There is Never Enough………..

Why is it there just never seems to be enough in a person’s life? Time is a prime example. Between doing household chores like laundry, cooking and cleaning there never seems to be a break before having to get ready for work. Then at work the same time issue rears its head. In an attempt to resolve the never enough time issue, I took advantage of a Time Management class that my employer offers. While I did learn a tip or two on time management I found it ironic that the first thing the instructor told the class was “there will not be enough time in this class to cover the whole curriculum”!!! SAY WHAT??!!

It isn’t just time though, sometimes when emergencies arise there isn’t enough money to cover bills and life events. Funny how bill collectors and account managers for companies who you owe money to always seem to have an attitude that you have the money but you’re just not choosing to pay them. Must be nice to have the perfect lives these folks seem to have where I assume emergencies and low funds never seem to occur. Instead of collecting debts maybe they should try their hand at money management.

Free time is also another obstacle. What happened to the days when I always seemed to have all week-end to party and have fun? Oh yeah, that’s right I became a responsible adult and ended up doing responsible things like working, helping with raising children and trying to be a good citizen. Geez, I miss the irresponsible adult I was on occasion. Brings to mind a movie line from Black Hawk Down, a soldier is left behind by his squad to be a rear guard. When questioning his commanding officer he inquires, “Why me sir?”  The officer replies “because your dependable”. The soldier then replies “I hate being dependable”. I know what he means………

Little seemingly inconsequential things can be in short supply on occasion. I recently chose to make a marinade for some beef I was making for diner. Worcestershire sauce was needed and yep, didn’t have enough to flavor the marinade as much as I would have liked.  Oh well everything was still tasty but I knew what was missing. So again there just wasn’t enough. But I guess it got me thinking. Even thought one ingredient was missing everything turned out alright. Maybe that means I can get along with less and still have things work out just fine. I hesitate to admit I might become a minimalist that just seems to be too difficult. Maybe I will be a re-organizer. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

So I guess I am launching a plan of attack to re-organize my mindset and my life. Re-organizing my finances, prioritize needs first, wants second. Sounds easier saying it but I know this will be a BIG challenge. Devote less time to chores by working smarter not harder. That seems like a worthy  goal. Hopefully that leaves me with time to meditate, read the Bible, do absolutely nothing for a few moments and at least act like I have some free time. Balance and getting slong with less. I know it won’t be easy but what the heck, not having enough time or money or whatever ain’t easy either.

Don’t know if my plan will work. I know I will have to do a presentation, maybe Power Point to run this idea by my better half. If I present it properly and package the highlights and results successfully it might just work. Now if I can only find the time to get this Power Point presentation done. Wish me luck.




Random Thoughts & Observations…….

President Trump delivered a powerful State of the Union speech on Tuesday night and once again he showed us how evil and disgusting liberal/progressive Democrats can be. Some progressives chose not to attend the speech while other Democrat icons like Nancy Pelosi sat with a look of utter contempt and hatred on her face as Trump went over his accomplishments thus far. The progressives in our government don’t give a damn about what is good for America. They only care about their own power and control over the people, Tuesday was evidence of that fact beyond any shadow of doubt.

I keep hearing the term ‘dreamers’ applied to illegal immigrants who want immediate amnesty and citizenship. Following the logic people use to argue in favor of these criminals getting their citizenship does that mean all criminals are dreamers? Like burglars, do they dream about what sort of items a victim has in their home before they steal those items or do they dream about what they will buy when they sell your possessions?

California wants to make using a straw a criminal offense. Tough state to live in, parasitic tax rates, illegals running wild committing crimes, a crazed ex-hippy governor and of course more ultra-wealthy socialist entertainers than you can count on an abacus. Heck from stories I’m reading it isn’t even a good place to visit anymore let alone live there.

Vicente Fox ex-president of the taco munching nation of Mexico recently asked Trump by what authority Trump believes he has the right to pick and choose who comes to America? Not sure if President Trump answered this idiots question but I certainly will. Mexico doesn’t allow South American illegals into Mexico and punishes those illegals with deportation and prison time. By what authority does the ex-President of one of the most crime ridden and poverty struck countries in the world think he has any business questioning the American President? Mr. Fox, shut your tamales hole and let America govern itself.

