu along the way instead of steak and taters? Disclaimer: I am not a dietitian, caloric adviser, chef or any other professional food guide. The information I am offering here has been gathered and personally tested many times by me as a food chewing and digestive working ugly bag of mostly water. No health benefits are intended nor promised. Alrighty then on with my insights for shopping, preparing and eating tasty food.

Like many people in today’s modern age I have simplified my shopping habits by completing my food gathering from the comfort of my own kitchen. Why the kitchen? Why not? Synergy I guess. I cook in my kitchen, eat in my kitchen so why not order on-line from my kitchen. I use a home food delivery service that arrives once every 2 weeks with fresh and tasty frozen food that I then turn into breakfast, lunch and dinner for my wife and I.  i only go to an old-fashioned super-market when I need to purchase non-food items like beer, trash bags and other boring but essential items. Anyway the food gets delivered, I place it in the freezer and then choose what I might like to eat for that day. For today’s example I will be providing how to information on preparing marinated/grill flavored salmon, little cute tiny baby baker baked taters and a fresh salad. So listen up because I am only going to write this one time.

Open the freezer and acquire the necessary items for this tasty and probably nutritious dinner. Hey its fish right? Fish is healthy. The salmon will be individually wrapped in a cardboard box that is not only a handy container but also provides nutritional info (I don’t personally read this part of the packaging, after-all it’s fish what else do I need to know?). Open the box and remove the individually wrapped salmon filets and leave the box open for further use. Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees. Find a baking pan and cover cooking surface with tin foil, I like name brand but I am assuming some cheap generic brand will probably work too. Spray liberally (probably the only time  you will hear me say liberal with a straight face) with PAM Coconut spray. Now pick up the individually wrapped salmon and carefully cut along the right side of the hermetically sealed plastic wrap housing your filet. If you cut over the empty box you left open from earlier you have a useful trash container. Once the packaging is sliced open from bottom to top, work the fish filet out of the plastic wrap and place on your greased and lubed baking pan. Yes, it is awfully cold but you’re a man so man up!!! Place empty wrapper in box with sliced piece and repeat this step with the other 3 filets, the box has 4. When all filets are on the baking pan and cut wrappers are in the box, discard box in nearest trash can. Wait for oven dinger to ding indicating  oven is at the correct temp and place pan with filets into oven on middle rack. Set timer for 30 minutes.

Acquire the baby baker tater bag and cut it open. Prepare another baking pan with tin foil and Coconut spray lube and pour contents of baby baker bag (half a bag is good for 2 eaters, whole bag for 4 eaters). Set aside. After oven dings indicating fish is cooked remove fish from oven. If you can smell the grilled marinated flavor of the salmon you have probably cooked it good. Set aside and cover with foil. Increase over temp to 425 degrees and when ding sounds put them taters in. Set timer for 15 minutes and get those salad fixings out of the fridge. I prefer organic greens in solid plastic containers cause they have already been washed. I like to work smarter not harder. Throw some greens in a bowl, cut a tomater and cucumber if you wish and throw those items in, add some shredded cheese and the dressing of your choice and viola you Gotz a salad. By now the taters are dinging remove those tasty round tiny balls of flavor from oven. Add seasoning of choice as well as my personal favorite butter and put a few on a dinner plate. Paper or China it is up to you my budding chef. A few taters, a filet or 2 with that salad you made and your ready to eat. Enjoy……………………………………………………… Oh yeah, a fork and knife are highly recommended because sporks are cumbersome.

Hope these tips help. If you prefer to hunt in a real forest for your meat risking getting shot by other drunks who think deer are orange or maybe falling from a tree-stand, have at it. I prefer to do my hunting and fishing in a supermarket or online, heck you even can find crops ready for use in these places. Anyway, cook well folks. If your interested in eating and not worried about your figure give my instructions a try.

Sarcasm in the preceding blog was supplied and applied free of charge.