I guess women aren’t necessarily neater than men. The recent women’s marches in Washington D.C. and else-where created much more than hot air and blathering babes. Seems these protesting gals also left behind their protest signs and tons of trash for someone else to clean up. I guess protesting means you can litter and make a mess because your more enlightened than the people who don’t pay any attention to your protesting or what you have to say. Sad ladies, try showing a little kindness instead of acting like trashy losers.

Google and You Tube recently sponsored an on-line seminar that featured a gathering of Islamic Imams from around the world. Great diversity gimmick by these social media internet giants. Pardon me if I believe you should be ashamed and remorseful for gathering Islamic crazies who promote terrorism and hatred for the sake of ‘diversity’. Just another reason I do not use Google or You Tube. There were several British Imams who support terrorism against Jews and promote Sharia law. Not something I care to hear about for any length of time.

As always my opinions are based on what I research, think and experience. Civil comments and discussion always welcome.


Parenting Is Challenging Even After The Kids Leave Home……………..

Parenting is a challenge regardless of how old your children are. My wife and I have an empty nest and the challenges are still there even if taking care of our children’s daily needs isn’t necessary anymore. Luckily one son and his wife live nearby and we have easy access to him, his wife and 3 of our grandchildren. One daughter and her significant other are also close so we can get together on occasion and have a few laughs together. Another daughter lives about 2-3 hours away and that has posed a challenge or two getting together and spending time with her, her significant other and our youngest  grandchild. The biggest challenge is coming soon however, because another son is moving from our area in Pennsylvania to Colorado.

All our kids are special and wonderful and each offered various challenges while growing up. Our son Patrick who is moving to Denver soon, was quite a handful when he was younger. Let’s just say as his step-dad he confounded and confused me at times along with frustrating me but he has turned out to be a wonderful adult and I will miss him dearly. Watching our children live their lives as best as they can is exciting, wonderful and frustrating all at the same time. Having a child move to another state far,far away will be a new experience and I think we are going to handle the challenge just fine (I hope and pray).

My wife and I have faith and confidence in all our adult children and know they will always do the best they can for themselves,  their significant others and their children. We respect them as adults and have also been honest about the fact that no matter how old they are they will always be our kids. They also know we respect them and they know we are willing to help them anyway we can when needed. I strongly believe that along with love, respecting your adult children is one of the most important things a parent can do. They are on their own life journeys and while letting go isn’t easy these journeys are their’s to make.

Another important item when dealing with grown children that my wife and I forget on occasion is, don’t give advice unless you’re directly asked for advice. My parents practiced that with me. I was free to ask for advice and received advice but ultimately the decision was mine and mine alone to make. This also probably shows you have respect and confidence in your children.

Welcoming your grown child’s significant other into the family is also always a great idea. After all, your child chose them to have a relationship with so your child cares for this person deeply. Hopefully our kids significant others know they are always welcome at our home and family gatherings. I know on occasion I may not have always gotten along with my daughter’s boyfriends but as adults my daughters have chosen men they love and believe in so I trust their judgement and accept them into the family.  Likewise our married son has a great wife and Patrick’s partner Frank  has a great sense of humor and is a very welcome addition to our family.

Anyhow, we know we can always text, IM or call our kids whenever we like. We assume holiday traditions on Thanksgiving and Christmas will continue as time and money allow. So I guess quite a few of these parenting tips my wife and I already practice. Yes, Patrick’s move will present some unknown challenges but I believe with love, respect and faith we will all survive just fine. Good luck Patrick and Frank, Cindy and I love youse, enjoy your journey. Cindy and I will always be there for you.

Thanks for reading my blog today. A little more personal than usual but blogging is therapeutic at least for me.  I appreciate the fact you took time out of your day to read my blather. By the way, youse is a Philly word the plural of your.

Anger Management Tips From a Crazy Person…………….

The self-help industry is big business in America. We are the freest and best country in the world yet we seem to have a society that constantly needs help to stay healthy, stay happy or stay sane. Since I am one of the most helpful people I know, I did a little research and came up with some anger management tips we all could probably use. For some reason Americans just seem to be angry and I would like to help these individuals lead a happier life.

Putting up with life’s annoyances can be challenging as we go about or daily lives. Even the smallest inconvenience or annoyance can cause increases in blood pressure or heart rate. While anger management professionals might suggest we let go of the anger we might feel when someone cuts in front of us in a Starbucks line, I say take action and express your displeasure. One way to handle this sort of annoyance is to verbally abuse the offender. Unfortunately this can lead to a verbal confrontation that may escalate into  a physical confrontation. So I suggest getting your crazy on to annoy the offender. Frame their head with your thumb and fore-finger and softly say “I’m crushing your head you annoying person you”. If  they hear you and ask what you uttered ignore them. Then repeat as necessary. It will drive them crazy and your sense of satisfaction will be well worth the effort. Great educational video for ‘I crush your head’ is on You Tube just google Kid’s in the Hall. 

Anger management techniques also suggest you attempt to understand why your angry. Sorry but this technique is useless as far as I’m concerned. Your angry because something  or someone made you that way. What the heck is there to understand? If anything, practicing this technique can make someone angry.

Another alleged fact I came across describes anger as a useful motivation tool. I can probably agree with this. I remember times where I have been angry and the adrenaline rush has made me feel stronger and more robust. The downside comes when you calm down and then feel like your energy level is depleted. So I guess managing your actions when you’re angry can be a good thing. For instance, don’t commit a crime when you’re overly angry because chances are you’ll make a mistake and end up in jail. Better safe than sorry.

Cooling down techniques include thinking of anger as a vehicle speedometer. Now I guess this could be useful except what happens if the anger you’re experiencing is caused by road rage. There you are driving along and some knuckle-head cuts you off making you angry. You know why you’re angry how will slowing down help? Seems like all that could likely lead to is more anger because chances are another knuckle-head will take advantage and cut you off too. Seems like this could cause more anger.

Here is a tip I really don’t understand from a value perspective. When you find yourself in a disagreement with someone try to understand their point of view. Really? I probably disagree with them because they are wrong and I am right. How does it help me feel better trying to understand why they are an idiot? Sorry sounds like another anger increasing method to me. Just agree to disagree and move on with your day secure in the knowledge that you  are correct and that is all that ultimately matters.

I am not a doctor, nor do I even play one on my blog. Some of the advice listed here has been successful when I have applied them to situations that have caused me to be angry. Other things that have helped me in the past as far as combating anger  are remaining extremely quiet while maintaining a ‘I will rip your throat out” stare, removing myself from the anger causing location (run away, run away), calmly asking the person I disagree with to remain where they are while I get my gun and asking the offending person if their parents had any children that lived? as I walk away. These techniques may not work for everyone and caution and good judgement should be exercised before employing these tips.

There are absolutely no guarantees expressed or promised when using any of the tips listed in this blog. No medical or physiological professional was consulted or used as a reference. In other words beware. You all have a great day now, hear?

Guilty Pleasures………

I confess and plead GUILTY to having a few guilty pleasures in my life. Probably if people are honest with themselves they will truthfully admit that just about everyone has guilty pleasures they indulge in from time to time. Well, while perusing the internet the other day I came across an article concerning a study done at Yale University testing the theory that guilty pleasures might just be good for people. I for one didn’t Yale to tell me that.

My guilty pleasures have unfortunately diminished in number as I have gotten older. For instance, the pleasure I received from smoking a mango flavored cigar had to be stopped due to heart and lung issues that saw fit to visit and set up shop in this ‘temple’ I call a body. I haven’t had one of those flavorful mango smokes for over 6 years now and every once in a while my mind wanders to the fact I lost a guilty pleasure I enjoyed very much. But luckily for me I have many other guilty pleasures I still enjoy and that is a wonderful thing. Now, get your mind out of the gutter people I am not referring to any pleasures pertaining to X-rated behaviors, what I am talking about are guilty pleasures that one can indulge in and cause a smile to appear on our faces even if we might be having a bad day. Yeah I guess being naughty can bring a smile too but again that ain’t what I’m talking about here. Besides, I run a tight ship at the Chronicles no funny stuff or hanky panky allowed while blogging.

Food, at least some food groups are definitely a guilty pleasure for this old man. Just about any pasta dish, pizza pie (no pineapple or anchovies please) or Parmesan meal makes me feel Italian without having to go to Italy. Malt beverages such as ales and lagers are another indulgence I  love. Sports simulation games are another pleasure I actively participate in. My favorite is OOTP,  the Out Of The Park Developments Major League Baseball sim is my current favorite indulgence.  Even several movies and TV shows can be counted on to provide me with fun entertainment and a little guilt on the side. For instance I know fellow Christians who will not watch the TV series Lucifer because the thought of the devil having a redeeming quality or two is just blasphemy. Well I know what fiction is and I know what is and is not true so I view Lucifer with enjoyment because the characters are well-played by the shows actors and the writing is actually witty and thought-provoking. I guess even this blog is a guilty pleasure, I have enjoyed blogging for seven months and still find it refreshing, therapeutic and enjoyable. Come to think of it being a Christian might also be a guilty pleasure. Ironically in our ultra-modern secular world Christianity is sometimes ridiculed and frowned upon.

Guilty pleasures in my mind let us flex our individuality muscles. They allow us to go against the flow of society. My wife for instance still faithfully watches her Soap Operas on CBS. Many shows of this type have been cancelled due to a majority of viewers no longer watching. These shows still bring happiness to my wife and well, happy wife happy life is a rule I have always believed in. So I guess it might actually be a good idea if we stop labeling guilty pleasures as guilty. After all, giving ourselves a little happiness in life can’t be a bad thing right?

Feel free to share any guilty pleasures you may enjoy indulging in. I would love to hear suggestions that might increase the diversity of the pleasures on my list.  Coffee, just remembered that McDonald’s coffee is another member of my list.






What Do You Mean? I’m Listening…….

This article is about marriage but might benefit any couple who are in a committed, loving relationship.

Any man who has been married for any length of time will probably agree that women are very different from men. Forget all the equality BS, men and woman are not equal they are different. That is a fact!!! Heck, come to think about it I wouldn’t want my wife to be exactly like me. I revel in our differences because I believe those differences are what makes us a good team. After all marriage or a relationship takes teamwork to succeed. Having said that communication is also a key ingredient to any successful relationship or marriage. So I would like to attempt to explain to my wife and any other women who might be able to use this info, some reasons that men don’t listen.

Sometimes it is just too difficult for a man to understand what his woman wants or is trying to say. Men tend to do better when requests are direct and offer little room for interpretation or improvisation. I offer this example, Honey when you are at the store, get more dryer sheets. Hubby goes to store and acquires the requested item and to save money buys generic brand. The wife upon his return remarks, why did you get the generic kind these don’t work as well as the name brand! This understandably causes hubby confusion, he purchased a requested item and saved money, in his mind he just completed two tasks but is met with an unhappy wife. Confusion? You betcha…. Wife could have cleared up any misconceptions by requesting exact brand of dryer sheets she preferred. Direct requests work best at least in my experience. Not just for grocery items but most tasks women request. Got that ladies?

I love my wife but another communication challenge she offers is talking while I am in another room. Again this causes confusion for my brain. I can hear her talking although I can’t quite make out exactly what she might be saying because a wall is separating us. My brain poses questions like Is she talking to me? Is she on her cell phone talking to someone else? What does she want now? To adequately find the correct answer I have only one choice, stop whatever I might be doing and enter the room from which she is speaking. Direct contact is the only verifiable tool I have to find out what it is she wants. If it wasn’t me she was addressing I can go back to whatever it was I was previously doing, if it was something she needed she might have to repeat herself but at least she now has my undivided attention. Tip for the women folk out there, when in doubt text your man even if he is just in the next room. Women and men usually have their cell phones handy so don’t talk thru walls, text. Just another free suggestion for improving communication.

Now I will admit something that might be a shock to people but I have been accused of having the attention span of a wet fart. Thoughts and voices bounce around my brain continually and eventually what pops to the surface is the thought I go with. Most of the time I can be concentrating on sheer nonsense or even useless information or even my personal favorite, absolutely nothing at all. Women mean-while have brains that seem to be fully engaged on serious matters every waking moment. I might get a grocery list item at 1AM because my wife just remembered we need bread. My favorite is when I am off but she is leaving for work and comes up with honey do requests as she is leaving even though I have already planned my day with necessary chores that need completing. Last minute requests are my specialty.  NOT. Come on ladies, realize men do plan their days and ask nicely, like while your home today might you have time to water the flowers in the garden? Asking nicely isn’t difficult. Try it sometime. Also I tend to plan and execute tasks with a straight forward approach. My wife is more of a do tasks as they come up person. For instance yard work. I usually mow the lawn, weed whack and then have a cold beer. It’s a process ladies and I am a creature of habit. My wife might alter that schedule to include rearranging the shed after the mower is pulled out because she notices the shed needs rearranging. Leaves need raked instead of being mulched by mower. Bird feeder needs filled before weed whacking because feeder looks empty. To recap my plan is mow lawn, whack weeds and drink beer probably 60 – 90 minutes of actual work. Wife’s plan is pull mower out of shed along with everything else in shed. Rearrange and replace all items into shed. Mow lawn. Fill bird feeder, Rake leaves. Whack weeds, Make lunch or dinner depending on the time and then maybe drink a beer. Total time all day!!! Ladies, all I am saying is men like to work smarter not harder.

OK I have had my say on communication experiences I have experienced and how to make communication better between husband’s and wives. I would appreciate comments. I might even have a woman do a guest blog in retaliation, er response to my thoughts and ideas so that I can not be accused of not giving equal time to the wives, girlfriends or significant others out there. Hope my communication ideas help you ladies.

What If ????

I had a Facebook acquaintance who recently posted a question I found interesting and it stimulated my few remaining brain cells. If it were possible for you to be born either 25 years before or after your actual birth date, which one would you choose and why? I gave the query some thought and I chose 25 years before my actual birth year of 1955 which if my math skills are still functioning means 1930.

My thought process led me to this answer for quite a few reasons. Being born in the Depression would almost certainly mean a difficult life starting out as a child because times were hard and people struggled. Then you have the horrors of WWII and again people in the U.S. were called upon to sacrifice for the war effort and once again times were difficult. However as I once read ‘it was the worst of times and it was the best of times’.

Hollywood had real actual entertainers who had talent and were glamorous. TV was in its infancy and movies were viewed in actual theaters that had classic architecture and going to those movies was a special night on the town. Viewing the Marx Brothers when they were first run would have been a treat for me, I didn’t become a fan of the Brothers until 1970. Seeing other actors and actresses in their prime would have been a special treat and I am so glad that my parents reminisced about those times with me when I young so I at least got some idea what my folks experienced. Seeing what they saw first hand would have been a real pleasure.

Music was also in its prime, performed by very talented musicians. Again many bands of the era played live in night-clubs and going out on the town was a special treat for all concerned. Seeing the classic big bands and singing stars of that age would just be a time to remember. Bing Crosby, Francis Sinatra etc.etc.etc, WOW what special a time that would be.

The other thought I was what a wonderful time to be a baseball fan. Big money had not yet polluted the purity of the game and baseball’s stars were larger than life. The Babe, Joltin Joe, Lou Gehrig etc.etc.etc. As a life long baseball fan I would have been in baseball heaven.

The times back then also had an aspect that I believe is sadly missed today. Society was very classy back then. Men wore suits almost every-where. I remember old scenes from baseball parks and men even had suits, ties and hats at the ballgame. Dressing up was not a big deal because people always dressed nicely for every occasion. While I have embraced the casual lifestyle, I believe something valuable was lost when we stopped dressing with real fashion sense like back in the day.

The people back then also had pride in their country. Republicans and Democrats while largely being politicians who disagreed usually got government business done especially if it was good for the country. Politicians will always be dishonest but I really believe their were more honest politicians back in the day more so than in our present history.

If you like, I would like to know what year other than your real birth year would you like to have been born in. Basically if there is another era that you might have thought would be perfect for you to have existed in. Doesn’t have to be 25 years past or future, any year will do. Feel free to share by leaving a comment.




Stress What is it Good For? NOTHING…

Part of embracing the older allegedly more ‘mature’ me has led me to thinking about ways to simplify my life and at least attempt to deal with stress. Stress is a constant in just about everyone’s life and how we deal with stress can affect our health and relationships. I admit I am far from an expert but I constantly try to deal with stress in a variety of ways so I can lead a more not so stressed life.

Our cultural is obsessed with appearance. The media and entertainment industry set standards for how people should look and quite frankly their standards are useless. People are individuals and should look like individuals, in other words dress appropriately and comfortably for your individual body type. People come in all sorts of sizes and shapes with their own unique features and flaws. Embrace that fact, instead of trying to change appearances using cosmetic surgery,  diets that don’t work or unrealistic work-out routines just stay as healthy as you can according to your age and body shape. Wear clothes that are comfortable. I don’t know how many times I have been amused by many women who decide to wear a low-cut outfit or super short dress only to be adjusting the outfit because it might be too tight, too revealing or uncomfortable. If it doesn’t feel right why did you put it on in the first place? As far as men’s ‘fashions’ I am amused anytime I see a video of some idiot tripping because his jeans are too low. Yeah you look cool. NOT!!! So basically don’t stress trying to keep up with the latest fashion styles. Chances are you look perfectly fine.

One stressful habit I have been able to minimize but not eliminate is over-thinking decisions and situations. My mind unfortunately likes to come up with all sorts of different scenarios and most of them consider what can go wrong. For instance, about a year ago my wife and I purchased a home after renting for several years. Worries about moving, how we were going to afford the mortgage, how do we choose what stuff to get rid off when down sizing??? etc.etc.etc Things worked out, our move was smooth thanks to help from friends and church members and we now have a beautiful home for our family and ourselves to eventually retire in. It worked out despite all the worrying and stressing and thinking about all the what-ifs. Over-analyzing isn’t productive and is a waste of mental energy.

Another thing I find myself doing more often is living in the moment. Sure I might plan somethings ahead of time but by and large I do my best to take it one day at a time. When I am successful in this mindset I usually know it because I notice little things that I otherwise might take for granted and overlook For instance, I might have a smooth and short commute because at every intersection I get a green light. Maybe I stop for a coffee on the way to work and the drive thru line is empty. Little things for sure but it makes me feel good about my day when I notice and acknowledge these little things.

I was lucky enough to have seen George Carlin perform several times in my life. I always enjoyed George’s humor because he had keen observational skills. One performance he talked about how people might believe their parents who were deceased were still looking down from Heaven and guiding them in their lives. Mr. Carlin remarked shouldn’t there be a time limit on parenting that expires with your death? After-all what kind of after-life can be joyous if you still need to worry about your kids when they’re grown. Interesting viewpoint, as a parent I do worry about my grown children and unfortunately that worry has led to stress because at times my wife and I found ourselves taking on our children’s problems and stressing over those problems. Now nothing wrong with parents advising and guiding their adult children but I am now learning that my children’s problems are largely their learning lessons for their lives and while I might be concerned sometimes they need to resolve their own issues their own way. Stressing over other people’s problems while trying to handle your own stress can be debilitating.

Associating with people who don’t make you happy is another stress causer. I am amazed when I hear people give advice to someone about keeping in touch with family members who might be down right evil under the guise of “but they’re family, you should make an effort regardless of how they act”. Sounds like great advice but if this family member is an addict or just an annoying stress causer, why put yourself thru that emotional and stress creating situation at all?

Focusing on what you don’t have instead of what you do have is also an annoying stress causer. I have been guilty of this one for sure. I now try to use what I have and it actually presents challenges at times that can lead to exploring a person’s creative abilities. While my motto when younger was “he who dies with the most toys wins” I am working my way down the path that leads to happiness is just having everything you need.

I know there are plenty of more stress causing things people deal with in life but these are the stresses that I am attempting to tame in my life. Getting older might cause aches and pains but it can also provide opportunities to change and grow into a better version of one’s self. All you have to do is embrace the change. Ah yes change, something else that causes stress. Guess stress really is every-where.

News We All Can Use???…………

Just thought I might have some fun with some news headlines I found while surfing the internet. As always I report you decide how valid they are.

Kale….The green shrubbery looking substance that comes in salads, smoothies and the produce section of most supermarkets is known for having a bitter taste unless it’s enhanced by a flavorful dressing. If you are a brave individual who wants to show the world just how healthy you really are, you might consume it raw  but your taste-buds will probably never forgive you. According to the The Babylon Bee internet news service Satan has recently claimed responsibility for creating this bitter veggie that is quite actually a product from Hell. Lucifer admits money was the motive and he has acquired some serious wealth from health nuts who regularly purchase kale chips, smoothies and other kale related products. I guess the moral of this story is BEWARE don’t sell your soul for health.

Contraceptives – Europe is considered by some people to be more free thinking and enlightened than Americans. I guess people are entitled to their opinions but this story shows how gullible Europeans can really be. Bragging they have 400,000 users in Europe  the Natural Cycles app uses an algorithm to predict when women will be fertile. It tracks a woman’s body temperature, menstruation cycle to warn women when the best time is to use traditional contraception before engaging in recreational sex. Apparently Sweden has noticed an increase of unplanned pregnancies with women who are using the app as a birth control guide. I know there is an app for just about everything out there but birth control? Oh well I guess a fool and their money will always be fair game. this story by the way came from the most distrusted source in news, CNN.

From web-site PJ Media comes an interesting take on the anti-government protests that have shaken Iran. There is a theory circulating the internet accusing these protesters of being Islamophobic. So let me get this right, Islam practicing Muslims protesting their Islamic run government in Iran are actually Islamophobic? I would have never guessed that a practitioner of Islam could actually be afraid of themselves. Maybe that explains suicide bombers, maybe they are just depressed Islamophobia sufferers. If  true I wish they would commit suicide by themselves instead of in crowds.

From comes a Big Brother is watching story involving everybody’s favorite social media site Facebook.  In 2014 Facebook filed a patent application that would enable Facebook to use smart phone data to identify people who are walking together or merely passing by one another at a social gathering. Facebook would then use the tech to suggest these people might be possible friends you could talk to on Facebook. Right now Facebook uses address books and contact lists from phone users but this tech would allow the social media giant to get even more familiar with its users. I don’t know, I already think Facebook is too damn nosy this might cause me to rethink using Facebook even occasionally.

I guess I really am old and naive. On a website called news busters I found an article that Nancy Pelosi a Democrat political icon who has been in office since shortly after the Civil War was planning to appear on a Reality TV Show called RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars. My initial thought was, I didn’t know Nancy had an interest in drag racing and what I thought might be fuel-injected funny cars. Well color me silly but apparently the meaning of drag race has changed. Ru’s show involves female impersonator’s showing their various ‘talents’. Sorry but you couldn’t drag me over to that TV channel with wild horses. Nancy should really be judging a face-lift competition, if her face is stretched any further she is going to look like a caricature of herself. Never-mind too late she already looks that way.

From the Miami Herald comes a story that proves beyond any doubt that government is totally useless. Juana Escudero who lives in Spain has been trying to prove to the Spanish government that she did not die in 2010. Apparently another woman with the same name passed away over 6 years ago and ever since Juana can’t renew her driver’s license, vote or even make a doctor’s appointment. This poor woman finally tracked down the dead woman whose she shares a name with and is now petitioning the courts to exhume the body so she can actually prove she is very much alive. DOH, using 6 years of your life to prove your actually alive. Yep sounds like government at work to me.

The Museum of Ice Cream in Miami had a fun idea, why not fill a swimming pool with fake sprinkles that ice cream lovers enjoy and let kids romp around in the pool and have some fun. Well the city of Miami wasn’t having fun with this idea. Seems the plastic fake sprinkles ended up polluting Miami’s water drains in and around the museum and the museum had to pay a $1,000 fine for their publicity stunt. Wonder why they didn’t use real sprinkles?

Hopefully no fines are in my future for today’s reporting. Thanks for reading………






Embracing Me……….

2018 is off and running as we are over halfway thru January. The new year has stimulated my few remaining, functional brain cells into percolating and  brewing on what topics and observations I might want to share in this blog. I started this blog in August 2017 and initially I wanted to do hard-edged political opinion. Unfortunately there is just way too much political garbage going on and while it is fun to make light of progressives who don’t have the same views as I do, it does tend to get tedious. Besides I don’t think there is a blog Pulitzer anywhere in my future so why be so serious? I then wrote a few blogs about me and various experiences I experienced and those blogs were fun to write. I also attempted to inject humor into several posts and again I had fun while making fun.  Anyway after much self debate and thought, I finally was convinced that since my mind largely works off the chaos theory I might as well blog about whatever strikes my fancy any given day or maybe I should pick the topic the loudest voice in my head shouts out. Either way I get fresh material to write about and hopefully once in a while readers find the content interesting enough to read and come back for more.

Today’s thought of the day is: I am going to embrace getting older in 2018. Now, as a disclaimer I ain’t really that old. I’m 62 and while I feel old I am sure I ain’t seen or felt nothing yet. Sure I know when storms are on the way, the arthritic knees are a great weather predictor and yes I have to stretch out those arthritic knees from time to time to keep moving but by and large I’m healthy as a horse and almost as smart. Since I never ever gave any thought when I was younger concerning what it would be like when I got to 60 and beyond, this is all new territory for me. It might be male menopause or just plain crankiness but I haven’t fully committed myself to admitting I’m over 60. My motto has always been I might get older but I’ll never grow up. When I do have bouts of ‘guess I need to be an adult about this’ it always hurts and I don’t like it. So I guess I now need a new motto: ’embrace who I am’.

I look back on 62 years of personal experience and history and wonder, WOW how did you make it this far? I don’t have a definitive answer to that question, it sure hasn’t been easy and it sure wasn’t clean living and a great attitude. Heck when I was a young adult in the 1970s I was the proto-typical angry young man. Mad at my government, mad at my parents for still trying to give me life advice and mad at well just about everything.  I thought I knew everything I needed to live life to the fullest and if that meant partying all the time so much the better. I was ten feet tall and bullet proof, invincible in every way possible.  Well life sure taught me different.

I was lucky enough to get a job in the computer field right out of high school. I’ve been working with various technology ever since, almost 45 years now. Yes, for you youngsters out their computers have been around that long, actually longer, truth be told. Frankly the thrill is long gone and mostly the job has changed from a technology driven task to customer service based and frankly most computer users  just ain’t too bright. I would rather work on something that failed from an equipment standpoint than attempt to resolve any issue that starts with the phrase “I don’t know what I did but I have an issue”. Dealing with equipment is much easier than dealing with people.

I saw friends come and go as jobs changed, life events changed and moving to different areas of Pennsylvania changed where I chose to live. I am on marriage number 2, have 4 great kids, 4 wonderful grand-kids and all in all enjoy my life. Have there been struggles, absolutely life is full of them. Have there been lean times, yes indeed declared bankruptcy twice. Have there been regrets, I’ve had a few. But by and large there really isn’t a whole lot I can say I would change. Every experience is an opportunity to learn and grow. I guess what I’m saying is I finally have some history behind me to make observations and form opinions from a fairly strong knowledge base. That reason alone makes growing older worthwhile in my eyes.

I guess  I am trying to say in a log-winded way is, I have things to say and this blog is my vehicle to share with the world. So with the new year that is 2018 I guess I am re-dedicating myself to my blog and embracing me for being me. I have read other blogs on word-press that I now follow because it is exciting reading about other people’s thoughts and feelings on different subjects. I also think blogging takes some courage, courage to be able to say what you really think and courage to share something that might otherwise be private. Blogging is therapeutic for me, I like expressing by bull-headed opinions whether other people agree or not. I might not agree with everyone but I do recognize everyone has an opinion. Anyway let’s wrap this up before this becomes an insomnia cure. I mentioned a little bit of info so that if there comes a time when you might read something I write and think “what a maroon this guy is”, well as I said before on my posts: My opinions are formed by what I have experienced, researched and know. I am what I am and that’s what and who I am.  Life is a continuing classroom where we all get schooled on the most important subjects we face everyday. Life is learning and we need to embrace and cherish it.